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What is really going on in Egypt

2 February, 2011

By Ronin, 2 Feb, 11
Ignore the msm and the theory that the pro and anti mubarak forces are fighting it out. This is what I think is happening, pro democracy (anti mubarak) forces are fighting against the US (obama) backed muslim brotherhood.

The muslim brotherhood forces are the ones carrying the pictures and signs supporting mubarack. War is deceit. The muslim brotherhood knows violence will be needed to control the populace and the scam that they are pro mubarak gives the white house a face saving way to help obamas muslim brothers take control.

Remember a few days ago the ex American ambassador met with the brotherhood. Immediately afterwords, the white house and the msm switched from the protesters being an anti mubarak freedom seeking crowd and magically changed into being the muslim brotherhood anti democracy, pro jihad crowd. Did a million people really switch sides over night? No, this is just another distraction.

Here is how Egypt really works; the police are the muslim brotherhood, they are the ones the crowd is attacking. The military is anti brotherhood and is not defending the police or the mubarak regime. Forget about mubarak, he knows his rule is over.

You are supposed to slowly decide that the uprising is anti US, anti Israel and another militant uprising similar to the 80’s Iran uprising.

Search through the last weeks pictures, using foreign press not ours and you will notice many of the signs from day one on where in English, the Egyptians want the world to know the truth.

You will not see many of the original protesters burning American or Israeli flags, you will see calls for elections. You did see them peacefully protest, protect national museums, which btw the brotherhood later tried to burn.

Search the pictures; you will not see any militant islamic symbolism or crowds centered on mosques or imams giving speeches. You will see all of that now. The real battle for public and world attention started today. (more…)

Why I side with the Freedom movement in Egypt

31 January, 2011

By Ronin, 31 Jan, 2011
I am going out on a limb and adding my support to the anti government movement in Egypt not because I think an oppressed people can just cast aside a system that completely controlled their lives easily. But because failure to try will accomplish nothing.

There are more than the hopes of a people involved here. Done correctly, the people will be allowed to determine their own future. One of the same goals as our own Tea Party; Americans filled the streets for similar goals, so have other nations. Occasionally, the people win and corrupt rulers are cast out like old garbage.

The old imams and political leadership in Egypt have accomplished nothing. They filled their pockets with the nations treasure by using division and fear to rule and control. I have never seen a hungry imam or a starving politician. (more…)

Our government sucks

29 January, 2011

Even though it seems to be missed by our own government, I realize that there are multiple groups attacking islamic countries and for multiple reasons. Egypt and Tunisia are not anomalies.

As young men are worked into killing frenzies by corrupt muslim sheiks and imams, they are standing right by people wanting jobs, freedom of choice and politicians that work for the people. That last goal mirrors what Americans want. Not relevant to my main point but I needed to rant.

Since our own country fell, we have seen attacks by corrupt leaders on our basic freedoms:

Free speech; including TV, Radio, News and now the net itself. Our politicians want everyone but Americans to have the ability to discuss current affairs unencumbered by censors. Our rulers are idiots; we built the net and can by pass their attacks on it.

The right to assemble; the tea party were verbally attacked for doing what our government praised the Egyptians for-speaking out. Our government has also attempted to silence Christians by why quibble?

The right to limit congress and judges; our government has used unelected czars to take over commerce, power and industries, we are no longer a constitutional republic. (more…)

Muslims here is your chance

28 January, 2011

Now that the old regimes are starting to tumble do not let the old clerics decide your fate. Tunisia and now Egypt. More will follow; the islamic world is full of young able bodied men working for peanuts while rich rulers and clerics lord over you. Drop them and drop the shackles of islam.

For almost 1400 years, you have been slaves to a seventh century pedophile. Your nations are poor and your people enslaved. Break free while you can.

Do not dump corrupt politicians for old imams, set your own course and join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

You are young, able and with a little work, you can be free. .

You do not want to answer to rich, corrupt rulers and we understand our own politicians are just as corrupt; ours just sound better on TV.

Your ruling families have robbed and raped your nations long enough and should go, all of them. Do not replace them just to follow the fools in the muslim brotherhood and other jihadi prone organizations, dump them all and rule your selves, not with fear but with freedom and fairness.

Your choice, decide wisely, Good luck.

Saudi human rights activist in prison for ‘annoying others’

20 July, 2010

Chances are that we will see bloggers being arrested in the US before long. Only those that fear the truth fear freedom of speech. The ironic thing here is this is a free speech issue. Islam, like the saudi government, cannot stand up to scrutiny.

Caryle Murphy, Foreign Correspondent, 20 July. 2010
RIYADH // A prominent Saudi human rights activist detained for more than a month is being investigated for allegedly “annoying others” with his online essays that criticise government officials and Saudi religious scholars, according to his legal representative and a family member.
-I wonder how long I would have received.

Mekhlef bin Daham al Shammary, 57, who is being held in Dammam General Prison, was arrested on June 15 while on a visit to the east coast city of Jubail where he had been having dinner with a friend, 80km north of Dammam.

He has not yet been formally charged, but “annoying others” is the accusation in his prison file, said Ibrahim al Mugaiteeb, founder of the Dammam-based Human Rights First. “He is a prisoner for a crime that is not even defined,” added Mr al Mugaiteeb. “‘Annoying others.’ To me that’s a very funny and obscure accusation.”
-Actually it is no surprise that he has not been charged, the surprise is he has not disappeared. (more…)

Sharia Court overrules husband, allowing woman to travel with her child

6 July, 2010

On one hand, an islamic judge siding with a woman over her husband is a sign of success but why did it take so long? I have said for years now that if islam can change the women will make it change.

Hassan Hassan, Courts and Justice Reporter, July 07. 2010, the National
ABU DHABI: The UAE has taken another step towards enhanced rights for women and children with a ruling by the Federal Supreme Court that women may travel abroad with their children even if their husbands object.
-I would love to be a fly on the wall when a real southern bell was “ordered” by her husband not to do anything. The wall would need to be shielded or I might get injured watching her stomp his butt.

The Supreme Court argued that although the law granted husbands the power to prevent a mother from travelling with her child or children, it also granted citizens and residents the freedom of travel and movement.

The new judgment follows a decision announced last week that a husband divorced by his wife must pay her “deferred dowry”, a portion of the dowry payable only after divorce, if there is evidence of abuse.

Experts say that ruling would prevent a husband from abusing or harassing his wife with the intent of forcing her to file for divorce, thus forfeiting her financial rights under the marriage contract.

Such landmark rulings from the highest court in the country set legal precedent that experts say will influence the continuing reform of the family law system.
-So much for the oft heard, sharia is perfect claim. When senior muslim clerics and judges are starting to see its limitations you can almost feel islam has a small sliver of hope to join the rest of humanity in the 21st century. (more…)

The hypocrisy of child abuse in Muslim countries

25 April, 2010

Although this article has periodic bouts of apologist and taqiyya, rhetoric designed to highlight the old moral comparison arguments and distract you from placing the blame for the abuse on its real source (the koran) it is still worth a read.

Many of the arguments and the examples of the hypocrisy of practicing muslims I have used myself for years. In all that time, I have never had a single muslim stand up and make the call to protect children, not one, zilch. I have had plenty, scores, bunches, condemn me, threaten me and scold me for highlighting the abuse of children by their fellow muslims.

Shaista Gohir, 25 April 2010,,
Some Muslims are fond of condemning western morality – alcoholism, nudity, premarital sex and homosexuality often being cited as examples. But Muslims do not have a monopoly on morality. In the west, child marriages and sex with children are illegal. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many Muslim countries.
-Moral comparison or apple vs oranges arguments are never valid. You do not solve any problem by making claims that others also face similar issues.

I recently saw the documentary on the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. It exposed an ancient custom called “bacha bazi” (boy for play), where rich men buy boys as young as 11 from impoverished families for sexual slavery. The boys are dressed in women’s clothes and made to dance and sing at parties, before being carted away by the men for sex. Owning boys is considered a symbol of status and one former warlord boasted of having up to 3,000 boys over a 20-year period, even though he was married, with two sons. The involvement of the police and inaction of the government means this form of child prostitution is widespread.
-Our own troops stand by a watch their afghan allies practicing this nightly abuse. The older men in many villages line the boys up to pick one for the night. Our officers have ordered our troops to ignore this as “just part of their culture”. To them I say that passive support is still support and I sincerely hope that anyone low enough to ignore the abuse of children for any reason never has children of their own. For those of you with spouses in leadership positions in Afghanistan, ask them about this and decide if this person can be trusted with your children when they return home.

The moral hypocrisy is outrageous in a country where homosexuality is not only strictly forbidden but savagely punished, even between two consenting adults. However, men who sodomise young boys are not considered homosexuals or paedophiles. The love of young boys is not a phenomenon restricted to Afghanistan; homosexual pederasty is common in neighbouring Pakistan, too. In my view, repression of sexuality and extreme gender apartheid is to blame.
-The koran is to blame, it is the moral compass of the muslim world. (more…)

Dubai to issue arrest warrant for Netanyahu

10 February, 2010

More from our you cannot make this stuff up dept.

Jerusalem, Feb.6, 10, the Telegraph: Dubai has said that it will issue an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, if investigators conclude that Mossad was behind the killing of a senior Hamas official in the emirate last month.
-Blame the Joos, where have I heard that before?

According to The Telegraph, the threat to detain the Israeli leader came as police in Dubai linked the apparent murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior member of the Hamas military wing, to Israel for the first time.
-I bet they found a secret decoder ring and a shoe phone.

Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai”s police chief, claimed that the dead man was killed using Mossad methods.

He said Netanyahu would be held personally responsible if Mossad was identified as the culprit.
-Yeah good luck with that, if Government leadership were responsible for criminal acts our congress would have been gone generations ago. BTW off topic but CONGRESS SUCKS, Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians. (more…)

Muslim man divorces wife in Dubai because she is ugly

10 February, 2010

From our you cannot make this stuff up dept.

Ok, first let me say that she is better off without this clown. I know plenty of men that married for looks just to later divorce, the same applies to marring for money but at least you can bring something away from that. Marry for love. Doc is nothing to look at but Maw Dog did not dump him. At least he can do that smart science stuff and he does have a kick ass blog, if I do say so myself.

Cathal Kelly, 10 Feb, 10 the Star
An unnamed Arab ambassador has successfully had his marriage annulled after discovering that his veiled wife was bearded and cross-eyed.
-I think this a-hole was looking in a mirror.

The case has gripped the once-booming city-state of Dubai, where old and new world still meet jarringly.

According to the Gulf News, the ambassador told a Sharia court that he was unable to get a look at his future wife’s face until after they had been married. On the few occasions when they did meet, she wore a niqab, which covers all of the face except for a thin slit for the eyes.
-There are soooo many smart ass comments I could use right now but I will take the high road, just this once. This woman, met the basic requirements according to islamic culture, she saved herself for marriage, didn’t flaunt her looks and married before fooling around. If he had been a better man and not looked at uncovered women then he would not have had a baseline to know if this woman was ugly or attractive. The problem was with him and not her (more…)

Gay Muslim scholar shunned by own community

3 January, 2010

Normally I am not known as a big supporter of the homosexual community but I have to admit that I am in favor of muslim homosexuality. Mostly for personal reasons, the more openly islamic gay practitioners the less of an impact the “make more babies for jihad” crowd has on young women. Having highlighted countless articles on muslim baby mills, forced marriages, incest, sexual abuse and murdered gays, I think given the chance many muslims would gladly seek an outlet other than the traditional “marry an abusive male” pattern seen all over the ummah.

Ask any soldier that has ever lived around muslims for any length of time and they will tell you that homosexuality is rampant. That does not stop them from murdering the ones that are caught. From my perspective, mohammed’s fondness of little boys was not just pedophilia he was hiding or masking his own homosexuality, his violent rapes of females would support this as rape is an act of violence and not passion. I am sure both the pedophile and homosexual communities will have problems with me comparing them to mohammed but I call it like I see it.

By Elise Stolte , 3 Jan, 10, Canwest News Service
EDMONTON — Junaid Bin Jahangir was such a devout Muslim that when he arrived in Canada he ate only yogurt for two days until he was sure which food followed halal dietary rules.

The university student prayed five times a day, and joined a local mosque.

Then one day, at age 27, he started to wonder why he had never been with a girl. “Why don’t I like women that way?” he asked, and it led him to a counselling office, where he sat, sobbing, with the realization that he was gay — a pariah to his community.
-I’m thinking he had a clue long before he turned 27 but many muslim boys are sex toys until puberty, after that any male on male is homosexuality and the punishment is death. It would take a psychologist to figure out if this man is a real homosexual or if he is suppressing memories of sexual abuse and convincing himself that he enjoyed it to mask the pain.

Mainstream Islamic leaders say gay men should be shunned and some around the world are killed each year.

Mr. Jahangir’s world imploded; work on his PhD ground to a halt.

But out of that despair, Mr. Jahangir began to work on another project: Understanding the teachings of Islam on homosexuality. From his office at the University of Alberta, he contacted experts, read everything he could on the subject and studied the scriptures intensely for two years, rebuilding his own identity in the process. His work is starting to be recognized internationally.
-Another sign that the islamic homosexual community is thriving.

Now he argues Muslims misinterpret the Qur’an if they consider the ban on homosexuality to be as firm as bans on alcohol or pork. The common story from which most Muslims draw their teaching is about violent homosexual rape, he says, and it’s time to rethink the possibility of consensual, supportive relationships.

Although his PhD in economics is still incomplete, Mr. Jahangir was asked to contribute a chapter to a new anthology on homosexuality compiled by a noted Australian academic. The book, Islam and Homosexuality, edited by Samar Habib and published by Praeger Publishers, appeared recently in bookstores.
-Islam is an honor based society and hiding shame as determined by current culture is seen as necessary, openly gay muslims are little more than targets.

But he remains fearful of talking about the subject. He doesn’t want his face shown in photographs, and when he agreed to do a presentation at the University of Alberta in the run-up to the book launch, organizers asked campus security and a local newspaper to attend in case someone wanted to cause trouble.
-Trust me he was not worried about a bunch of Pentecostals.

The meeting went well, and it appeared that some Muslim students attended, judging by the half-dozen head scarves among the crowd. But he still complains no Imams or professors with the university Islamic Studies department will speak with him or about the topic. The silence is so deep it’s frustrating, he says.
-Small wonder the women would support this idea. Consider their dilemma: forced marriage and a life as a sex slave or declare yourself openly gay and pick your own mate. (more…)

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