Boycott America

By Ronin, 24 January 2013

Now that our government has decided what type marriages we support, how our military should run, who should be allowed in our country and what benefits they will receive, how much free medical care that addicts should receive and how to force gun registration on us (among other stupid ideas).   I have decided to show the low life self-serving opportunists in Washington what I think of all these ideas.  Starting today I am officially not buying American.

Buying American provides jobs which means people can earn money and pay taxes.  By not buying American goods and products I am removing taxes from the thieves in Washington.   They cannot enforce policies that they cannot pay for.  So join me, stop buying American! Buy second hand, barter, trade or do without.   Ride share, walk or severely limit travel.  I realize that I will miss eating out, movies and such but I will keep my money with me and I will choose how to spend it and when.  I have already started to practice what I preach.  I plan to build more, grow more and pay less.  I will not hire anyone to do a single thing that I can do myself.

Congress you suck, now that I said it and got on some government list, I invite everyone to help me boycott American.  Encourage your friends and family to keep their money out of government hands, limit your overtime, and stop supporting any group or organization that supports tax funded programs or depends on them.

I have actually had recent successes talking young men and women out of careers in the military.  That was personally hard for me.  As a military retiree it was difficult to admit that I would not join today’s military.  Still I did the right thing, I reminded potential recruits that our military supports Islamic extremists, refused to help persecuted Christians and give our current troops the ability to defend themselves, win a fight or protect our borders.

Our government arms criminals, gangs and illegals, encourages Afghan families to own automatic weapons but wants to limit our ability to defend our own homes.

So while I am boycotting America I have also decided to ignore any requirement to register any weapons that I may find.  Registration will just lead to fees, leading to taxes, leading to confiscation.  Save all the nonsense and ignore it all.  Sit back relax and watch the fun when they go broke.

Now old Ronin is not crazy, even I will have to spend some money to survive but I can do it carefully and support only my own.  I’ll encourage everyone to help your own friends and families survive.  The idea is to limit how much revenue our common enemy takes from you, limit your own taxes, don’t let the government set your rate.

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10 Comments on “Boycott America”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    Ronin , your post is right on target. especially in regards to the military. As I have stated many times I am sickened when I realize many of our brave and precious young men and women came home in metal boxes via Dover AFB, due to the asinine and ludicrous ‘rules of engagement’.

  2. tgusa Says:

    If you have any respect for humanity you must respectfully refuse to submit to the current policies. I overheard Greta on Fox saying something that is a widely held view among the establishment crowd. She and others think we can buy their friendship with trinkets, they think muslims will sell out to us in return for some baubles and some beads. And Hanoi John thought that the stupid got stuck in Iraq, lol. It is a pathological delusion and sadly this delusion can be placed directly at the feet of Bush the second and his religion of peace declaration.

    • Big Frank Says:

      What fools the appeasers are they are blind to the fact that for 1400+ yr, the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ AKA Muslims only understand one thing a good ass kicking firmly applied, nothing less will ever succeed. It sickens me to see so called world ‘leaders’ take crap from bums in dirty nightshirts with stupid looking hats.

      • tgusa Says:

        Long ago I began boycotting my own state I guess its time to expand on that boycott. I have to be more inclusive in my discrimination.
        I love discrimination.

        My plan is to get under their skin and then stay there.

  3. tgusa Says:

    I don’t know any American who holds the constitution in reverence that is willing to stand up and fight for the establishment’s vision for America. Its like asking friends over to help you move stating that you will provide the piss and turd sandwiches afterward. We hear them talk about progressive change and they constantly drone on about demographic change but they will go to war with the army that they can muster.

    Our adversaries must be licking their chops, the stab are turning the military into something that resembles a dime a dozen network TV drama. We have a substantial number of military leaders that should be sent to a leper colony. As for my friends and me we will opt out of the establishments vision and dance with the ones who brung us. No red blooded american is going to fight for the right to have blooomy tell us what size soda we can drink!

    • Big Frank Says:

      Our ‘Dear Leader’ is getting rid of our military leaders with balls, and replacing them with desk jockeys and yes men to do his bidding.

      • tgusa Says:

        The brass are busy playing with each others strawberries.

      • tgusa Says:

        Bad karma. Do you think the military is capable of defending all the land that has been grabbed by the DC mob? How bout the internal infrastructure that the military and DC rely on? Perhaps they can get leftists to stand guard at these places, perhaps not. The entire country is based on people being content enough to not begin rebelling. In my opinion any American fficer that attacks fellow Americans deserves to have their family paid a visit. What goes around comes around.

        I think some people have become too big for their britches.

      • Ronin Says:

        I am betting they are leaving the only way that can that removes the possibility of a recall. They are smarter than obama.

        • tgusa Says:

          I really only used the military as an example. If the military has trouble with it the community organizer, the local federal regulatory minion or park ranger will have even more.

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