Chicago: IL State Senator and Gun Control Advocate Arrested for Carrying a Gun at Airport

I think I can pretty much sum up the logic for you:  The commies in government want to take away your guns while keeping themselves armed—because, an unarmed populace is a compliant populace:

sen. Donne Trotter.jpg

Senator and leading gun control advocate tries to bring pistol onto plane
Story by 89 WLS web staff

(CHICAGO) – Illinois State Sen. Donne Trotter was arrested Wednesday for trying to bring a handgun onto a flight from Chicago to Washington.

TSA at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport found a loaded firearm in Trotter’s bag.

Trotter reportedly told investigators he didn’t realize the pistol and ammunition were still in his bag after working a security job Tuesday night.

This comes as a shock to some, as Trotter is a known gun control advocate.


Some more info:

IL State Sen. Donne Trotter to appear in court after trying to bring handgun on aircraft, prosecutors say

Jessica D’Onofrio – WLS-TV Chicago, IL

December 6, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — State Senator Donne Trotter is expected in court Thursday after he was charged with trying to bring a handgun onto an aircraft, prosecutors said.

He was arrested Wednesday at O’Hare International Airport, where security discovered the gun in Trotter’s carry-on bag.

Trotter, 62, told police the gun that was confiscated was the same one he uses for work as a security guard, police said.

Trotter has a valid firearms owner identification card and a permit with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to work as a security guard.

Trotter, a Democrat who has served in the state legislature since 1988, spent Wednesday night in police lockup.


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5 Comments on “Chicago: IL State Senator and Gun Control Advocate Arrested for Carrying a Gun at Airport”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    Ah, yes, the ever present trope of the Left: “do as I say, not as I do.”

    What’re the odds that he’ll actually get punished for this like you or I would?

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Do as I say, not as I do you bunch of nationalists.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    The liberal elites in their minds feel that they alone know what is good and proper for we mere peasants. As I have said before they fee thatl ‘We The People’ are not capable of governing, caring or thinking for ourselves.

  4. John Pounds Says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Is there an answer to all these killings in our schools? If you were to look back at all the mass killings from the 1970s they are perpetrated by mentally ill people. We need to have better health care for the mentally ill. In the 1970s the severely mentally ill were confined to institutions and treated with medications. The liberals petition the Supreme Court and argued you cannot instate these people against their will and force them to take their medications. They won and the institutions opened their doors and let them out. Since then we have the homeless and mentally ill people living amongst us not being treated of taken care of. The result people being pushed in front of subway trains and mentally ill killing people with guns. The government has also cut back since the 1970s spending on the mentally ill.

    Now the liberals want to take the easy way out on jump on their anti-gun agenda and blame the law abiding citizens. Rep. Diane Feinstein I read has already introduced a bill just like the 1986 ban on machine-guns for assault rifles and has everyone who owns them pay a $200 federal stamp tax for each one and be subject to ATF searches of your home. We need to enforce the laws on the books and increase spending to take care of the mentally ill. Let’s help the mental ill and you should have less killing in our schools and secondly let’s educate the people about guns and how to use them properly for hunting and target shooting. More gun control isn’t the answer because the last school shooting has proven that fact they just don’t work for those people who want to hurt our children. So let’s stop these people from trying to destroy the 2Admentment to the Constitution and let’s get to the real issue at hand.


  5. boat Says:

    It is not my first time to visit this web page, i am browsing this website dailly and obtain fastidious data from here daily.

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