Danish Critic of Islam, Lars Hedegaard, Survives Assassination Attempt

Ah, yes.  The religion of piss and vinegar strikes again:

Lars Hedegaard

‘The bullet flew past my ear’: Danish anti-Islam writer, 70, narrowly survives doorstep assassination attempt


A writer and outspoken critic of Islam narrowly escaped being shot dead after he opened his door to a would-be assassin posing as a delivery man at his home in Denmark.

The gunman rang the doorbell of 70-year-old Lars Hedegaard’s apartment in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, under the pretext of delivering a parcel, but when the writer opened his front door the hitman pulled out a weapon and fired a shot that just missed Mr Hedegaard’s head.

According to Mr Hedegaard, who described how the bullet ‘flew past’ his right ear, said the sniper fled after the writer punched him in the face causing him to drop his gun.

Mr Hedegaard, who heads up a group that claims press freedom is under threat from Islam, said the attack had left him shaken but not injured.

Police in Copenhagen confirmed they were searching for the suspect, described as a ‘foreign’ man aged between 20 and 25.

Mr Hedegaard said of the shock attack: ‘The bullet flew past my right ear, after which I attacked him and punched him in the face, which made him lose the gun.’

The gunman then fled the scene, he said.

Hedegaard heads the Free Press Society in Denmark and its international offshoot, the International Free Press Society. He is also among the publishers of a weekly anti-Islam newsletter.

In April 2012 he was acquitted of hate speech over a series of statements about Muslims.


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2 Comments on “Danish Critic of Islam, Lars Hedegaard, Survives Assassination Attempt”

  1. Gee and I thought islam was peaceful… Silly me…

  2. english rose Says:

    This just goes to show islamists have no place in the west.They detest the democracy and freedom that allows a person to question or criticise

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