Flashback: Hugo Chavez Opposed Displaying Dead People; Called Such Acts, “Moral Decomposition”

Well…  This is interesting considering that Hugo Chavez’s body is being prepared to go on permanent display.

Kind of funny,  in a macabre sort of way.

H/T – PJ-Comix:


Where’s the respect, Chávez asks as he seizes dissected cadavers

Rory Carroll in Caracas – The Guardian, Monday 9 March 2009

Hugo Chávez is famous for nationalising farms, factories and oil rigs but his latest appropriation comes closer to body-snatching.

Venezuela’s socialist president has closed an exhibition of dissected cadavers in Caracas and confiscated the contents because, he says, it reflects “moral decomposition”. The travelling show, Bodies Revealed, has stirred controversy in other countries for displaying 14 full-body human specimens and more than 200 organs.

“We are in the midst of something macabre,” Chávez said on his weekly TV show on Sunday. “They are human bodies. Human bodies! This is a really clear sign of the huge moral decomposition that is hitting our planet.”

Shocked by a newspaper report about the show’s arrival in Venezuela’s capital, the president last week ordered action. The tax agency Seniat and Venezuela’s version of the FBI swooped on the exhibition on its opening day, evicted 400 visitors and carted away exhibits. The authorities will investigate if the displays were illegally declared in customs as made of plastic. Bodies Revealed uses a technique known as polymer preservation, involving embalming, dissection, dehydration and injections of liquid silicone.  


“Using real human specimens, painstakingly prepared and respectfully displayed, the Bodies Revealed exhibition lets visitors of all ages explore deep within the human body in a way that informs but doesn’t overwhelm,” says its website.


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4 Comments on “Flashback: Hugo Chavez Opposed Displaying Dead People; Called Such Acts, “Moral Decomposition””

  1. tgusa Says:

    He will be easy to find if we ever decide to urinate on his head.

  2. tgusa Says:

    In a speech at the un hugo called GWB the devil but look who is dead now! Chavez spent a good part of public life harassing the church but I hear that in the end he cried out for Gods mercy. I see that happen all the time. Personally, I hope he gets rejected I don’t believe he was being honest about that. Everyone put in a bad word for him.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    He had the masses so brainwashed and indoctrinated with his brand of ‘socialism’ while he oppressed any opposition , filled his pockets with billions in cash, and squandered his country’s future. Most of the western technical staffers left, and in spite of massive oil reserves the amount extracted is in decline. The economy is in shambles,inflation is rampant, the roads are horrid, and the population is willing to do “A Weekend At Bernie’s” , instead of pulling together and building a stable and prosperous society.

    • tgusa Says:

      Weekend at Bernies, rofl! HC=Call me Skip!

      This is disturbingly similar to what Norman Bates did with his dead mother.

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