Nancy Pelosi Thinks The First Amendment Covers Gun Ownership

Uh…  This is as big a blunder as John Boehner confusing the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence.  

And folks still wonder why Our government is so screwed up:

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2 Comments on “Nancy Pelosi Thinks The First Amendment Covers Gun Ownership”

  1. senordoeboy Says:

    Justification of sells of “assualt weapons” ((A.K.A. scary looking semi-automatic weapons))? It’s simple Congresswoman, the politicians in Washington D.C. are the “Justification of those sells and have been since the Constitution was drafted. Perhaps the Founding Fathers of the nation understood better the Tyranny of small minded political elites.

    Until the Constitution, the history of mankind was the iron shod boot heel of the Tyrant on the face of the people. It is my opinion that the elites of the world dream of returning to that time and will use any means, or crises, to do so.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    This is what happens when Ms. Ligosi does not read, follow the script and strays too far from her handlers.

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