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Yet Again, Obama’s Christmas Card Makes No Reference to Christ

10 December, 2012

Yup, Americans are being led to the slaughter via the Godless—and a dog named BO:


White House “Holiday” Card Spotlights Dog, Not Christmas
By Todd Starnes – FoxNewsRadio

The 2012 White House “Holiday” card spotlights the Obama’s family Portuguese water dog — instead of Christmas.

The black and white illustration was designed by Iowa artist Larassa Kabel and shows Bo the dog, wearing a scarf, while frolicking in the snow on the South Lawn of a blurred White House.

The inside of the card reportedly reads, ”This season, may your home be filled with family, friends, and the joy of the holidays.” The card is signed by the entire First Family — along with Bo’s paw print.

Vanity Fair deemed this year’s Obama ‘Holiday’ card his best-ever in a posting titled, “Bo Obama: the True Meaning of Christmas.”

The 2012 card made no mention of any specific holiday nor did it include a Bible verse noting the birth of Christ.


Last year’s card also featured Bo — and made no mention of the word ‘Christmas.’ The front of last year’s card showed the dog lounging by a fireplace surrounded by holiday greenery. Presents were placed on a table underneath a poinsettia – instead of a Christmas tree.


Former President Bush did not mention Merry Christmas in his cards, but had a history of including Bible passages on the White House Christmas Cards.

For his final Christmas in office, the president sent a greeting card that included a verse from the Gospel of Matthew.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven,” the card read.

But that was back in the day when Jesus was the reason for the season – not a Portuguese Water dog.

PA Restaurant Forced By Government to Extend Sunday Church Discount to Atheists and Satanists

30 November, 2012

Yup, more government interference into the lives of small business owners.

The real interesting thing is that the judge has just reaffirmed that Atheism IS a religion! Be sure to point this out to your Atheist friends whenever they try to convince you otherwise:

Prudhommes cajun kitchen 2

Gov’t Gives PA Restaurant a Choice: Give 10% Sunday Church Bulletin Discount to Atheists Too or Discontinue it Entirely
The Blaze

Do you recall the furor surrounding Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen, a Pennsylvania-based restaurant, this past summer? The establishment has been offering a 10 percent discount for individuals who bring in a church bulletin on Sundays. Citing this action as discriminatory, John Wolff, a local atheist, filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC). Now, the restaurant will be forced to offer discounts to any individual who brings in a pamphlet involving religious faith — including atheism.

To continue offering its discount, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen must now honor literature that comes from any religious institution, The Christian Post reports. This includes secular bulletins from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist non-profit, and faith-based documents pertaining to Judaism, Islam and other religions on Sundays.

A one-line statement from the state human relations commission summarized these ideals: ”Respondent will continue to give a discount for any bulletin from any group oriented around the subject of religious faith, including publications from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as long as they maintain the Sunday discount program.”

The ruling gave victory to Wolff, who argued that he was being discriminated against since he does not attend church. Shannon Powers, a spokesperson for PHRC, told the York Daily Record that the restaurant merely needs to remove the word “church” from the discount to comply with the new mandate.

“This simple language change was our recommendation from the beginning and was refused by Prudhomme’s,” Powers said.

The government representative made it clear, though, that the restaurant lost its battle and that Wolff’s religious complaint was upheld.


Massachusetts Supreme Court to Hear Case Seeking Removal of “Under God” from Pledge of Allegiance

27 November, 2012

Why don’t these Lefturds just replace “under God” with “under Obama” and be done with it already…

Yeah, you can be good without God, but you’re still going to Hell…

SJC to hear Pledge of Allegiance case
By Michael Hartwell – Sentinel&

LUNENBURG — The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is gearing up to hear a court case that could permanently strike the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance recited by schoolchildren.


[An] unidentified [Atheist] family is joined in the case by the American Humanist Association, a secular rights group. They say this violates the equal rights amendment in the Massachusetts Constitution. In addition, they also say the daily recital of the pledge counts as unlawful discrimination.

Anyone else find it hypocritical that the AHA uses God’s name all the time (as seen in the above picture proudly displayed on their main page ), yet refuse that basic right to our children?

On June 8, the lawsuit was rejected by the Middlesex Superior Court, and the Supreme Judicial Court decided last month to hear the case. Oral arguments will start in early 2013, and the judgment should be revealed by early summer.


The case has two separate groups of defendants. One is the school district and Acton-Boxboro Superintendent Stephen E. Mills. The other is a Catholic family headed by Daniel and Ingrid Joyce who have two children in the district, the Knights of Columbus and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty activist law firm.


Eric Rassbach of the deputy general counsel for the Becket Fund, said the God referred to in the Pledge of Allegiance is the origin of the rights of Americans, not a religious deity.

“They wanted to draw a distinction between countries like the Soviet Union, where rights proceed from the state. He said the Declaration of Independence shows the founding fathers believed rights come from the creator, and that the government can’t take them away.

He said rights that come from the state are fake.

“The state could just declare you don’t have those rights anymore,” said Rassbach. He said that same meaning for God is used in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the Massachusetts Constitution.

The interpretation of “God” having a non-religious meaning was supported by Middlesex Superior Court Judge S. Jane Haggerty when she rejected the suit. She wrote that the pledge is a patriotic exercise, not a prayer.


Atheists Successfully Shut Down Nativity Displays in Santa Monica

20 November, 2012

Well, it’s almost that time of year again; the time of year where Atheists become so intimidated by a God they believe doesn’t exist that they must silence anyone else’s public profession of faith in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior:

Judge rejects Nativity displays in Santa Monica

By GILLIAN FLACCUS – AP – via Miami Herald

LOS ANGELES — There’s no room for the baby Jesus, the manger or the wise men this Christmas in a Santa Monica park following a judge’s ruling Monday against churches that tried to keep a 60-year Nativity tradition alive after atheists stole the show with anti-God messages.

U.S. District Judge Audrey B. Collins rejected a motion from the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee to allow the religious display this season while their lawsuit plays out against the city.

Collins said the city was within its constitutional right to eliminate the exemption that had allowed the Nativity at the oceanfront Palisades Park because the change affected all comers – from Christians to Jews to atheists – and provided other avenues for public religious speech.

The coalition of churches that had put on the life-sized, 14-booth Nativity display for decades argued the city banned it rather than referee a religious dispute that began three years ago when atheists first set up their anti-God message alongside the Christmas diorama.

The judge, however, said Santa Monica proved that it banned the displays not to squash religious speech but because they were becoming a drain on city resources, destroying the turf and obstructing ocean views. Churches can set up unattended displays at 12 other parks in the city with a permit and can leaflet, carol and otherwise present the Christmas story in Palisades Park when it is open, she said.


Restaurant in Pennsylvania Harassed By Godless Morons For Giving Sunday Discounts to Church Goers

5 July, 2012

Discrimination?  I don’t think so!  No one’s being discriminated against here.  If Atheists want a discount on Sundays, all they have to do is go to a church and get a bulletin.  It doesn’t matter which church it is; it could be the Church of Satan, for all anyone cares.  Just bring a church bulletin with you.  See?  No discrimination because ANYONE can do it.  Sheesh!  Godless morons are the worst!

You see, it’s like this:  Here in Missouri, we have businesses which give discounts to Cardinal baseball fans.  The fans go to the stadium and watch the games.  Then, after the game, they go to their local participating gas station or favorite participating sports bar and present their Cardinal ticket stubs to get discounts.  You don’t see any non-sports fans getting all bent out of shape over that, now do you?   So, get over it, you Godless morons! 

BTW – There’s a Chinese restaurant that my wife and daughter and I go to all the time after church, and guess what?  They offer a Sunday discount for presenting a church bulletin.  The funny thing is, I don’t even think they’re Christians.  In fact, I’m pretty darn well positive that they’re all Buddhists!  

You see, it’s not religion which motivates most restaurant owners, it’s all about capitalism and the search for the almighty dollar!  If you can entice large, Churchgoing families to stop by your restaurant on their way home from church, you can make mucho dinero, amigo!  The Sunday discount for churchgoers is one of the best ways to do that.

Moral of the story?  Embrace American culture, you Godless dingbats!  And, if you want to get a Sunday discount at a particular restaurant, go to church!  It’ll probably do you some good:

Restaurant Faces Investigation For Offering Church Discount
By Todd Starnes – RadioFoxNews
A family-owned restaurant in Pennsylvania is under a state discrimination investigation for offering a ten percent discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission confirmed there is an investigation against Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in the town of Columbia. The complaint was filed by John Wolff, a retired electrical engineer.

“I did this not out of spite, but out of a feeling against the prevailing self-righteousness that stems from religion, particular in Lancaster County,” Wolff told the York Daily Record. “I don’t consider it an earth-shaking affair, but in this area in particular, we seem to have so many self-righteous religious people, so it just annoys me.”

According to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, a restaurant classified as a public accomodation. As such, restaurants are not allowed to discriminate based on religion — among other things.

Sharon Prudhomme, who owns the restaurant along with her husband, said she’s not discriminating against anybody – and plans on fighting the charges.

“What freaks me out is the state of Pennsylvania is basically agreeing with this guy,” Prudhomme told Fox News Radio. “We’re just a mom and pop. We’re not some big chain like the Olive Garden.”


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