I’ve decided to include some of the acronyms commonly used on this site:

BZO = Battle sight ZerO (military term; rifle sight setting) – It means to calibrate your rifle scope.

Pbuh = Piss be unto him (when used by Infidels on this website after Muhammad’s name it is meant to mock the Muslim over-usage of PBUH (Peace Be Unto Him) ).

POS = Piece of Shit

ROPMA = Religion of Peace My Ass (Leatherneck’s personal favorite)

SAW II, SAW III, SAW IV, etc… = Meant as a Horror movie reference meant to mock a Muslim’s over-usage of SAW after Muhammad’s name (Sallallahu Alaihe Wa-sallam)

SFB = Shit for Brains (Another of Leatherneck’s personal favorites)

SLAP = Structured Literary Approach to Propaganda.

WLOS = Wife Looking Over Shoulder (a play on PLOS (Parent Looking Over Shoulder))

13 Comments on “Acronyms”

  1. shaitan Says:

    Dont forget….

    FuBAR: Fucked up beyond all recognition

    BOHICA: Bend Over Here it Comes Again…

    Or maybe….

    MFuBAR… Muhammad Fucked Beyond all Recognition

    QFuBAR… Quran Fucked up Beyond All Recognition

  2. Shaitan,



  3. Leatherneck Says:

    I think Shaitan means Satan in moon god worship. That would make us part of the Great Shaitan, and Israel Little Shaitan.

    Cool name. I should have thought of that.

    This post was a SITREP. Situation Report


  4. shaitan Says:


    You are correct sir…

    ‘shiatan’ is the muslim idea of satan…

    I suppose I coulda used ‘dijjal’ the muslim word for Antichrist but since Im a aging metalhead & Former Jarhead… I figured using ‘shaitan’ was better 🙂

  5. bob Says:

    I don’t understand why the muslims would even HAVE a word for Antichrist, thenm not being Christian and all. How would the Antichrist figure into their ideology?

  6. shaitan Says:

    Good evening Bob…

    If you care to research the subject of dajjal look here:

    Just goes to show ya how many of these retards regard our lovely American lives & Government…

  7. kaafir Says:

    For Dr Bulldog & Ronin:

    I’ve got a better idea…

    Instead of ‘islamaphobia’ we should try stuff like…


    Or MAYBE…


    If I think of more I’ll send the myour way!

  8. kaafir Says:

    I found a new one:

    PBUH expands to:

    Perpetual Battle Upon Hagarism (Islam)

  9. Plz add (MHBIHF) May he burn in hell forever and of course (MHFIHF) May he fry in hell forever!

  10. Appalled By The World Says:

    MCF-Media Created Fraud. This should always appear after the name “Obama” like PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) appears after “Mohammed” and for the same reason.

  11. Leatherneck Says:

    I can’t think of anything, but I am laughing.


  12. islams not for me Says:

    A ‘new’ PBUH…


    (And then garotte the bastard to death! – Opps 1400 years to late! …Drat!!)

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