Even Though ‘Saudi National’ Has Been Reclassified As Merely ‘A Witness,’ Clues Still Point To Islamic Terrorism

Let’s look at it logically:

Both types of extreme Right Wingers and Left Wingers target institutions and individuals.  

These bombings targeting nothing but random crowds of people at a marathon.

Ergo, the likely-hood that the perpetrator (or perpetrators) belongs to one of the aforementioned groups is highly doubtful.  Not impossible, but doubtful.

This leaves us with just two more high probability possibilities:

1) A psychotic nutjob

2) A Muzzy-headed Islamist

A psychotic “nutjob,” with only a couple of exceptions, prefers using guns and actually participating in the carnage, i.e., first shooter action.

Muzzy-headed Islamists, on the other hand, just loves them some pressurized cooker bombs!:

pressure cooker1

pressure cooker2

Any questions? 

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3 Comments on “Even Though ‘Saudi National’ Has Been Reclassified As Merely ‘A Witness,’ Clues Still Point To Islamic Terrorism”

  1. chrisla07 Says:

    1. soft target
    2. multiple bombs
    3. not against govt but rather to strike terror
    4. indiscriminate — lots of children were victims
    5. Women in shorts running with men definitely a no no for the Islamists
    6. fits “Inspire” recipe for bomb-making to a T

    The way this crime will be solved will be to find someone who purchased two pressure cookers at the same time. Nobody does that unless he/she is up to no good. Check the sales at Walmart.

  2. tgusa Says:

    The left wants it to be a white Tea party type but that is highly doubtful. Tea party type Americans don’t bushwhack other citizens going about their daily lives. If it ever turns out that a white man is involved with the enemies (and this will happen) I say we squash them like bugs asap. When white men willingly join with the enemy we should take every measure to vaporize them immediately. I want my peers to be held to the same standard that we have always held each other to. To put it bluntly, we won’t be making them professors at ivy league universities. We won’t be celebrating them while chanting for social justice. We won’t be erecting memorials or wearing t shirts with their image printed on them. We are better than that and by our adversaries actions we are better than most it seems. Let’s keep holding ourselves to a higher standard even when the rest of the world is making excuses. After all, we really do have a reputation to uphold. Frankly, if it was up to me the ayres type would have lawful “accidents”. I’d be a shame, a shame I tell ya!

  3. tgusa Says:

    Perhaps if we didn’t have to sit around and debate how we can alter the law to accommodate an invasion of line cutting latinos every 25 years we would have the resources to do other things like find potential bombers. I’m damn tired of all of this accommodating lawlessness while attacking the lawful, ie; second amendment attacks and the contemporary racism in the form of “immigration reform”. DC has intentionally divided the country and I’m not sure humpty can be put back together again. Besides, I’m a little tired of being the third world’s doormat and the hoping that one of us is a bomber is really the last straw.

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