Two Weeks Into Obamacare, CNN’s Medical Correspondent is STILL Trying to Sign Up

You just know that on day one of Obamacare’s roll-out, CNN’s senior medical correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, was thinking that she would immediately log onto the government’s healthcare website; enroll in Obamacare; and,  file a glowing report about how wonderful and majestic the government run healthcare system was.

Well, two weeks later, she’s been at it every single day and the reality of just how much of a failure the Obamacare roll-out is seems to be finally sinking in…


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2 Comments on “Two Weeks Into Obamacare, CNN’s Medical Correspondent is STILL Trying to Sign Up”

  1. Pete Says:

    The repusakins not only shot themselves in BOTH feet but are on the verge of shooting themselves in the head.

    OK, have a few symbolic votes to end the ACA or defund it. But they can’t stop it now they DO NOT have the votes and without the votes you loose. It’s like playing 5 card stud. You get the ace, king, queen and jack of hearts your last card is the 9 of clubs. You can stare at that 9 all you want BUT it will never turn into a 10 or a heart, or a 10 of hearts – you loose to a crummy pair of 2’s.

    What the repusakins should have done was send to the senate a clean CR with the (un) Affordable Care Act in tact just as it was signed by obummer. NO delays , carve outs or any other changes this is why —

    Let’s focus on the supposed authority of the President to simply enact laws by the stroke of his pen. Article I Section I of the Constitution vests all legislative powers in Congress. All.  None are given to the President or the Courts.  All government acts need to be evaluated on whether they are consistent with our Constitution.
    The executive branch has the Constitutional responsibility to execute the laws passed by Congress. It is well accepted that an executive order is not legislation nor can it be. An executive order is a directive that implements laws passed by Congress. The Constitution provides that the president “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”  Article II, Section 3, Clause 5. Thus, executive orders can only be used to carry out the will of Congress. If we in Congress have not established the policy or authorization by law, the President can’t do it unilaterally. Only laws passed through the formal legislative process have full force of law. Executive orders do not meet this requirement.
    Congress alone has the power to write and pass laws.  If congress chooses not to pass laws that the president advocates for the president can in no way act unilaterally. The president is restrained by the Constitution.
    Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution states that Congress is the only branch that is granted legislative power.  The definition of legislative power used by the framers of the Constitution is the most universally accepted one, the power to write and pass laws.
    Article 1 Section 7 defines the formal legislative process.  Laws are not valid unless they are passed through this process.
    Article 2 Section 1 states that executive power is granted to the President.  Executive power is most commonly defined as: the authority to enforce laws and to see that they are carried out. 
    Article 2 Section 2 lists the powers of the president. Nowhere in this section or the rest of the Constitution is the president granted the power to write laws.
    Article 2 Section 3 lists the duties of the president.  The second from the last clause states “the president must take care that laws are faithfully executed.”  If the president modifies laws through executive orders or selectively enforces provisions of laws through executive orders the president is violating this clause
    Article 6 Section 2, which is the supremacy clause, defines what the law of the land is.  Executive orders are not listed in the supremacy clause therefore they are not the law of the land.

    Now if Reid refused to bring this “clean” CR up for a vote then the house brings up impeachment charges against the president for violating the above parts of the constitution.
    The ACA is a train wreck, an the repusakins are trying to put it back on the tracks. Let it crash and burn and remind the voters in 2014 and 2016 who gave you this wreck. This simple plan would give them the house the senate and the presidency then they could do whatever to the ACA. Now they will probably loose the house and the demorats will keep the senate and hello hillary for president.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    Sadly this alleged ‘healthcare’ scheme and debacle is in it’s infancy ,the real blockbusters and rude awakening are just down the road. Of course all of our liberal ‘friends’ and politicians will continue to live in a state of denial. When all of the draconian rules put a bite on what is left of the soon to be eliminated middle class it will be chaos.Many will not be able to afford health insurance or even the fine. BTW the main cause of personal bankruptcy is medical bills.

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