Ronin Rambles on Gun Control

By Ronin, 18 January 2013.

First let me start by admitting that I own no firearms (on paper).  The last weapon that I bought that had a paper work trail was over twenty years ago.  Personally I think any list that shows the types of weapons you own is inviting a confrontation between you and a thief.  Anyone working in any office with any database could sell, lose the data or it could be hacked, bottom line, make no list. 

You see guns I trust, its people that I have a problem with.  If I owned an impressive list of weapons and registered them with the government, local authorities or just the local gun club, that list would lead anyone that thinks they can own those same weapons for free right back to me.  For the protection of a potential thief I personally will never register another weapon.   I have already seen what happens to thieves, I am ok with keeping the rest far enough away that they can safely pass on by.  It doesn’t matter to me what laws are passed or not passed, I will never register another weapon or vote for anyone that even suggests that gun registration is a good idea, end of story.

I suggest that you all consider helping a thief live out their miserable lives by not listing your firearms on anyone’s list for any reason.  Some of you dependent on where you live might find that idea impractical or illegal, I got it.  You do what you have to do.  Just make me a promise that you consider anyone entering your home to remove a weapon to be a thief and we all know what thieves deserve. 

Every weapon that I have ever bought traded for or owned has been sold, swapped, traded for non-guns or went through so many friends and family members that even I could not track them back down.  Good luck to anyone tracking them.   As a matter of policy and because most of my friends tend to distrust those in authority, all of us will swear on a stack of holy books to anyone that asked about any weapon that we have never owned it, seen it or held it.  Then we will be very helpful pointing those same authorities to someone several states away.  Being civic minded like we are we love to help folks out. What my barter skills really taught me was I already have an apocalypse network.  I have access to an impressive group of independent minded people with an amazing list of skills that could be useful if an apocalypse happens.  Each of you should already have a backup plan to leave the area you are in, if the worst happens, it’s just good policy.  The afghans, Iraqis and several other groups have all discovered that networks are easily capable of thwarting even the most technologically minded thieves.   The guvment that wants to disarm you failed to disarm them and you are smarter than an afghan. 

Bottom, line is ask yourself where your line in the sand is at.  At what point do you switch from civic minded, law abiding citizen to something else?  This is not a conversation to take lightly or to hold on line, just work a few scenarios with a few friends and you will quickly reach the same conclusion that we have, no thief will ever take a single gun from our civic group. 

Bold statement, nope Just common sense.   Lists are everywhere and they have amazing things listed.  Did you know that someone monitors these lists?  There are people that help authorities move equipment, buy, sell and fix their toys, install their security systems, feed and clothe them.  You see we are not the ones that should fear lists.  The thieves are much more vulnerable than we are. 

This is not a threat; I have already admitted that I want them all to live comfortable lives, just far away from me.  What I am saying is this if the day comes and the thieves decide to take the guns then a long line of fingers will point out where they are, what they have with them and they will find themselves vulnerable, alone and scared.  Lists are wonderful. 

A few months before I took my extended vacation I buried a few objects that looked like firearms and ammunition.  I am happy to say that these objects are all fine, they have been reclaimed, cleaned and returned to full functioning ability.  Since I own no firearms some of you might wonder why I felt the need to practice my cache skills.  The simple answer is I was way ahead of the guvments latest gun grabbing attempts.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not now.  The current fun in congress is just practice; no one is coming for your weapons yet.   Those that want your weapons are just testing your resolve and distracting you while they rob you blind.   

Caches like anything else require training, preparation and practice.  You can develop the ability by using random scrap; you never know when you have to protect things from thieves.  I would suggest you see for yourself what happens to unprotected items and then take the steps to protect a similar item and work out timelines.  Some items you will need to recover quickly and some can wait.  In an apocalypse you could trade away your treasures and let someone else recover them.  If you are forced out of an area you could still let someone else access your treasures if you decide they might need them.   This is another reason to build your network before you need it. 

I will close by saying this, you gun owners do not need to worry-you need to prepare.  Someday the thieves will come, list or no list.  When I was a young man I would have taken the fight to them.  I find the idea of bunkering in and waiting to be tactically stupid.  Being older now I would more likely than not call and tell them and agree to meet them where the guns are at (if I owned any) and then have a conversation when they arrived at our designated meeting point.  No matter your personal choice resolve to resist thieves it’s just good policy.   



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10 Comments on “Ronin Rambles on Gun Control”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    I agree, IMHO registration will as history has proven will always lead to confiscation.

  2. I may or may not buy rifles at some point in the next few years. While ‘military style’ weapons would be ideal I think they would be the first to be gathered by the (US) guv or others.

    Eventually I will likely buy shotgun(s) and hunting rifle(s) with or without scopes in order to have the minimum weapons on hand in case I need them.

    Otherwise the ‘plan b’ I have perviously discussed is my most likely defense.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    I like a good projectile weapon, but night vision is what one must have to secure, and patrol his environment.

    Low, and slow.

  4. Gonzo Says:

    I believe everyone is overlooking the obvious.
    Lets examine what liberals are saying about gun control:
    1) That guns in the hands of the mentally unstable results in destruction.
    2) That the only way to fix the first problem is to remove the guns.

    So, who are the mentally unstable? – well, it turns out, it is the Liberals (see link at end of post).

    I believe that the left may be on to something, and I believe that given the facts demonstrated on the site below, and given that it can be argued that liberalism is a mental disease, that the best gun control policy would be to disarm all registered Democrats.
    Problem solved.

    • Gonzo Says:

      Ft. Hood shooter – Registered Democrat

      Columbine shooters – Too young to vote but both families were registered
      Democrats and progressive liberals.

      Virginia Tech shooter – Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff; Stated liberal beliefs.

      Colorado Theater shooter – Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama
      campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal.

      Connecticut School Shooter – Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

      Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooter – Leftist, registered Democrat.

      Yet the deceptive left and media always point the finger at republican and NRA members. Why is that?

  5. cavmom Says:

    A lot said… without saying it. Thanks Ronin. Good to see you back.

  6. Ronin said,

    “First let me start by admitting that I own no firearms (on paper).”

    Uh… I’m thinking we need to control the language like the Libtards do. Let’s not call it “illegal gun ownership,” let’s call it, “undocumented gun ownership.” 🙂


  7. Richard the Lion Heart Says:

    I’m From ENGLAND so don’t really have the right to tell You Guy’s in AMERICA what you should or should not do or have or not have unlike some of my Country men like Piers Morgan. All I will say is we had guns over here Licensed owners and it was one in particular that when wacko and went into a infant school and shot the young Children with a hand canon and this was the the last straw for my country there were other wacko’s that when on a shooting spree Killing any thing that moved. But here is something to think about the Law abiding Licensed Gun owner had to sell there Guns to the Government for no more than £50 and some of these Guns cost thousands so seemed lots of these Gun owners had Breakins and there Guns were Stolen more like the gun owner wanted a fair price so sold them to any one wiling to pay better price now these Guns are now in the hands of BAD PEOPLE criminals drug dealers ect now we have a gun gang culture that we never had before OK we had only 41 deaths by gun as to 9,146 in the U.S.of.A I’m only going by a scale iv seen on the internet

    • Thanks for stopping by, Richard.

      Yup. As you have personally witnessed (and, is an oft-repeated saying in the U.S.), if you take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, the only ones left with guns will be the criminals.

      I feel sorry for those who gave up their guns to the government. They are now at the mercy of their government and will be unable to defend themselves against tyranny.

      Also, it’s a damn shame that so many beautiful guns were destroyed. I still remember seeing a picture of a gorgeous looking, gold plated, pearl handled handgun being collected and destroyed by the police when the gun confiscations first began in the UK. Kinda’ puts a lump in my throat like the one I get whenever some Hollywood film senselessly destroys an “antique” muscle-car just to sell some more popcorn.

      But, I digress.

      A little known factoid when using those statistics for gun deaths in the U.S.A. is that they also include those who are shot and killed by police officers, security guards, and homeowners who are legally protecting their families and property from criminals. But, the Lame Stream Media over here won’t tell you that…

      Anyway, with all the UK’s gun laws, it still didn’t stop the Cumbrian shootings/massacre in 2010, either. 12 people died in that. If only someone else had had a gun to put an end to the killer’s rampage… Oh, well. To quote our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, “What difference, at this point, does it make!?”

      BTW – Your Home Office’s latest report (2010/11) has a total of 60 deaths by shooting; 58 by guns, 2 by crossbow. The Home Office should be releasing a new report covering 2012, any day now.


      • Richard the Lion Heart Says:

        Thanks for taking the time to read my comment Yes your right I never thought of the righteous Kills like Police Officers shooting a crack head shooting at them and the public, and the security officers, and Home Owners shooting the same. Seems we have the same sort of Media as you then and there’s me thinking it was only my Third world Country but with rights that had Media like that but I’m sure are statistics are absent are Police shootings as for Home owner’s allowed to Protect themselves and their Property we are not allowed to “if you blast some one that threatens you and has been for months brakes in to your home steals your property” you get sent to Prison and the Horrible Irish Gypsy’s get thousands of Pounds ‘£’ compensation of terrorising you for months and stealing your property

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