Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: You Are So Full of Crap!

Ted Nugent doing what he does best:   Giving voice to about 100 million gun owners in America!:

The Cliff Notes are as follows (via InfoWars.com):

Piers Morgan took his Monday CNN show on the road to a Texas gun shop to continue what guest Ted Nugent called his “crap” crusade against gun rights.

“First of all, I’ve been monitoring your gun debates,” Nugent said. “Go ahead and take it to the bank: You’ll never understand. I really don’t believe you’ll ever grasp — you don’t understand that it’s a simple inanimate tool that tens of millions of American families own that have never caused a problem, never had an accident and will never commit a crime. You have these aberrations that are such a minute percentage.”

Morgan argued that 500,000 Americans a year are shot in gun fighting.

“[Y]ou are so full of crap,” Nugent shot back. “Listen to me. That statistic includes bad guys shot by cops and intruders shot by homeowners, so that figure is bogus. It’s not an accurate figure.”

“Do you care about murders, or do you only care about murders with guns?” Nugent continued. “I don’t think you do — I think you care about guns. I think you’re obsessed with guns. 99.999 percent of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today. Perfectly safe. Perfectly harmless. Wonderful, loving, generous, giving, caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone?”

Nugent said Morgan’s focus should be on mental health and convicted criminals.

“We have a mad-man problem in America, where they’re running around. We have a felony recidivism problem in America. Let’s focus on that together, and leave the rest of us alone.”


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12 Comments on “Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: You Are So Full of Crap!”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Morgan is the modern definition of a gun nut. A gun nut is a person who when the mentally deranged commit horrific crimes they blame everyone else.

    “ Nugent said Morgan’s focus should be on mental health and convicted criminals.”

    Ted, Ted, Ted,
    The last thing these nuts want is for the focus to be on mental health as they are part of the insane themselves.

    I read somewhere that in the heat of the moment only about one in ten rounds hit the target. And that’s a trained personnel statistic. So, if you end up facing a mob of 10 or so Barry Jones supporters how big a mag do you feel you would need?

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Weapon control is about control of the people. But, we already know that. I find it strange Holder’s feet are not held to the fire over the gun running to cartels, and murder of a Border patrol agent Terry Allen I think.

    The government has become the enmey of the people. Marxism is an enemy too.

  3. english rose Says:

    Piers Morgan belongs to the school of pompous ‘fops’ i.e. Hugh grant,David Cameron (over-privileged ,ridiculous’English’ accent) . I don’t know enough about gun ownership in the states so i wouldn’t comment on it and neither should the irritating Morgan .He should be more concerned about HIS country being swallowed up by the fascistic eu instead of poking his nose in your business.

    • Yeah. If I were on his show, I’d just tell him that America has already had that gun debate that he keeps asking for. He must have missed it; we won and King George III was sent packing. So, pack your bags, King Morgan, and go back to whence you came! Oh, wait… Even England doesn’t want you back! It’s enough to drive a king mad!

      Poor, poor King Morgan.


  4. Big Frank Says:

    Ted always speaks his mind, and is 100% correct. Mr. Morgan is a liberal lunatic. Like the rest of them, he cannot be reasoned with.

  5. Pete Says:

    Each year, on average, 100,000 Americans are shot with a gun. Of these, over 31,000 are fatalities.

    Motor vehicle crashes in the United States result in more than 40,000 deaths per year,” says the Institute in the journal Injury Prevention, over 19,000 are children.

    In England the number of motor vehicle deaths rose in 2011, from 1,850 the previous year to 1,901 in 2012.

    Based on mr. morgan’s ideology the US should turn in all our motor vehicles to the government and just walk to where we want to go more people (and children) die in motor vehicle accidents then are killed by guns.

    Australia, Canada, England, and western europe are ruled by totalitarian democracies, You have 3 or 4 left wing parties to vote for each further to the left then the next. Any conservative nationalistic party (the conservative party in England is left wing) are demonized by the left wing media and the current leftist government as nazis or neo-nazis racist thus almost no one votes for them. Only 3 types of people have guns in these countries, the military, the police and the criminals. The people of these countries are sheep, there is no right to have a gun and no free speech laws only hate speech laws.

    • Big Frank Says:

      While we are at it let’s not leave out the 200,000 preventable deaths caused by physicians ‘mistakes’ .

  6. tgusa Says:

    Right now there is a manhunt on for a Morgan supporting maniac cop on a killing spree. The bullets are flying every which way and so far eight people have been shot. Interestingly, I’m pretty sure all of them were shot while sitting in an automobile.

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