CAIR Wants Media To Do Away With Use Of The Word “Islamist”

Sure, I’ll do away with using the word “Islamist.”—Just as soon as Ibrahim Hooper does away with the word “Islamophobe.” 

(Fat chance of that, buddy):


(WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/3/13) — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today distributed a commentary urging media outlets to drop the term “Islamist” because it is “currently used in an almost exclusively pejorative context.”

By Ibrahim Hooper

As many people make promises to themselves to improve their lives or their societies in the coming year, here is a suggested New Year’s resolution for media outlets in America and worldwide: Drop the term “Islamist.”


Unfortunately, the term “Islamist” has become shorthand for “Muslims we don’t like.” It is currently used in an almost exclusively pejorative context and is often coupled with the term “extremist,” giving it an even more negative slant.

There are few, if any, positive references to “Islamist” in news articles. There are also no — nor should there be — references to “Christianists,” “Judaists” or “Hinduists” for those who would similarly seek governments “in accord with the laws” of their respective faiths.

No journalist would think of referring to the “Judaist government of Israel,” the “Christianist leader Rick Santorum” or “Hinduist Indian politician Narendra Modi,” while use of “Islamist” has become ubiquitous. It might be an interesting exercise to hold a contest, the winner of which would be the first to find a positive mainstream media reference to “Islamist.”

False argument, Ibrahim.  

Besides, even the New York Times has called Israel’s government, “Jewish.”   (CLICK HERE for the link to the NYT’s corrections page and note the usage of the phrase, “the Jewish government,” in its first correction item).  

I’d say that fits quite neatly into your “Judaist government” criteria, Ibrahim.    What are you?  A Jewophobe?

Quite likely, such a contest would end up being similar to a unicorn hunt.

The frequent linkage of the term “Islamist” to violence and denial of religious and human rights is also strongly promoted by Islamophobic groups and individuals who seek to launch rhetorical attacks on Islam and Muslims, without the public censure that would normally accompany such bigoted attacks on any other faith.

Aha!  There it is!  Still using the term Islamophobe, are we, Ibrahim?  Why is it that you want to control our language, but we can’t touch yours?  

What are you?  A hypocrite?  Or, should I say, “Islamocrite?!”


By not dropping or modifying use of the term, the media are making a political and religious value judgment each time it is used.

As are you, Ibrahim,  every time you use that ridiculous word Islamophobe!  See the hypocrisy here, Ibrahim?

That is hardly fair or balanced.

Hey, like I said, if all you Muzzy-headed types would just stop using the word Islamophobe, I’d be more than happy to stop using the word Islamist.

Now, THAT is truly “fair and balanced!”—Unlike Ibrahim Hooper’s one-sided request for the media to stop using the term Islamist.

Stupid muzzy.

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14 Comments on “CAIR Wants Media To Do Away With Use Of The Word “Islamist””

  1. Big Frank Says:

    It seems that Mr. Ibriham Hoople the demagogue and silver tongued propagandist gets his underwear in a knot over the slightest perceived insult or wrong just to keep his face in front of the willing ‘reporters’ of the MSM.


    “Islamist” should be dropped “because it is “currently used in an almost exclusively pejorative context.”

    Well just what word, pertaining to them, wouldn’t become PEJORATIVE? RagHeads are the most dangerous people on earth!

  3. Chris Says:

    Usually when the media use “islamist” they are referring to the political aspects of Islam or Muslim organizations. Because their political agenda is to promote accomodation of Muslims by non-Muslims or to obtain preferential treatment for Muslims, those agenda are naturally seen in a negative light. If Hooper wants to erase those pejorative implications, I would suggest that he and his politically-driven colleagues retire to their mosques and stop harassing non-Muslims.

    • Big Frank Says:

      I totally agree. IMHO the ‘Muslim community’ always wants it their way, all they do is whine, moan ,bitch and, complain. To these ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet ‘compromise’ is when they win in any situation. Behind out backs and in private they consider us to be the ‘unclean’ and ‘unholy’ infidel.

  4. PB-in-AL Says:

    What he neglects to account for are these equivalent terms:

    Zionist = Judaist
    Right-wing Christian Fundamentalist = Christianist

    OK, Unicorns found… where’s my cookie?!

  5. I perfer…

    sharia-ist or jihadist

    Because moslems are not always ‘fair or balanced’.

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    The only extremists within Islam are the Apostates. They get a FATWA of death.

  7. english rose Says:

    What is this word ‘ Islamophobe’ they throw about ,Is it meant to mean fear of Islam? Because I certainly do NOT fear it ! Am I right in assuming he is a convert ?

  8. english rose.

    You are correct ‘islamphobe’ is supposed to mean a insult. A person ‘afraid of islam’ but instead of an insult it has become a worthy title because we are not trusting what moslems write in print or publish online.

  9. Laila Says:

    Dearest nob head and your like minded dumb ass mates it is apparent that you are a bunch of illiterate sods who have no knowledge about Islam or muslims. I am a muslim and feel truly blessed to be born in to this religion, I feel sorry for you because you have so much hate and fear against something you have no real knowledge about-your information regarding Islam and muslims most probably comes from biased and racist sites from such as yours, instead of hating why don’t you get your lardy fat arses out there and find out what Islam truly represents and what muslims are all about, instead of filling your hearts and minds with so much hate. Also I am very happy to inform you haters that right now Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and that every month 5000 people in the UK convert to Islam. You and your tribe of haters cant stop what is true and pure and that is Islam.

    • tgusa Says:

      Save it Brit traitor. It is your type that will destroy the great and historical identity of the British Isles. Go home, and quickly, please.
      You are an imbecile whom spouts the godless rhetoric of the western libtard. BTW, in English, there is a difference between to hate and to despise. Despise is the key word. Racist, How pathetic, try, yes try to do better. I think you can but perhaps not.

      The more Christians you kill, the more you Martyr and the more you cause to begin to search for and see the light. “No one sees the Father except through me”. Jesus Christ

      Sounds like you are sol at this point.

  10. well.. ‘night beauty’ allow me to turn your idiotic insults into something more productive.

    1 I did bother to read up on islam from islamic websites. And quickly learned about what your ‘religion’ is about.

    2 I read the quran. It has a wonderful built in commentary that instructed me on what the author / translator was trying to tell me.

    3 I found online versions of the hadiths and all those lovely stories about mohammad.

    Now here is what I learned.

    A) Mo was not a person who could read or write. He could memorize and speak and his sayings became your quran. And what he said was all wrong.

    B) Islam is not a Western ‘religion’ but a sycretic mix of religions
    and ideas that already existed before mo was born.

    C) islam is about Theocracy. Theocracy only works when people are stupid enough to follow such concepts. So congrats on being stupid.

    D) islams as a Theocracy means that all the Freedoms you supposedly espouse are ‘haram’ such as…

    Freedom of movement
    Freedom of religion
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom of media

    E) Since you describe yourself as female it is only a matter of time before you are married off. You become your husbands property.

    I could add more but you get the point.

    Nothing about islam is worth it as a system or religion.

    • Big Frank Says:

      I agree , as I have said before IMHO most if not all Islamic countries are religious concentration camps cleverly disguised as countries with some kind of civilian government.

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