What We Were Told

We were told

By Ronin, 15 Jan 13

We were told that we are no longer a Christian nation.  God was not welcomed in our schools, public places and should be limited even in our homes. 

We were told that all religions should be considered as equal.  Even islam was equal to Christianity despite the fact that 80 percent of the 26 million Christians murdered in the last century were murdered by followers of Mohamed.  

We were told that questioning islamic policies was wrong, we have no right to judge, discuss, question or show outrage when the followers of seventh century savages interacted with the modern world. 

We were told the Christians were not persecuted but did persecute others by refusing to see the benefits of aborting millions of children just because their parents were poor, spoke differently and a darker skin shade.   The refusal to support the global homosexual agenda was further proof the Christians were out of control.  The rest of the world’s religions were much more equal and more tolerant, progressive and free thinking. 

We were told that prayer was not only unnecessary but infringed on the rights of others and was an abuse of parental authority if we compelled our children to practice it. 

We were told that our children needed to be educated to understand that our personal goals, beliefs and values were archaic, that our children should be progressive, free thinkers, social activists and citizens not of the United States but of the world.  Simple patriotism was old fashioned, unneeded and disloyal. 

We were told what to eat and how to eat it and in what quantities.  Additives, processing and other concerns were already handled.  It was ok to limit gardens, seeds; the impact on the planet outweighed the need to be self-reliant.  Why did we need to worry about our sources of food, sources which were already under control?

We were told that limiting our own impact on the planet may have to include reductions on output, productivity and limit our nation’s ability to use it natural resources.  We should ignore those that pointed out that all of humanity could fit in the state of Texas, the world was overcrowded, suffering and it was our fault.  Globally resources are stretched well past the breaking point. 

We were told that man controlled the weather but apparently the wrong men.  The planet could be saved with more restrictions and through the wisdom of different men.  Men capable and knowledgeable enough to protect those people with the wisdom to listen and not fill their minds with the problems of science, research and facts. 

We were told that national leaders even those with questionable morals, suspicious backgrounds, previous associations with criminals, activists and those that refuse to be limited by laws, policies and limitations are above reproach. 

We were told that science had already solved the mysteries of evolution, weather and social sciences necessary to build one huge happy global family.  Questioning such things doomed doubting Thomas to public ridicule and scorn, come to think about it, that is what happened to the original doubting Thomas but I digress.   

We were told what medications to take and our health concerns could be surrendered to the authorities.  Even skipping a simple flu shot could get you fired or punished.  No need to worry about health, the government has it all under control. 

We were told that supporting every conflict on the planet was good foreign policy; it protected our people and helped humanity.  The hundreds of millions of the worlds oppressed, hungry and desperate would grow to see our nation as saviors.  Who needs one savior when the United States was available? We were told that oppressive governments with established patterns horrific abuses against their own citizens were our allies and needed our support.   The abuses are all necessary to help control evil men with plans for even worse abuses from taking control and really mucking things up. 

We were told that the highest level of patriotism was blind support of 525 men and women, more than capable of protecting, thinking for and caring for millions of people who unfortunately did not have their wisdom and failed to support all their policies and future plans.  Good citizens learned and are unthinking, unquestioning, what we need is obedience. 

We were told by the world’s biggest supplier of weapons that even as our nation armed violent groups, gangs, criminals and most of the world’s violent islamic sects that we the American people did not need guns, especially to protect our families. 

We were told on every pro-conservative and pro-gun board that you can’t fight a government with advanced weapons and should not try.  Even talking about such nonsense as passive and active resistance, civil disobedience and refusal to register all privately owned weapons was disloyal and criminal.  The president will announce a plan for all your weapons and you must obey.  

I could list more examples of things that I have noticed circulating through what used to be a free press.  These few common themes and messages have resonated with large segments of society.  A large amount of someone’s money was used to push these concepts.  What amazed me was not the attempt to control us but the stupidity of those that believe it is working. 

I publically admit that all of the things that I listed above have failed to change my mind or even have the slightest influence on my beliefs, goals or future plans. 


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12 Comments on “What We Were Told”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    We’ve been told a lot, mostly by folks who adhere to the “do as I say not as I do” axiom. What this has done for me is to reinforce the beliefs I have, and to take the things in the news as warning for what is likely to come, and exhortation to prepare.

  2. AgileBulletDodger Says:

    “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths.” — James Madison [Federalist No. 10]

    Ben Franklin was approached by a woman as he left the Constitutional Convention. She asked: “What have you given us?” Franklin is said to have replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    But can we keep it? Or do we witness the violence of its death?

    I believe we still have a choice and our actions now will be remarked in journals for history lessons to come or possibly forgotten under tyranny depending on what we do now.

  3. Welcome back Ronin…

    We are told by our guv that they will take care of us… But instead…

    With over spending & extreme financial debt to our enemies.

    By urging gun control instead of controling the maniacs by pushing them out of society and into ‘care centers’.

    But not killing off the many ‘perps’ in the prision system that waste our tax money meanwhile they ‘learn’ how to be better killers & sodomites in the very system that they manipulate through legal means.

    The time is coming that we should ‘re-boot’ ur ‘system’ and remove the traitors within it. For our own survival.

  4. Hey, Ronin! Nice to see you back from your *ahem* vacation!

    Ronin said, “We were told on every pro-conservative and pro-gun board that you can’t fight a government with advanced weapons and should not try.”

    Whenever I hear that from some brainwashed muonic Lepton, I always think about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising!

    You see, back in 1943, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto finally decided to fight back against the Nazis rather than just line up and be herded off to the slaughter like good little sheep.

    So, they formed a resistance. However, because of gun control laws, they only had 10 guns—mere handguns, at that!—to fight with against the entire Nazi army. Did lack of “advanced” weapons deter the Jews from their course of action?

    HELL NO!

    They used strategy to judiciously target the enemy and seize any “advanced weapons” their targets were carrying, thus overcoming their initial handicap!

    After the Jews sniped off a few Krauts, the Nazis were so afraid of going into the Ghetto that they retreated!

    Yup, 10 little pistols started the Jewish resistance which held off the entire Nazi party, causing them to retreat and “discontinue their work in order to make more thorough preparations.” — Which, was the eventual decision to burn down the Ghetto, house by house…

    So, when someone says that you can’t stop a tyrannical government because they outgun you, I point to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Sure, it didn’t have a happy ending, but it held off the Nazis long enough for MANY Jews to escape who otherwise would have been herded off to the gas chambers like all the others.


    P.S. – There is a lot of confusing info and down right misinformation out there on the web concerning the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I got my Warsaw Ghetto Uprising history from two books that I highly recommend:

    “Between Tumbling Walls”


    They Fought Back: The Story of Jewish Resistance in Nazi Europe

    • Gonzo Says:

      I also get annoyed by such shortsighted spew-age of thoughtless diatribe. I tend to use liberals favorite example of a “peaceful” gvt overthrow – the Egyptian uprising – as a prime example.

      You see, first off that uprising was not peaceful. Many people were victimized and murdered by gvt sponsored thugs. Secondly, yes, the people were generally unarmed. However, many military officers traded sides. When the army tanks rolled in to the square, they did not engage the protestors, they ended up protecting them. When the cause is clear and just, there will be good men and women who will do what is right. Of course, this assumes that the UN does not roll in with its armies who could careless about America or Americans.

      So, it is not a matter of all of the US military versus a few hillbilly yokels with guns, as the left likes to portray it. It is brother vs brother and a fight of will power – a fight that many well armed citizens will want to participate in to their own benefit.

      And while that conflict ensues, there will be criminal opportunists who will use the cloak of chaos to victimize people. Who will defend the defenseless when the military and police are engaged otherwise, such as what happened in Egypt? Who will protect the citizens when some of those in uniform are doing the victimizing?

      So, yes, I agree Doc, the liberals and their “logic” are quite shallow in thought, with a side order of history forgetfulness.

    • Ronin Says:

      You are right Doc but also consider this difference. We the people own our tyrannical government and I have enough contacts to know most are already planning to switch sides. The left will be the ones wishing they had armed.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Hey Ronin, I heard you were dead!

    Welcome home!

    Oh and that’s a fine piece of writing for a corpse!

    • Ronin Says:

      Lol, to be honest my family was contacted twice, once to say I was dead and another to say that I would never recover. Both of those proved to be wrong. That was a very long time ago but your comment brought a big smile to this old face.

      Thanks for the smile and the comments.

  6. Big Frank Says:

    All of the above ‘what we were told’ is IMHO the agenda of ‘the enemy within’. They have us scared of various ‘bogeymen’, distractions and so called enemies while they carefully plot the destruction of our nation and culture.

  7. Arlen Says:

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