RIP Margaret Thatcher

She was a great lady.  

The Left, however, will never forgive her and Reagan for bringing down the old Soviet Union.

MargaretThatcher at RonaldReagans Funeral

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4 Comments on “RIP Margaret Thatcher”

  1. tgusa Says:

    RIP, Lady warrior.

    Department A (Political opponents)
    •xxxxxx (A1)
    •Counter Sabotage (A2)
    •Reactionaries and Liberals (A3)
    •Assassinations (A4)

    Department B (Sects and Churches)
    •Catholics (B1)
    •Protestants (B2)
    •Freemasons (B3)
    •Jews (B4)

    Department C (Administration and Party Affairs)
    The central administrative office of the xxxxxx, responsible for card files of all personnel including all officials.

    Department D (Occupied Territories)
    A repeat of departments A and B for use outside the Regime.
    •Opponents of the Regime (D1)
    •Churches and Sects (D2)
    Department E (Counterintelligence)
    •In the Regime (E1)
    •Policy Formation (E2)
    •In the West (E3)
    •In Scandinavia (E4)
    •In the East (E5)
    •In the South (E6)

    Hitler or Stalin? Fascist or commie?

    • tgusa Says:

      No, it’s not the Obummer administration. I know it looks like us today but its not. We’re nowhere near Scandi.
      FYI, Gestapo.

  2. Ann-Marie Darabaner Says:

    Wonderful lady, who was very lucky with the man she married–he was behind her all the way.. I am not sure if people know , that she also had a super marriage.. They had twins, a boy and a girl..

  3. Big Frank Says:

    Rip Mrs. Thatcher.

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