Mich: 8th Grade Students Receive Reply From Obama Concerning Fracking Letter

Never mind that the supposed documentary “Gasland” is an easily debunked piece of enviro-trash entertainment and should NEVER be confused with real science.  

Never mind that an 8th grade science teacher is indoctrinating her students with this tripe.  

Never mind that even the director of “Gasland,” Josh Fox, has admitted that there have been news reports of residents in Colorada igniting their tap water since the 1930’s—long before fracking was even invented!  


Never mind all that.  

The important thing, according to this so-called “journalist,” and others, is that Obama wrote back to some of his brainwashed minions and, they are absolutely  “stoked!”:


Lakeview Students Stoked About Receiving Letter From President


LAKEVIEW, Mich. — Cari Scholtens teaches some very advanced 8th grade science students at Lakeview High School. Now one of them has a letter from the president of the United States.

When Scholtens was teaching the topic of hydrology, a fellow teacher suggested she educate the students about groundwater pollution. Scholtens had learned a bit about hydraulic fracturing while in college, so she too was interested in learning a bit more. Scholtens chose the documentary ‘Gasland’ by Josh Fox, in which Fox takes a journey across country uncovering what he calls as lies, secrets, and contamination.

“Them setting the tap water on fire, really made me upset,” student Mitchell Englund said. ”I did not realize you could do that with tap water.”

At the end of the movie, there is a call for action, and Scholtens’ students were fired up. They decided to write letters to top officials, and Mitchell wrote to President Obama.

Little by little, responses came back from U.S. senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin, followed by one from Governor Rick Snyder’s office. But on Monday, a big surprise showed up to Lakeview High School.

“I got called to the office and I thought I might be in trouble and I saw where the envelope was from and I started freaking out,” Mitchell said.

Along with the letter, there was an autographed picture of President Obama, too. All of the letters the class received are in frames, and Mitchell said he is going to hold onto his very tightly.

“They were celebrities here and they still are,” Scholtens said. “Kids are always asking Mitchell to see the letter and to see his picture, I mean to have those things, that’s something he’s going to have the rest of his life.”

Yeah…  Betcha’ a sawbuck that his signature, like so much of his presidency, was auto-penned.

UPDATE:  The “science” teacher, Cari Scholtens, responds to critics in the comments section HERE:

The reason this story was picked up by FOX 17 was that a group of young kids from rural America are receiving notable recognition from our State’s and our Nation’s leaders. In a small school and a small community, it is easy for children to forget or never know that there is a world outside this tiny shell. Before this assignment many kids didn’t even know it was allowed to write a letter to the Senators, Governor or President…much less expect a reply. I taught this unit quite close to this past election season. This sparked these young students to research the issues and stances of both President Obama and Governor Romney. It began with their stances on alternative energy, but their curiosity quickly spread (as curiosity often does) to educational issues, gun control, healthcare, etc. In short, these children have indeed been, as Galt said, “[indoctrinated]”. The doctrine? Political activism and investment in one’s own education on topics of national importance. If I am wrong for teaching my students that it is valuable to be interested and knowledgeable about the world around them…then I suppose I’d rather not be right.

The lesson that these children have taken from this experience is not about fracking. When Mitchell Englund is in college, he will not, in all likelihood, be an anti-fracking activist. What he will remember is that he got a letter from the President of the United States. What the rest of my students will know is that they have a voice and a power over the way this country is run. When they speak, they are heard. In the coming years, my kids might not remember a thing about fracking…but I’ll bet they’ll remember to vote.

Sharon says she is disappointed. So am I. I am disappointed that when a group of motivated children find success, it must be overshadowed by people who can only focus on the politics. The nitpickers who can only see controversy where there should be jubilant.

Should you respond to this post, rest assured, you will have the last word. I will not reply to any further criticism on this matter as I have stated my stance and shan’t change it.

My response to her?  Pretty much what I said earlier.  Here it is:

Never mind that “Gasland’s” director, Josh Fox, has admitted that he knew residents in Colorado have been able to ignite their tap water since back in the 1930s; Never mind that you, a supposed science teacher, are teaching students false, medievalish science; Never mind that you, Obama, and others did not see fit to come clean on the scientific fraud perpetrated by “Gasland.”

Nope. Never mind all that! The kids got a letter from Obama, gosh darn it! And, that’s all that matters to you, a supposed “science” teacher?

You are not teaching students true science, you are teaching students false emotions. Perhaps you should consider a career in the laughably named, “Social Sciences.”

Good day.

– Dr. Bulldog (Ph.d – Physics)

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2 Comments on “Mich: 8th Grade Students Receive Reply From Obama Concerning Fracking Letter”

  1. AgileBulletDodger Says:

    This messianic phenomenon surrounding Obama and anything he either says or does, regardless of how steeped in falsehood it may be, that it trumps fact is beyond comprehension. “… having eyes to see and ears to hear are still blind and deaf…” – a truism of our time.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    How low can the environmental Communists stoop?

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