Ronin’s Common Sense Solutions to Gun Control Measures

By Ronin, 14 Feb 13 With all the calls for common sense gun control measures like the recent NY ban on what idiots refer to as “assault” weapons”, “large clips” and sensible solutions like weapon registration, limits to ammo etc.  I thought I would add a little stick to stir the pot. 

The easiest way to fight back is not to play their game.  No living politician wrote the constitution and none of them can change it.  Politicians will attempt to force compliance with a variety of measures from painting those that refuse as criminals, insane, dangerous, outlaws.  They will also offer rewards and pick a few misguided cowards (those that do as they say) and parade them around in the press as heroes (after all they surrendered their guns).

Educate each other, hunters and sportsmen, and legitimate gun owners as the media refer to us are all in this together.  Unfortunately a few will drink the cool-aid, remind them once we are divided we are easily all disarmed.   We are only demanding our rights be respected; we do not all live in a gated community with armed guards.   If we are ever disarmed, immediately start making demands that police are also.  We can win without breaking laws using civil disobedience, outright resistance and refusal and only as a last resort, unlawful methods.  Face it, we or one of our kind, will instantly turn from law abiding citizen to felon overnight at that point you have very little to lose.   

So what to do?  First and foremost do the research.  Identify everyone that voted for any restriction, call them, write them or visit them.  Let them know using any method that you can that you will never again vote for them or any other member of their political party.   Let them know that you will volunteer to help anyone running against them and follow through.  I suggest you publish your list and letters on facebook or similar social media so others can join in the ban the politician party.

It may be a small number but I believe at least some politicians are hoping for a few outraged gun owners to bunker up and fight to the death.  This will add endless proof that gun owners really are a problem.  Politicians would then call for confiscation, extreme criminal penalties for non-compliance and a host of other punishments.  Call their bluff; their worst nightmare is an outraged public asking why they are targeting citizens over criminals.  The closer to an election the better, trust me they do not want drama then.  Watch the blogs and watch and spread our outrage when these idiots actually grow a set and arrest someone for not registering a weapon.  We will expose, the who, what and why, that is what we do.  You can help. 

Because I think fighting first responders is wrong when politicians are the actual problem (and we can just vote those idiots out).  We need a nonviolent solution.  This would be the easy way to defeat this problem.  Monitor the crime stats for your area and call and report someone carrying an evil assault weapon in the most gang active area you can find.  Other options could also be fun, like tossing weapons in neighborhoods near the homes of officers, they leave those shiny cars in the driveway, report them for noncompliance.  If you get caught you were turning the weapon in, as framing an officer is not exactly legal but then again neither is placing limits on our 2nd amendment rights. I do not want to be a criminal, they have no right to make me one. Registration would be harmless if you could trust politicians to never attempt to confiscate weapons, too big of a risk, just refuse.  There are not enough prisons to hold us all and millions of new criminals will tax any police department. 

When you hear idiots claim that you do not need “10 bullets to kill a deer” and “No one hunts with an assault rifle,” like the recent statements by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  It is time to educate them.  I live in Florida; people here do use high capacity weapons to hunt with.  With Russian Boar, large Gators and other dangerous critters running around hunting us, we just find we feel safer if we do not have to stop and reload while we are fighting for our life.  Don’t joke about Zombies, resisting gun grabbing authorities etc.; it is just noise to them.  Stick to facts, trust me libs hate that.  The second statement you can agree with, no one that I have ever met hunts with an assault rifle.  This is a good time to explain the differences between an actual assault rifle and a scary looking to politician’s weapon.   

The stupidest part of Cuomo’s bill, includes a “Webster provision” — a life-without-parole prison sentence for anyone who murders a first responder.  The way I read that is who would stop at one and why?  The penalty doesn’t change with increase numbers.  The idiot Cuomo just encouraged more Christopher Dorners.  Personally, I encourage you to play to the officers sense of patriotism some may even let you go. 

So there you have it soon it will be game time, strap it on and enjoy the game.

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One Comment on “Ronin’s Common Sense Solutions to Gun Control Measures”

  1. cavmom Says:

    I had a chat with a Soldier from the 8th Regiment of the Texas State Guard. (not to be confused with the Texas National Guard)

    He stated that they are in training to protect Texas and it’s citizens from any dangers. Mostly events such as hurricanes. BUT they will be helping Texans should it’s citizens ever be in harm from anyone who would attempt to take away our freedoms. He did not want to go not detail but felt it was very important that the word gets out. They are not going to be taking our weapons or forcing us into camps. Their goal is to Keep Texas a free state.

    He laughed and said, “If you see us coming into your neighborhood, we would appreciate if you do not fire at us. Our mission is to make certain that everyone is safe and evaluate which areas need supplies.”

    I told him that we would set up the pit and cook dinner if they come to our area.

    Politicians on the other hand…. Have a very long way to go before being welcomed to a bar-b-que at our house.

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