Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Says Obama is a Borderline Communist

Borderline Communist?  How about just calling a spade a spade?:  He’s card carrying Communist!

Also, he, Harry C. Alford, makes the egregious error of lumping Obama’s economic policies in with Calvin Coolidge’s!   

Obviously, Mr. Alford has gotten his cartoonish history lessons from “borderline Communists” and doesn’t even realize it:

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4 Comments on “Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Says Obama is a Borderline Communist”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Federal spending over the last 100 years.
    Gateway Pundit.
    It appears that spending began to rise when FDR came into office and hasn’t stopped since. WWII turned out to be a boon for centralized guvmint growth. All we really got out of it was a 50 year cold war, a rising tax burden, a giant international grab bag of freebies passed out to our ever tangled incoherent list of foreign relations. Relations that I defy anyone to explain in a way that comes out sounding even half sane. Its expensive to play the caped crusader when you are on all sides, and yet, no side. Of course after ending the Imperial Japanese and German Nazi global menace we have liberty and justice for all! Hey wait a minute! In retrospect, do you think we have been played?

    The community organizer cannot organize the American community. Why is this surprise, we are a nation of multiple cultures and different cultures value different things. The democrats deliberately set out to do just that and they have. And now we in many parts of America are divided by culture and cultural values much more than just race. Sadly, I as all of you do value my money, and so do democrats value, our money. I’m getting confused on the democrat message. Its like a lot of things in America, upside down. We have groups who marched for civil rights who are becoming increasingly uncivil. We have 1960s anti guvmint radicals who have become the dictators they supposedly despised. And the list goes on seemingly forever.

    It’s as if we as a country fought WWII and in our victory the enemy won.

    • Big Frank Says:

      I agree the great depression and WW2 were sadly made to order for the left to grab a vast quantity of power in the name of ‘saving’ our country. The numerous alphabet agencies DOA, WPA, REA, CCC, etc. took power and government from the states and local governments and centralized it under ‘president for life’ FDR . Many historians are of the opinion that all of these programs and meddling actually prolonged the depression and the misery that accompanied it. The US government today is almost totally centralized, to the delight of the Socialists and leftists.

      • tgusa Says:

        When Coolidge (R) was in office as a Republican the democrats were the klansman’s preferred party. The black community votes overwhelmingly for democrats and as a result of that their community is searching for anything that might be a bit better which wouldn’t take much. Blacks have come a long way since forced segregation, well they have haven’t they?

        I have yet to hear from Mr. Alfords counter part, the CEO of the White Chamber of Commerce.

        I am troubled by the lack of awareness coming from people who I would have thought would know better.

      • tgusa Says:

        Black businessmen would do better with the democat left if they just started dating each other.

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