My Official Response to a Group Soliciting My Signature in Support of Federal Gun Control Laws

If any of our readers have anymore questions they’d like me to ask of these douche-bags before I email them back, feel free to add them to the comments section:

I have just a few questions that I need answered to my satisfaction before I consider signing your petition in support of Federal background checks and magazine restrictions:

For the life of me, I am stumped as to how more background checks and restrictions on magazine capacities would have hindered Adam Lanza (or any future incarnations) from perpetrating such a horrific atrocity.

Please kindly explain to me how any of this would have actually stopped the Sandy Hook massacre?

Also, please explain to me how this does not fall under the “shall NOT infringe” clause specified in the 2nd Amendment?

On a state level, I am already forced to waive my 2nd Amendment rights and submit to a background check before purchasing a gun.  Now, the Federal government wants to get into the game.  That sounds like a VERY bad idea to me.

Have you recently tried getting ANYTHING done through our Federal government?  I, personally, have dealt with our Federal government on numerous occasions. To say the very least, they are an over-bloated bureaucracy of inefficiency, a labyrinth of red tape, an egregious conglomeration of soulless pencil pushers, and, undeniably, they are perpetually guilty of seriously momentous mistakes that affect innocent individuals on a daily basis.

Case in point:  Have you seen the ataxic nightmare that is the “No-Fly List?”  For such a simple concept–a list of known terrorists who aren’t allowed to fly on commercial aircraft–it is rife with errors and governmental abuses affecting thousands of law-abiding citizens that don’t even know what a “jihad” is, much less elderly individuals who couldn’t be of any threat to even a baby.

Please explain to me how the Federal government is going to somehow, magically avoid creating the same hellish nightmare with a Federal “No-Guns List,” which, logically and naturally, will have to be implemented in order to prevent certain high-risk individuals from obtaining weapons?  Who will be in charge of such a list?  Who will decide who, or what groups of individuals will be on such a list?  What legal recourse will an individual have if they feel they have been unjustly denied a hunting rifle?

Considering that yet another faceless, tumescent Federal entity will, no doubt, be presiding over who will and who will not be on a No-Guns List without the accused ever having a chance to confront his or her accusers, aren’t our 6th Amendment rights in danger of being trashed, also?

Finally, what actual assurances do we, as Americans, have that a future, tyrannical government (be it Left wing or Right wing) will not use this gun registration database as a road map in which to confiscate our rifles?  The answer, “That will never happen; you are just being paranoid,” is not a sufficient enough answer given historical reality.

 These are just but a few serious questions which I, and many others have.

 If I do not hear back from you, or your arguments rely purely on tumid emotions without making any logical sense, please be advised that I will NOT be signing your little petition and you may feel more than free to drop me from your already invasive mailing list.

Thank you,

Doctor Bulldog

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14 Comments on “My Official Response to a Group Soliciting My Signature in Support of Federal Gun Control Laws”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    In the 20th century nearly every country that had firearm registration ended up with confiscation. I keep reminding many of these liberal fools that there is no Constitutional right to police protection. The police are not obligated to protect any particular person. Long before the formation of the USA and the 2nd Amendment in ancient England men were required to keep arms in their home, and had a duty and a right to bear arms. IMHO to defend oneself is a basic human right.

  2. Thanks to the news local / national I’ve noticed that the last batch of ‘shooters’ still got guns either thru mail order or family. So that begs the following questions.

    “Do gun makers or those who sell in their names control the amount of parts, ammo and more go through their hands when that customer reaches a ‘certian amount’ of items?”

    “Can the local/feds ‘hack’ a persons computer to gain info on a possible shooter / nut job without breaking the various laws SUPPOSED to protect our privacy?”

    “CAN Families monitor and control those in their midst who are ‘odd’, ‘mentally challenged’ ‘violent etc?”

    It seems to me that the more society, individuals & our guv ignore those who are ‘not right in the head’ the more violent actions people will do with guns, knives, home made bombs and more.

  3. cavmom Says:

    Hey Doc,
    I just read this and wanted to share as it pertains to your neck of the woods and gun control:

    A few mental notes upon first reading this article:

    Federal authorities were going after complete list of concealed carry permit holders well before the Sandy Hook Shootings. This just reinforces that the current gun ban controversy is not a spontaneous federal response to Sandy Hook, but was a well planned preexisting agenda seeking to exploit the Sandy Hook shootings for political purposes.

    There have been numerous reports and articles that federal authorities have been covertly going after confidential records, such as property records, health records, conceal weapons permits, etc., in multiple states. This article is yet another that reinforces that this has been an ongoing long term covert agenda. Based on such reports, can we safely assume that federal authorities have been illicitly and illegally raiding confidential information on citizens in all 50 states in violation of federal and states laws and in violation of the separation of powers between the States and the Union?

    Most disturbingly, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and other state political subdivisions, departments, and agencies, appear to have either witlessly and ignorantly violated their own state laws in unquestioningly cooperating with records request from federal authorities, or have conspired with federal authorities to circumvent state laws and any subvert oversight authority of the state legislature and regulatory agencies.

    Either way, both federal authorities and the states political subdivisions appear to be conspiring with each other after the fact to thwart investigation and oversight by the state legislature and refusing disclosure of how they violated privacy laws and compromised the state’s entire concealed carry permit list by illegally providing it to federal agencies. The collusion of these state agencies with federal authorities has been in complete violation of their State laws, and in (I dare say, hostile) contempt of their State legislature.

    So… who is calling the shots here? Do state agencies, departments, and political subdivisions answer to their own state legislatures or not? Or is DHS now calling all the shots with little or no respect for state governments and states rights, and zero respect for the privacy rights and citizenship rights of the People whom elect and vest their own state governance in the constitutional administration of their own internal affairs?

    DHS can take this 4th Reich Nazi bullshit and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. The rise of the 4th Reich will not happen unopposed on my watch. This needs to be unrelentingly investigated with the same dedication as the Fast and Furious scandal, regardless of the difficulties or lack of cooperation by the administration attempting to thwart any investigation. The truth needs to come out, and this corruption needs to be purged. Every state and federal civil officer involved in this scandal needs to be impeached or fired, and then indicted. They are either corrupt, negligent, or incompetent, and quite frankly We the People should be sick and tired of having to put up with megalomaniacs and idiots mismanaging and abusing the administration of our governance and habitually violating our privacy and civil liberties.

    For the Republic,
    Robin W. Tong


    Everyone has my permission to copy/paste, forward, email, or reprint my commentary on this article. Congress is currently floating a so called compromise on the issue of background checks and registration and is preparing to ram it down our throats… which considering how vast and prolific the ongoing illicit and illegal federal records grab has been, is nothing better than adding injury to insult by legalizing the raping of our privacy and citizenship rights.

    We are not peons, slaves, indentured servants, or the property or chattel of the United States, and we should not be treated as such by our own governance. We have the right to be left the hell alone. It is well past time that we start standing up to these tyrants and casting them out of office by seeking their disqualification, impeachment, indictment, or withholding our support and suffrage in favor of other candidates whom will more faithfully be statesmen and public servants rather than just another corrupt politician or incompetent government cog drawing a paycheck by perpetuating the continual violation of our civil rights and liberties.

    In Liberty,
    Robin W. Tong

  4. cavmom Says:

    Sorry the link did not work. search for “Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data”

    • Thanks for the link. I’ve corrected your previous link to go right to the article.

      Yes, this whole thing about the cops sending private gun owner information to the Feds via the US Post office in violation of our Missouri statutes just reeks of fascism. The story broke locally about a month ago and is just now gaining traction on the national level.

      It all started with THIS STORY, as first reported by Dana Loesch, in which the department of revenue was caught collecting our personal information—which we are now required by the Feds to show in order to get a driver’s license—and then sending ALL of that info straight to the DHS!


      • tgusa Says:

        Democrat supporters have made it unwise to use the public restrooms at the beaches along the coast. That’s a democrats definition of a right. Of course, a lot of these demented fascicrat voters are registered. What a relief.

        In the past fascists had somewhat of a moral code among each other but not anymore, the demented fascist, our contemporary nemisis.

      • cavmom Says:

        … and yet the Government still does not ask us to show our ID at elections. A messed up society we are living in today.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Since 9-11 we have entered a new phase in a war where any one of us could be subjected to being taken hostage and then tortured and or murdered. We can find ourselves facing homicidal psychopaths hell bent on massacring us at any time. This can happen anywhere at any time. I don’t intend to be a potential victim. The only reason we need changes in our Constitutional rights is because of the type of person the DC traitors have allowed into the country in recent decades. First thing these madmen do when taking hostages is take away the hostages means of defense. All of this is only an add-on to already established dangers, ever heard of Ricardo Ramirez, aka the night stalker? He liked to sneak into houses in the middle of the night and murder and rape couples.

    Oh and whether we like it or not the actions of DC in other parts of the world make us all targets as well. DC running around like a chicken with its head cut off interfering in every local and or national issue. Our guvmint has helped make it somewhat unsafe for Americans citizens to travel abroad. If Afghans don’t want their girls educated I suppose that’s their decision and they have the right, its part of their culture. People are beginning to feel terrorized, DC is frightening ordinary Americans. Yeah, we need weapons, to defend against violent democrat voters and or supporters (ie: the government), just like the Founders warned! The recent kids of democrats in democrat states who have been committing mass murder are isolated incidents, try going into a black neighborhood and see if you don’t get robbed. Mexican neighborhoods are gang infested; try strolling through there some time.

    My neighborhood and its citizens have not really changed in matters of civility over the last forty years but everything around us has! Shit is really going to hit the fan in the next twenty years and people are going to need every available object of defense. It ain’t about hunting game! I’ll come right out and say it this arrangement of ours in the USA just isn’t working out anymore. Frankly, the whole culture in DC and on the left is making me sick to my stomach. More than anything right now Americans need honesty. There are a lot of uncomfortable facts surrounding our segregated society. For quite awhile now it has been impolite to discuss these issues but Americans need truth, and justice. Are you a truther or a justicer or a constitutionalist. Perhaps you took some prescription meds in the past or maybe you have an STD or other medical condition. Or perhaps you are just a hater, a disagreer of whatever is liked at that particular time. Well you may be denied your right to self defense. As we have seen since 9-11, it depends, on what, who the hell knows it changes all the time!

  6. tgusa Says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    What a shocker!

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    I can not write anything on this topic. The Bull Dike at Homeland considers me to be a domistic terrorist for once pledging to uphold the Constitution of these United States.

  8. Lokadottir Says:
    Ok snideness out of the way, there is something that genuinely confuses me. If background checks aren’t an effective solution why be so vehemently opposed if they have nothing to hide.

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