80 Percent Of NYC High School Grads Are So Illiterate, They Can’t Even Get Into Community Colleges!

Perhaps if the Federal Government spent less time and money on indoctrination and gayificationism, and just stuck to the the basics—like reading, writing, arithmetic, and science—perhaps more students would graduate with the skill set they need to enter college.

Just saying…

Besides, there’s always plenty of time for indoctrination and gayificationism in the Leftist-run university system!

Clearly, by wasting all that time indoctrinating students in K through 12, these poor, illiterate students are now missing out on all those lovely “higher” levels of indoctrination the universities are more than willing and able to provide:

Officials: Most NYC High School Grads Need Remedial Help Before Entering CUNY Community Colleges
Basic Skills Like Reading, Writing And Math Need To Be Re-Learned

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s an education bombshell.

Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system.

The number of kids behind the 8-ball is the highest in years, CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday.

When they graduated from city high schools, students in a special remedial program at the Borough of Manhattan Community College couldn’t make the grade.

They had to re-learn basic skills — reading, writing and math — first before they could begin college courses.

They are part of a disturbing statistic.

Officials told CBS 2′s Kramer that nearly 80 percent of those who graduate from city high schools arrived at City University’s community college system without having mastered the skills to do college-level work.

In sheer numbers it means that nearly 11,000 kids who got diplomas from city high schools needed remedial courses to re-learn the basics.



Wouldn’t that imply that they learned those basics in the first place?  

Something tells me they never did that…

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10 Comments on “80 Percent Of NYC High School Grads Are So Illiterate, They Can’t Even Get Into Community Colleges!”

  1. tgusa Says:

    There is no fix for this kind of stupid. Raising children in these places is child abuse. However, this is the army of human sandbags that in the future DC pols will have to go to war with. Don’t bother to write! The parents are all to busy playing each others, well you know.

    Send in the clowns.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    In five decades from a decent performing school system, to a system where a majority of the students just take up space.

  3. The Muzzie Terminator Says:

    “They had to re-learn basic skills ”
    It sounds, to me, that they didn’t “learn” to begin with, How about a competency test before a H.S. Diploma is granted? Who but the Teacher’s Union(s) would object?

  4. tgusa Says:

    Barry wants us all to sit around watching television sports. The entertainer is a frequent visitor to the white hut not the librarian. Real Americans can and do read books, leftist Americans just play with balls. Some of us thirst for knowledge others while just thirst for, well you know. They have their value system and we have ours and it is purely a cultural values thing.

    BTW ever wonder why hollywood mongols have had to resort to remaking almost every movie of the past, yeah, it’s redin and ritin thing.If you cannot re-d you cannot ri-t

  5. tgusa Says:

    If these dummies think the rest of us are going to fight their wars for them they have anther thing coming. They are not going to get out of it just because they are stupid. The tendency to put the barrel of a gun in their mouths and suck on it is no excuse.

    As bad as it has become in the USA today we still have millions of displaced people from latin American countries trying to sneak in. Why wouldn’t they, apparently its hell down there. Perhaps we should test these displaced illiterates they may be more qualified to serve than indigenous imbeciles.

    Jackass under glass.

  6. tgusa Says:

    Which way do we go boss, which way do we go?
    Electric car charging station dead ahead.
    Possibilities, limitless.
    Malice or Incompetence?
    @ accordingtohoyt.com.

    Send your kid to guvmint skool and morons will try to tell you your kid is the stupid one when indeed the dummy is them.

    Lif s ard.

  7. tgusa Says:

    Dems are not interested in good education they want equality in education which means if others are failures you too must be a failure as well. The goal is equally bad edutainment. Dems have violated the civil right to a basic education of every kid in America who has escaped their abortion doctors bony hands. But dems are for the children you know!
    Obama: Special Ed Czar for lagging inner city blacks.
    It appears that dems are troubled by re-segregation, blacks vote overwhelmingly for dems but dems don’t want to live or work nor go to school around their majority inner city black supporters. Dems to us; you are all a bunch of racists! But please, come live, love and learn with us, please!

    I don’t mention republicans because, they don’t deserve a mention. Most of them might as well be card board cut outs standing in front of a beer display. If I want a cold one I’ll call a republican.

  8. Big Frank Says:

    It would be safe to sat that a NYC High School diploma is not worth the paper it is printed on.

  9. tgusa Says:

    Most kids today are completely unaware of what came before them. If in fact they were aware we would probably have a suicide epidemic on our hands. Our parents were fairly strict but in most things we had much more freedom than the poor unfortunate numbskulls of today. It’s not all of them but enough to cause major problems. I learned long ago that attaching yourself to certain people can be extremely destructive. It can bring ruin on the best of men. I have a term for these people, s**t magnets and they come from all walks of life.

    For me it is the ignorance and stupidity that pervades every aspect of contemporary existence that is the hardest thing to deal with. I am at the same point that half the country are at. I no longer desire to share a country with them. We share no common values and their primary desire is to displace us. They use morons to help them with this. Do you think they can comprehend that even though chances are they won’t be able to read it?

    The major problem the west has today is respect and responsibility are no longer earned they are given away, and in many cases these two are given away over and over again. The west no longer has great leaders we have grovellers instead. Its not that I care to object to all grovellers, I just object to our cut-rate ones. It’s almost worth living 200 years just to see what is written about these imbeciles.

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