Again, Muslims are being Asked to Leave America

16 October, 2006

Well, here is more evidence that the Jihazis have something radioactive up their sleeves for the United States in the near future. By going to Department of Homeland Security‘s website, you’d never know it, though, as the threat level remains at a, “daisies and daffodils” colored yellow threat level.

If we do get hit hard by nukes or dirty bombs in the near future, our government has, as Ricky from the Lucy Show would say, “a lot ‘o ‘splainin’ to do.”

2nd warning for Muslims to leave U.S. before attack
‘Because Allah’s punishment would fall on America in the month of Ramadan’

Posted: October 16, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2006

WASHINGTON – Another Pakistani journalist is reporting receiving another threat – this one from a senior Taliban leader – warning all Muslims to leave the U.S. in anticipation of a major terrorist attack before the end of Ramadan.

The head of the Islamabad-based al-Quds Center reported receiving an audio message from Mullah Masoom Afghani urging U.S. Muslims to get out of the country “because Allah’s punishment would fall on America in the month of Ramadan.”

Muslims are observing Ramadan this year Sept. 24 to Oct. 23.

Jamal Ismail is the journalist who received the message. He formerly worked for al-Jazeera. He told the News of Pakistan that he received a phone call Oct. 5 from Afghani.

“Afghani said he was speaking from somewhere in Kandahar province,” reported Ismail. “In it, he advised Muslim residents of America to get out to escape harm because the U.S. could face big attacks in the month of Ramadan.”

Ismail said it was the first time Afghani, who is head of the pro-Taliban cleric’s consultative council and former ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, had ever sent such a message.

“Afghani didn’t say that it was a dream,” recalled Ismail. “It appeared that he strongly believed that America was going to face punishment at the hands of Allah.”


Children Indoctrinated into Jihazi Youth Party

3 October, 2006

The following video illustrates the hate Jihazis have for their children. If you love your children, why do you raise them up to be martyrs?

Children of the Future Jihad

Finally! Some people are finally waking up to the Nazi/Islamic Facist (Jihazi) connection! The following video, “Islamonazism” is from, via If you are interested in checking out their website, click on their link in my blogroll list (in the column on the right).


In an interview, Yassir Arafat wanted proof that children were being raised by the Fatah to be martyrs. The following video is proof enough!

Arafat: “Show me proof”

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