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What is really going on in Egypt

2 February, 2011

By Ronin, 2 Feb, 11
Ignore the msm and the theory that the pro and anti mubarak forces are fighting it out. This is what I think is happening, pro democracy (anti mubarak) forces are fighting against the US (obama) backed muslim brotherhood.

The muslim brotherhood forces are the ones carrying the pictures and signs supporting mubarack. War is deceit. The muslim brotherhood knows violence will be needed to control the populace and the scam that they are pro mubarak gives the white house a face saving way to help obamas muslim brothers take control.

Remember a few days ago the ex American ambassador met with the brotherhood. Immediately afterwords, the white house and the msm switched from the protesters being an anti mubarak freedom seeking crowd and magically changed into being the muslim brotherhood anti democracy, pro jihad crowd. Did a million people really switch sides over night? No, this is just another distraction.

Here is how Egypt really works; the police are the muslim brotherhood, they are the ones the crowd is attacking. The military is anti brotherhood and is not defending the police or the mubarak regime. Forget about mubarak, he knows his rule is over.

You are supposed to slowly decide that the uprising is anti US, anti Israel and another militant uprising similar to the 80’s Iran uprising.

Search through the last weeks pictures, using foreign press not ours and you will notice many of the signs from day one on where in English, the Egyptians want the world to know the truth.

You will not see many of the original protesters burning American or Israeli flags, you will see calls for elections. You did see them peacefully protest, protect national museums, which btw the brotherhood later tried to burn.

Search the pictures; you will not see any militant islamic symbolism or crowds centered on mosques or imams giving speeches. You will see all of that now. The real battle for public and world attention started today. (more…)

$1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Package Goes Down in Flames

17 December, 2010

Harry Reid gets thrown under the Omnibus by the Tea Party!

You see, even though the following article tries to blame the defeat of the Omnibus spending package squarely on the shoulders of the Republicans, the math still shows that Democrats are in the majority.  Therefore, the Democrats can pass anything they wish to pass without a single vote from the Republicans.

So, what happened to the Democrats to keep them from voting for this bloated piece of crap Omnibus spending package?  The Tea Party, that’s what!:

The Omnibus Falls
How Republicans defeated a $1.1 trillion billNRO

As he stepped into a Capitol elevator late Thursday, bundled up in preparation for the winter winds, Sen. Mitch McConnell cracked a thin smile. For the low-key leader of Senate Republicans, good spirits were certainly in order. Minutes before, his cross-aisle counterpart, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, had sounded a death knell for the much-maligned $1.1 trillion omnibus spending package — the pork-packed keystone of the Democratic lame-duck agenda.

McConnell, in an interview with National Review Online, called it a “victory for the country.” It was also a victory for his caucus, which has battled all month to maintain a united front. Indeed, to halt Reid’s spending spree, McConnell had to spend the week tethered to the phone, twisting the arms of Republican appropriators.

Retiring GOP senators like Kit Bond (Mo.), George Voinovich (Ohio), and Robert Bennett (Utah) were considered by numerous Senate aides to be, at varying points, susceptible to Reid’s machinations. Other Republicans rumored to be mulling a ‘yea’ vote on the omnibus included Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Sen. Thad Cochran (Miss.), who together requested more than $500 million worth of earmarks in the bill.

McConnell’s challenge was to softly cajole pork-friendly Republicans, many of whom hold senior status in the upper chamber, to abandon their home-state projects. At one point in the deliberations, Reid mentioned nine Republicans (though not by name) who had signaled their support. Senior GOP aides dispute that number, but either way, the bill appears to have come dangerously close to passing. It took McConnell’s flurry of phone calls, the zealous efforts of Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), and threats from Sens. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) and Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) to force a reading of the bill to ultimately crash the omnibus.

With his vote-count dwindling, a “sorry and disappointed” Reid took to the Senate floor to announce that he would pull his spending bill, caving to McConnell’s push to pass a simple, one-page resolution to continue government funding over the holiday recess. For full effect, in a move reminiscent of the health-care debates earlier this year, Republicans had hauled the entire 1,924-page cinder block of a bill onto the Senate floor. They’d come prepared for a showdown.


Beware of muslim outreach

30 October, 2010

Beware of muslim outreach

By Ronin, 30 Oct, 10
Yesterday al qaidas junior varsity team once again attacked the west. The attack failed, none of the devices found on any of the aircraft actually detonated. Now the smart folks will investigate and determine if the failure was a design flaw or just blind luck. Several of the devices found were decoys and the entire episode will slow package delivery throughout the Christmas holiday season. At some level slowing air delivery will be called a success the muslims will all high five and declare victory. You do not have to destroy an aircraft or kill someone to cause westerners to flush massive amounts of money.

We can all expect security to tighten on all forms of travel; politicians will attempt to capitalize on the attempt with demands for investigations, more money for security and the most dangerous move possible-muslim outreach.

Muslim outreach is a sick twisted joke. Essentially our governments approach is to find an enemy group or spokesman and ask them why they are angry and offer bundles of money for them to help make them less angry.

The scam usually works because the muslims patiently explain how although they do not know, support or agree with the bad dangerous muslims that want to hurt us. By working with them (the peace loving muslims), they can help stop more muslims from going bad. This doesn’t slow, stop or even discourage any additional attacks but it is a gold mine for the next generation of allahs minions.

A major portion of this fraud is dependant on the muslim outreach group making a seemingly endless list of complaints. Heavy on the victim card they will fabricate all manors of injustices to them, their family, community and islam.

Once the sympathetic government lackey has enough notes for a nice power point presentation on just how many oppressed muslims have been found, money will flow and another study will be ordered as a follow up to determine if the good, peace loving muslims (conmen) are now happy. This also doesn’t slow, stop or even discourage any additional attacks. (more…)

10 Reasons not to support the victory mosque

3 September, 2010

These are in no particular order. Feel free to add your own.

10 Reasons not to support the victory mosque

By Ronin, 3 Sep, 2010
It is not needed. There is not a mass of muslims over flowing area mosques with no place to worship. There are however, loyal Catholic’s that continue to meet weekly and worship on the site of their church; it was destroyed during the attack and never rebuilt. They could use some support. Personally, I think New Yorkers should help it rebuild, bigger, larger and taller than before.

It is supported by career politicians. Anytime politicians rush anything through it should automatically get intensive scrutiny. The same bunch that rushed the approval process for the victory mosque has stalled approval of a Catholic church that was destroyed during the attack.

The people have already spoken and the mosque is not wanted that close to the attack site. Vote out all the career politicians that ignore your wishes, they have picked their side and it is not yours.

No matter how tolerant the liberal’s think a mosque would look. Their are muslims that will see it as a victory monument to a successful attack. Anyone that does not realize that it will inspire attacks is delusional.

Islam should always face resistance. It is not a religion in the true sense but a cult. A cult that continues to oppress women, children, non muslims and continues to spread hate, intolerance, slavery and violence. We warn people not to drink and drive-why not warn them what islam is? If any ideology should come with a warning label it is the cult of islam. (more…)

To Arms! The minions are coming, the minions are coming

10 August, 2010

I am looking forward to ramadan, it starts tomorrow and ends on September 11, also known as “burn the koran day.” I like ramadan and the blood fest that ends it because, hungry pissed off muslims are very predictable. Each year they attempt to one up the previous years and out kill each other.

The minions have always used any excuse to murder their own but even more so during the unholy month of ramadan. I fully expect to see them murder scores of islamic pilgrims on their way to worship their moon god and then justify it by blaming westerners, Jews, cartoons and George Bush.

It is not the carnage I enjoy, that sucks, but the quickest way to learn about islam is watch what the minions do and ignore what they say. Hell turn it into a nightly drinking game, each time a report of another murder hits the airways, drink. Someone should enjoy the holiday season. I am already planning a pork BBQ feast at my house, allahu ackenbars.

Although I doubt the minions are brave enough or stupid enough to bother with the “burn the koran day” crowd in Gainesville, Fla (we are a right to carry state) they will more likely than not also include that fine example of free speech as an excuse for violence. I have several korans and I will burn one. Remember it is not really a koran (according to some sects) unless it is written in arabic. Show proper respect and if you choose to exercise your right to free speech, only burn a proper koran and not some translated koran wannabe.

On the odd chance that these idiots do attack something in the homeland, any chanting suspicious minions are potentially harmful. It is not backlash if they come to you and you have a valid fear for your life. Besides when you get to court explain that we were attacked, emotional stress was all over you, you feared for your life, they were screaming something about an islamic victory at ground zero and most jurors will look the other way, not encouraging anything just saying is all. Please do defend any moderate muslim that you may find; chances are good the screaming out of control minions are also after them. The moderates are easy to find, they will not be screaming in the streets or building trophies on our sacred grounds.

As the rest of the minions celebrate their moon god, remember that they believe any act of violence gets an extra reward during ramadan so arm yourselves and be diligent, especially if you are a resident of the fine state of Florida. Remember the castle doctrine, in this state you are allowed to defend your automobile, useful if scores of minions block your path, screaming obscenities. I do not encourage violence but I am a big believer in the rights of free speech and self-defense.

As a final comment, to my peaceful muslim friends. Some of you might wrongly assume that this post and yours truly are disrespectful and intolerant. That simply is not true. I only seek to expose the worst among your kind. If you would have gotten off your asses and exposed the violent idiots in your cult, the ones hiding in plain sight when you had the chance, I would not have to do it for you. Happy ramadan everyone.

USA Now Home of the “Mostly Free”

22 January, 2010

Thank you Progressive Commies!

H/T – Yonanson

Sorry, this is not a free country
Randall Hoven – American Thinker

The United States is no longer “free.”  That is not just a rant.  That is an objective assessment based on an analysis of 10 economic factors in 183 countries.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2010 Index of Economic Freedom is out, and the US slipped out of the “free” category and into the “mostly free” category, a category shared with 22 other countries such as Macau, Cyprus, Georgia and Botswana.  We are now behind seven other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland and Canada.  Yes, Canada.

Just behind us, in the top 10, are Denmark and Chile.  The US scored 78.0 and Denmark scored 77.9.  Denmark.  We are virtually tied with Denmark.  And not much further behind, ranking 12 and 13 respectively, are Mauritius (an island just east of sub-Saharan Africa) and Bahrain (another island, in the Persian Gulf east of the Arabian peninsula).


From the report:

The United States’ economic freedom score is 78.0, making its economy the 8th freest in the 2010 Index. Its score is 2.7 points lower than last year, reflecting notable decreases in financial freedom, monetary freedom, and property rights. The United States has fallen to 2nd place out of three countries in the North America region.

The U.S. government’s interventionist responses to the financial and economic crisis that began in 2008 have significantly undermined economic freedom and long-term prospects for economic growth. Economic freedom has declined in seven of the 10 categories measured in the Index.

Gay Muslim scholar shunned by own community

3 January, 2010

Normally I am not known as a big supporter of the homosexual community but I have to admit that I am in favor of muslim homosexuality. Mostly for personal reasons, the more openly islamic gay practitioners the less of an impact the “make more babies for jihad” crowd has on young women. Having highlighted countless articles on muslim baby mills, forced marriages, incest, sexual abuse and murdered gays, I think given the chance many muslims would gladly seek an outlet other than the traditional “marry an abusive male” pattern seen all over the ummah.

Ask any soldier that has ever lived around muslims for any length of time and they will tell you that homosexuality is rampant. That does not stop them from murdering the ones that are caught. From my perspective, mohammed’s fondness of little boys was not just pedophilia he was hiding or masking his own homosexuality, his violent rapes of females would support this as rape is an act of violence and not passion. I am sure both the pedophile and homosexual communities will have problems with me comparing them to mohammed but I call it like I see it.

By Elise Stolte , 3 Jan, 10, Canwest News Service
EDMONTON — Junaid Bin Jahangir was such a devout Muslim that when he arrived in Canada he ate only yogurt for two days until he was sure which food followed halal dietary rules.

The university student prayed five times a day, and joined a local mosque.

Then one day, at age 27, he started to wonder why he had never been with a girl. “Why don’t I like women that way?” he asked, and it led him to a counselling office, where he sat, sobbing, with the realization that he was gay — a pariah to his community.
-I’m thinking he had a clue long before he turned 27 but many muslim boys are sex toys until puberty, after that any male on male is homosexuality and the punishment is death. It would take a psychologist to figure out if this man is a real homosexual or if he is suppressing memories of sexual abuse and convincing himself that he enjoyed it to mask the pain.

Mainstream Islamic leaders say gay men should be shunned and some around the world are killed each year.

Mr. Jahangir’s world imploded; work on his PhD ground to a halt.

But out of that despair, Mr. Jahangir began to work on another project: Understanding the teachings of Islam on homosexuality. From his office at the University of Alberta, he contacted experts, read everything he could on the subject and studied the scriptures intensely for two years, rebuilding his own identity in the process. His work is starting to be recognized internationally.
-Another sign that the islamic homosexual community is thriving.

Now he argues Muslims misinterpret the Qur’an if they consider the ban on homosexuality to be as firm as bans on alcohol or pork. The common story from which most Muslims draw their teaching is about violent homosexual rape, he says, and it’s time to rethink the possibility of consensual, supportive relationships.

Although his PhD in economics is still incomplete, Mr. Jahangir was asked to contribute a chapter to a new anthology on homosexuality compiled by a noted Australian academic. The book, Islam and Homosexuality, edited by Samar Habib and published by Praeger Publishers, appeared recently in bookstores.
-Islam is an honor based society and hiding shame as determined by current culture is seen as necessary, openly gay muslims are little more than targets.

But he remains fearful of talking about the subject. He doesn’t want his face shown in photographs, and when he agreed to do a presentation at the University of Alberta in the run-up to the book launch, organizers asked campus security and a local newspaper to attend in case someone wanted to cause trouble.
-Trust me he was not worried about a bunch of Pentecostals.

The meeting went well, and it appeared that some Muslim students attended, judging by the half-dozen head scarves among the crowd. But he still complains no Imams or professors with the university Islamic Studies department will speak with him or about the topic. The silence is so deep it’s frustrating, he says.
-Small wonder the women would support this idea. Consider their dilemma: forced marriage and a life as a sex slave or declare yourself openly gay and pick your own mate. (more…)

Islam has ties to Bible

9 December, 2009

I realize from the title that many of you think that ol Ronin has finally lost his mind; well that may be true but you should still read this one carefully.

by Ken Herron, 9 Dec, 09, the Calhoun times
The Bible begins in Genesis 1:1 with the statement, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” It was not talking about the beginning of God. It was talking about the beginning of the universe as we know it. God was already in existence.

This passage was written by Moses according to Bible history. Moses was actually only reporting it. He was not there when it happened and was only putting in writing the story that had been told through the generations of the Jews. It would have been told by Adam to his son Seth. Seth’s life overlapped with Noah and they could have known each other personally. Noah would have told the story to his son Shem. Shem was still alive when Abraham died and may have been the Patriarch that Abraham called Melchizedek that the Bible records as living in Jerusalem. Shem’s life also overlapped with Jacob and some of Jacob’s 12 sons may also have known Shem and heard him tell the stories of the creation and the flood.

Moses was probably 4 or 5 generations down from Joseph when the Jews lived in Egypt. He would have heard the stories from the Story Tellers who repeated the history of the Jews. This was the method of keeping history until that time. The stories did not go through very many people to get down to Moses. Moses was the most educated Jewish man that had ever lived at the time he began to lead Israel. Up until that time the Jews had no way to write down their history. Moses was educated in the palace of the King of Egypt and learned to make papyrus from the reeds that grew in the rivers. This became their paper, which was used as a medium for writing documents. The papyrus sheets were joined together and rolled on two rods to make a scroll. The Egyptians were the most intelligent and creative people of the time. Just to look at the pyramids and see how they were able to stack the large stones so high shows how intelligent they were at the time.
Catch that? Before islam Egyptians were intelligent and creative people men. Now look at them, just another batch of backwards muslims.

Moses probably personally recorded the history of the Jews in the book of Genesis as it was told to him. He did not compose the stories. He just wrote them for the first time the way that he heard them. I believe that God kept them accurate.

When Moses fled from Egypt, he went into what is today known as Saudi Arabia and lived with the descendants of Ishmael. The Saudis of today are the original Ishmaelites. Moses married an Ishmaelite woman who stayed with him for the rest of his life. The religion of Ishmael based in Mecca was already being practiced. The black altar that was built by Abraham and Ishmael was located in Mecca and has become known as the Kaba, which is the most holy place for the Islamic people. The religion of Ishmael was not the same as the religion of Islam. The teachings put forth in the Quran were all dictated by the Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed was not an educated man and never learned to read and write so he spoke the visions that the angel Gabriel gave him in the cave. Ishmael probably conformed to the religion of his father Abraham much more closely than does the Islamic religion of Mohammed.
-This one had me searching between a Bible and a koran. Clearly, the events changed between the two books and also the people. There is no way the Biblical Moses and Abraham are the same men mentioned in the koran. About the only similarity I could find is they were all male. Most of you already know that no mohammed or a kaba is found in the Bible, nor did I find any mention of Abraham building a black box in mecca; to be honest I didn’t expect to find it but I had to look. I also have a Torah but didn’t use it for the comparisons. (more…)

Muslim lies seen on this and every other blog

7 November, 2009

Muslim lies seen on this and every other blog

By Ronin, 7 Nov 09.
This started as a counter to a comment by one of our muslim visitors, I decided to use it as a teaching point instead. The commenter started with pointing out that America had helped the taliban and osama. One was true one not. America helped the forefathers of the taliban and the part about helping osama was true. We also currently help radical muslims in conflict with other radical muslims hunt down their enemy and kill them. We do this in surprisingly high numbers.

The American policy caused anything excuse is just the typical muslim oranges vs apple argument without merit. I was one of the Americans helping Afghan’s against the Evil Soviets. I am still sorry about that but I digress. At the time, the USA followed the old the enemy of my enemy is my friend school of foreign policy. We (the US) still do this all over the world, backing tyrants over those that seek freedom. Our government also backs extremist forms of government over those screaming out for democracy. As a nation we are contestant, we back both extremist individuals and methods of population control, when it fits our current political will. If America had to face a heavenly deity and face judgment our defense of our actions would also be limited to an apple vs oranges comparison and amount to “but God, we helped more people than we hurt:. I’m sure a heavenly host would see right through that excuse.

American foreign policy failures aside, reality is simple and the history of islam as recorded by and taught to muslims is clear. Islam has been a violent death cult since mohammed invented it. Nothing is mohammed’s life or in the history of islam itself was caused by American foreign policy failures. From an outsiders view a comparison of past and current actions by people of the islamic faith, I see no discernable difference. Like America, islam is consistent.

Every time anything related to islam hits the news and even a hint of scandal follows it, muslims are quick to use the opportunity to attempt damage control. We here at the blog expect to see all the common themes used: he/she was against islam/not a true “muslim”/ it was caused by America/the Jews/foreign policy/ the actual list exceeds the bandwidth of this site. Here is the easy way to tell whose fought it was when a muslim acts out. Think of it as the muslim is innocent and everyone else is to blame. The old “victim card”, is a common excuse and seen as often as my personal favorite of a muslim pointing out the non muslim parishioners of islam. Let me clear this up-anyone that profess to follow the teaching of mohammed is a muslim. Any title added to that is just window dressing. In addition, no other muslim gets to pick who is and who is not a member of their faith. I would accept arguments as to why or why not they are a good or bad muslim. Even those arguments are subjective and unless the muslim making the call has documentation from a respected islamic educational institution and authority to license other muslims as good and bad muslims it amounts to nothing more than personal opinion.

There are as many excuses for the crimes of islam as their are muslims but I wanted to pointout the most commonly seen. I should also remind everyone that passive support is still support, and judge by actions and not words when dealing with destructive cults.

Is America headed for another Civil War?

22 October, 2009

Is America headed for another Civil War?

By Ronin, 22 October 2009,

During my recent travels, I had time to reflect on just that question. A bored traveler asked it when he learned that I was an American. I gave him a shorter answer than I will give the rest of you and I hope some good discussion will come from this thread.

First, let us be clear we are not headed toward a civil war. It takes an organized military organization capable of standing against the regime for a full-blown civil war to occur. That said let us consider a more relevant question; Is America headed toward an active insurgency?  My answer is maybe.

Insurgencies develop when the populace has a significant number of citizens dissatisfied with those holding power over them. Policies that result in a populace that believes they have no voice, no opportunity and no control over their destiny are ripe for a violent movement to form.

A resistance needs goals that differ from the ruling class, it has to make an effort to change the current situation and it has to been seen a legitimate counter to the regime. Insurgencies also require a significant portion of the populace to support their goals and to aid in their resistance to the government. Without legitimacy, all insurgencies eventually die out.

We have seen the early signs of the populace forming themselves into organized groups to resist what they see as government oppression. The Tea Party Protesters organized a massive movement that crossed over ethnic, economic, and cultural and party lines. Granted, they resisted peacefully and do not follow the more traditional concept of insurgents, but they are just one group sharing a common goal and the speed, organization and will to resist should have terrified anyone familiar with history.

Now let me be crystal clear here the Tea Party Protesters are not insurgents, but they are proof that Americans can and will form themselves into groups willing to defend basic rights guaranteed to all Americans by our founding fathers. I could have singled out other groups. We have seen public outcries against stimulus, cap and trade, healthcare, global warming, the economy, and the list goes on. Consider the massive amount of ammunition and guns recently sold, traded, hidden, and in the corresponding massive rise in concealed weapons permits. The message to the government is clear-you are not trusted, we are watching you and will resist if necessary. There are even calls for active duty troops to vow to refuse to follow any orders of officers that violate our constitution. (more…)

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