BREAKING: Shots Fired and Explosives Detonated in Watertown! 1 “Middle-Eastern” Man in Custody — UPDATED x2

Well, I was listening to the Cambridge MA police scanner tonight to catch up on the MIT shooting when I heard an interesting communication about two “middle eastern” men who had carjacked and kidnapped a male victim at gunpoint.  Considering that I’ve honed in on Islamists being behind the Boston Marathon bombing, this peaked my curiosity, so I kept the scanner on.  

Boy, am I glad I did!

After a while, the police spotting the suspects and gave chase.  The suspects got pinned in in Watertown and fled their stolen vehicle.  Shots were fired, explosions were going off, it was crazy!  One officer appears to have been run over by his partner, or something.  It was hard to decipher the codes.

One of the perps is in police custody, now.  Another one seems to have gotten away.  FBI is all over the place!


I’m sitting here happy as a clam knowing that I know something 99.99% of America doesn’t know, yet!

I wonder how long it will be before the Lame Stream Media finally finds out about this!

UPDATE:  I just saw some pictures on Twitter of one of the perps being apprehended.  He doesn’t look Middle Eastern, but don’t let the looks fool ya’ and don’t let the MSM mislead you; the guy who was kidnapped by them definitely described them as Middle Easterners.  And, that’s the way the All Points Bulletin went out over the  police radios.  I personally heard the initial report and all subsequent reports, thereafter.  

However, as I’m typing this and listening to the scanner, the police are describing one of the perps as a “white male.”   I haven’t heard a description of the other perp who is presumed still at large.  Also, the police are setting up command posts in Watertown and in Cambridge, near MIT.  It’s possible that they believe there are others still on the loose.

UPDATE #2:  Just had someone send me a screen grab that they claim is of the perp who’s in custody.  I don’t know what the heck is going on, but this doesn’t look like the same “white guy” in the earlier photos I saw being passed around on Twitter:

Watertown - Boston Bomber 1

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3 Comments on “BREAKING: Shots Fired and Explosives Detonated in Watertown! 1 “Middle-Eastern” Man in Custody — UPDATED x2”

  1. CB Says:

    the lame street media has been talking about this for over a half hour…

    • Jenks Says:

      MSNBC has been reporting this since 12:30 ct

    • Uh, not sure what you’re implying, if anything.

      If you are questioning my reference to the LSM media being slow on picking this up, take a look at the time of my post: 11:19 pm.

      Look at the time you have on your comment: 12:17 am.

      You said the LSM had been talking about it for over half an hour.

      That still puts me ahead of the Lame Stream Media by 1/2 an hour AND I actually had to TYPE one handed!

      What does the LSM have to do? I’ll tell you what they have to do: Just flip on a feed from a local affiliate, and voila! There it is!

      So, bottom line, and as evinced by the time-stamps, the LSM was waaaay slow to the party.

      I tweeted about the carjacking/hijacking BEFORE the police even had an eye on the suspects!

      In fact, I even tweeted the explosions AS THEY HAPPENED!:

      Anyway, sorry if I am misinterpreting your comment as a criticism.


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