71-Year-Old Newspaper Delivery Woman Shot By LAPD; Mistook Her For Cop Killer Chris Dorner

And, to think,  Diane Feinstein’s gun control bill allows active duty cops and those who are retired to own “assault weapons” while excluding “civilian” ownership.

Seems to me that “civilians” would have used better judgement in this instance.

Care to comment on that, Ms. Feinstein?:

cops acting badly LAPD

Dorner manhunt: Officers opened fire on mother, daughter

February 9, 2013 – LATimes

In their pursuit of a fugitive ex-cop, at least seven officers opened fire on what turned out to be a mother and daughter delivering newspapers on a quiet residential street, law enforcement sources told The Times.

It was “a tragic misinterpretation” by officers working under “incredible tension,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Friday in an interview with The Times.

Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were the victims.

Early Thursday morning, Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, allegedly shot three police officers, one fatally. And, in an online posting authorities attributed to him, Dorner threatened to kill more police and seemed to take responsibility for the slaying over the weekend of the daughter of a retired LAPD captain and her fiance.

Then around 5 a.m. Thursday in Torrance, police from nearby El Segundo saw a pickup truck exit a freeway and head in the general direction of the Redbeam Avenue residence of a high-ranking Los Angeles police official, which was being guarded by a group of LAPD officers.

A radio call indicated that the truck matched the description of Dorner’s gray Nissan Titan.

As the vehicle approached the house, officers opened fire, unloading a barrage of bullets into the back of the truck. When the shooting stopped, they quickly realized their mistake. The truck was not a Nissan Titan, but a Toyota Tacoma. The color wasn’t gray, but aqua blue. And it wasn’t Dorner inside the truck, but Carranza and her mother delivering copies of the Los Angeles Times.


“How do you mistake two Hispanic women, one who is 71, for a large, black male?” said Richard Goo, 62, who counted five bullet holes in the entryway to his house.

Exactly!  What is this?  Shoot first, ask questions later?


Hernandez was shot twice in her back and is expected to recover. Her daughter escaped with only minor wounds from broken glass.


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16 Comments on “71-Year-Old Newspaper Delivery Woman Shot By LAPD; Mistook Her For Cop Killer Chris Dorner”

  1. boudicabpi Says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    71-Year-Old Newspaper Delivery Woman Shot By LAPD; Mistook Her For Cop Killer Chris Dorner

  2. tgusa Says:

    Just another in a long line of reasons that if I see something I won’t say anything. Karma.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Diane Feincrime, toss the ***** in jail! The democrats should all be prep walked for what they have done to Ca. If and when they are subjected to the full force of the law maybe I begin respecting the law once again. Perhaps. Hey, it would be a good start.

  4. tgusa Says:

    State of emergency alert:
    Do not let any political from Ca screw up your world too. They are worse than the plague.

    Women like Feincrime make their decisions based wholly on feelings and emotion. We need more maturity than that in a dangerous world.

  5. Big Frank Says:

    Training, training, and more training, that’s what these Bozos need. LAPD has some real winners that need to get back to basic police procedure. Instead of drones and all sort of high end equipment. they need to go back to basics.

    • tgusa Says:

      LA is a self declared sanctuary city and they follow the mslsd extremist line to the letter so I’m not sure what this nut is angry about. The accepted applicants have been trained accordingly. They have weeded out all the icky Americans enforcing their rigorous and delusional code on everyone within the system. Dysfunctional policies lead to disgruntled citizens and leftist policy is dysfunctional, you never know when you will become the bad guy. Living at the mercy of leftist deciders, it’s a life of hidden fear. The left is much like this clip,

  6. Ronin Says:

    Unless you are the po-po, shooting unarmed people in the back is murder.

  7. HOW in the hell could they have mistaken ANY truck for that of Dorner’s? Dorner’s truck was found elsewhere BURNED OUT!!

    I hope truck drivers don’t drive their trucks until Dorner is found. Please take the Bus.

    Blue is Gray now? Color blind cops?


    Why is this the first that I’ve heard of it?

    • tgusa Says:

      It’s left on left violence (inter-tribal conflict) and the guys heroes are prop media and prog cultural icons. The lapd is reopening the case. Evidently on the left violence solves just about everything.

      I heard about it primarily because the nut was in the vicinity killing people. At that point they pretty much had to tell us.

    • Because the media wants you to believe that cops can be entrusted with guns, while ordinary citizens cannot. It’s all part of the narrative.

      The truth of the matter, however, is that ordinary citizens are MORE responsible with guns than the police are:

      Excerpt from a somewhat dated (last update was in 2005) article by John Gaver at ActionAmerica.org:

      Armed Citizens Make Fewer Mistakes Than Police

      Don’t think that just because the police are trained in the use of firearms that they are less likely to kill an innocent person. A University of Chicago Study revealed that in 1993 approximately 700,000 police killed 330 innocent individuals, while approximately 250,000,000 private citizens only killed 30 innocent people. Do the math. That’s a per capita rate for the police, of almost 4000 times higher than the population in general. OK, that is a little misleading. Let’s just include the 80,000,000 gun owning citizens. Now the police are down to only a 1200 times higher accidental shooting rate than the gun-owning population in general.

      That still sounds high. So let’s look at it in a different light. According to a study by Newsweek magazine, only 2% of civilian shootings involve an innocent person being shot (not killed). The error rate for police is 11%. What this means is that you are more than 5 times more likely to be accidentally shot by a policeman than by an armed citizen. But, when you consider that citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as do police every year, it means that, per capita, you are more than 11 times more likely to be accidentally shot by a policeman than by an armed citizen. That is as low as I can get that number.

      This is not meant to be an indictment of the police. In fact, because police often live on the edge, they naturally tend to shoot first and ask questions later. Although they are trained to repress this instinct, it does not always work, as evidenced by the number of innocent people killed by police. Also, since they are generally better marksmen, they tend to kill, rather than wound or totally miss their target.

      The Kleck study shows that police shoot and kill around 600 criminals each year. Yet the University of Chicago study shows that police killed 330 innocent individuals in 1993. That means that for every two criminals killed by police, one innocent citizen is killed by police. Although I have the greatest respect for the police and how they must respond under pressure, I think that I would much rather trust an armed populace.


  9. Big Frank Says:

    According to the LA Times another pickup truck was fired upon and rammed by patrol cars in Torrance Thankfully the driver was not wounded by gunfire just injuries from the ‘police action’. These out of control ‘Bozocops’ act as they are auditioning for the remake of ‘Police Academy’.

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