Email Account Hacked, Again.

If you received an email this morning from DoctorBulldog_mail(at)yahoo(dot)com, please disregard it and throw it in your trash.  

Seems some hackers have gotten into my email account, again.  I’ve changed the password.

Sorry about the inconvenience.


– Doctor Bulldog

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2 Comments on “Email Account Hacked, Again.”

  1. Actually, they don’t have to even access your account.

    Some spammers and hackers simply change the headers to make it LOOK like it came from you.

    • Well… These guys definitely got into my email account because they used my email list to send out emails to everyone on the list. The way that I discovered it had been hacked was when I started seeing a few bounced mailer daemon errors in my inbox for old email addresses on my list.


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