Mali Islamists ‘Surprise’ France by Using Arms and Tactics Provided by US and NATO Allies During Libyan Civil War

Just a thought, but I’m thinking France is sorely regretting her decision to arm the Libyan Islamist Rebels…

As for Obama’s role in all of this, I’m pretty sure everything is going according to another one of his great, master plans.  Funny thing is, Obama wants to disarm American citizens, yet arm everyone else in the world.  That’s a recipe for disaster, my friends.  And, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we, the People, are on the short end of that stick:

Mali Islamists much stronger than expected: France
Daily Star

PARIS: French forces in Mali have been taken by surprise by the fighting strength of the Islamist radicals they are attempting to drive out of the centre of the country, it emerged on Sunday.

Aides to President Francois Hollande admitted the militants were better equipped, armed and trained than they had expected.

“What has struck us markedly is how modern their equipment is and their ability to use it,” one said in a reference to the rebels’ hit on a French Gazelle helicopter.

The helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing and its pilot, Lieutenant Damien Boiteux, died of his injuries after being shot with a light arm.

The helicopter was brought down during an attack on an Islamist convoy travelling between the towns of Mopti and Sevare in central Mali.

“Initially, they appeared like a rag-tag bunch travelling in their Toyotas with a few weapons,” the official added. “But they’ve shown themselves to be well-equipped, well-armed and well-trained.”

The French officials believe the Islamists obtained many of their weapons during last year’s unrest, when arms were delivered to rebels fighting to overthrow Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi.

“In Libya they picked up modern, sophisticated kit that is a lot more robust and effective than could have been imagined,” the source added.

The strength of the Islamists appears to have bolstered France’s resolve to limit its intervention to pushing the Islamists back and softening them up for a West African force to re-establish government control over the north of Mali, which has been under the rule of Al-Qaeda-linked groups since April 2012.


In other words, the French are wimping out, rolling over, and giving up.  Yet again…

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10 Comments on “Mali Islamists ‘Surprise’ France by Using Arms and Tactics Provided by US and NATO Allies During Libyan Civil War”


    Why not just declare Mali a “gun free zone”? That’ll work, won’t it?

  2. […] Mali Islamists ‘Surprise’ France by Using Arms and Tactics Provided by US and NATO Allies During… […]

  3. Arm & train a moslem and you create a jihadist. And the taxpayer paid for that persons ‘new’ ability to kill in the name of allah.

  4. Pete Says:

    “The strength of the Islamists appears to have bolstered France’s resolve to limit its intervention…”

    Reminds me of a French rifle for sale on Ebay,

    ” Never fired, dropped once”.

  5. Big Frank Says:

    This debacle should surprise no one, take a look back into the 90’s when we were supplying ‘arms’ to the Muslims in the Balkans and the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan. IMHO the bozo moves by our political class and especially the State Dept, the CIA, and others are not in our best long term interests, and result in many of our troops and innocent civilians getting killed. We play ‘nice’ with Pakistan and they play us both ways, one day they are our good buddies in the ‘war on terror’ the next they assist the Taliban in killing our troops.

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    Islamists rebels are not doing what Muhammad told them to do. Spread moon god worship by the sword when with strength.

    Coming to a town near you as part of the full court press to change American culture. Women, and young girls will pay the hardest price in the New Age.

    Notice DaOne when he gives a press conference. Dark blue jacket, white shirt, UN puke blue tie, and a gold background behind him. Then, go to Lucis Trust website search symbol. You will see the Kenyan supports the New Age. Murder of the innocent, homosexuality, moon god worship, illegal alien invasion…

  7. Ronin Says:

    Obviously I returned to a different America than I left. I spent most of my life fighting America’s enemies and preparing to take on the next group that threatened her. It was easier when they were far away but now they are here. Anyone that has followed this blog and the others like it already knows the hard truth. America is filled with traitors, many in high places and many more walking our streets. Well I am back now and old Ronin (and Doc) will continue our battle to remind everyone that America is not our elected officials, we are not subjects, we are not ruled over with proclamations and decrees, we are free. We follow those that support us, not those that threaten us.

    I’ll be back sporadically over the next few months, I am in the process of moving, preparing and planning, not for war but a fight yes, the biggest of my life.

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      Ronin, good to see you back. Indeed, the slide has continued apace, even accelerating. I wonder what surprises lie in wait for us next week after the inauguration.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      Wow, it’s been awahile. If you form a squad to slap some Commies, please consider me. I have my own gear.

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