15-Year-Old Girl Faces Flogging at 18 for Having Premarital Sex

Where to begin with this one?  The girl’s father repeatedly raped her.  She ended up getting pregnant by her father.  Then, once the baby was born, her father killed the baby and disposed of the body with the help of his wife.

Okay, that’s extremely terrible in and of itself.  However, it doesn’t end there!  While the police were investigating the murder of the child, they discovered that the 15-year-old girl had engaged in premarital sex with her boyfriend!

In the United States, that detail wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow.  However, we aren’t talking about the United States, now are we?  Nope.  We’re talking about another sad country where the black heart of Islam has taken rule of the land—Maldives. 

So, long story short, after enduring repeated rapes by her father and the murder of her baby, she has a lovely flogging to look forward to on her 18th birthday—courtesy of Islam:

Maldives:  Come for the beaches; Stay for the floggings!

Maldives: Come for the beaches; Stay for the floggings!

Maldives girl faces flogging after alleged rape
From: AFP – via www.TheAustralian.com.au

A 15-year-old in the Maldives whose father is accused of repeatedly raping her and killing the resulting baby risks being flogged for “fornication” with another man under the nation’s strict Islamic law, a police source says.

In the course of inquiries into the rape case, investigators say they unearthed evidence of the girl having had consensual sex with another man, which is an offence in the Indian Ocean holiday destination, the source told AFP.

Women, including minors, having consensual sex outside marriage can be charged in the Maldives, where convicts can be publicly flogged. Minors receive the punishment when they reach 18, the age of majority.

The child’s step-father is accused by police of repeatedly raping the girl and fathering a child by her which he subsequently murdered. The girl’s mother has been charged with helping dispose of the infant’s body, police said.


The local Haveeru newspaper quoted an unnamed official from the prosecutor’s office saying that the fornication charge was unrelated to the rape which had been separately dealt with.

The legal system of the Maldives, a nation of 330,000 Sunni Muslims known for its coral-fringed islands and sandy beaches, has elements of Islamic Sharia law as well as English common law.

The country carries out the flogging of women despite calls from the UN Human Rights Council to drop the practice.


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4 Comments on “15-Year-Old Girl Faces Flogging at 18 for Having Premarital Sex”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO most of these Islamic countries are basically ‘religious concentration camps’ disguised as nations with some sort of civilian government.

  2. Pete Says:

    islam is a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion. Traditional Islamic law calls for the death penalty for apostates everywhere, this moves islam from a religion to cult status, for only a cult will order the death of those who leave it (and the mafia). Do you think the mafia got the idea for protection money from islamic jizya? And I agree totally with Big Frank.

  3. yo Says:

    you guys have no idea about Islam nor Muslims. u just prejudicialy accuse Muslims by reading about stuff who most Muslims never heard of before. and u also have no idea about sharia. i ll tell u one thing about it. premarital sex is forbidden but there is no floggings for doing it unless one of the people who is involved in the intercourse confesses or they are spotted by four men(to make it harder for them to get punished) at the same time while having intercourse and the four men’s description of what they saw must be identical otherwise there is no flogging.flogging in this case isn’t meant to hurt them physically but to make them feel ashamed of their sin that god forbid for Muslims in fact in Islam the punisher must have a book under his shoulders while flogging and he must flog without dropping the book. if the book is dropped he stops until the book is placed under his shoulders. the reason for that is not to inflict much pain on the subjects.

    Allah the only God sent prophet Mohamed (PBUH) who is the last prophet he came from God after Jesus (PBUH).

    God created humans and gave them his words the Holy Qur’an
    and he tells them to do what benefits them and forbids them from what harms them. i am not a shaikh or priest or anything like that so i ll only tell u one last thing and if u want to know the truth about Islam ask a Muslim don t just listen to propagated media. and the one last thing i wanted to say is that Islam which is more than 1400 years old predicted precise SCIENTIFIC FACTS that where discovered recently. The Holy Qur’an, the holy book for Muslims, had in it PRECISE descriptions of embryological development in humans with it’s STAGES, the Big Bang Theory, more than 77 signs for the day of judgment (most of them happened if not all) they indicate that the day of judgment is near, and many properties of God s creations who scientists recently discovered by research, and many more things. All of those mentioned above can only be known by God in a setting of more than 1400 years ago. so i ask of u not to prejudice and if u do not agree with any of this then please at the very least Google scientific facts in Qur’an and decide for yourself about Islam. and don’t compare what God tells u to do after all your capabilities as a human are limited. and in no way ever it is possible for a human who doesn’t understand himself nor the things around him to understand the creator of all things.

  4. Actually most of us ‘islamaphobes’ know quite a bit about islam. What your problem is you are either ignorant of your faith or lying.

    Allow me to demonstrate.

    The subject about islam and science has already been dealt with here’s just a few links.

    “Qur’an and Science”



    “Qur’an, Islam and Science”



    “Science and Islam”

    “By Dallas M. Roark, Ph.D.”


    As for fornication in islam it would be considered ‘zina’…

    “Qur’an Contradiction”

    “How Are the Sexually Immoral Supposed To Be Punished?”

    “Sam Shamoun”



    Other examples:


    So why lie? Islam is a theocratic system that is barbaric and un-usable in this modern age…

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