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Shocker: UK Muzzies Promote Jihad in Universities

6 June, 2011

A welcomed admission but short sighted. Islam itself is the problem. The only differences between muslims promoting islamic extremism and “main stream muslim” groups is the method they use to promote the cults goal of world domination.

The UK is just one country facing an insurgency inside its borders, American schools just like the rest of the western nations face the same threat.

Worse that the threat growing in our schools is the threat growing inside our own government. When we see the State Department, the CIA, the military and others promoting corrupt pro extremist governments and groups in Egypt, Libya, North Africa just to name a few, we know that we have a serious problem.

6 June, 2011, Basildon Recorder
The Home Secretary has criticised universities for their “complacency” in tackling radicalisation and Islamic extremism on campus.

The remarks came ahead of the publication of the Government’s revised Prevent strategy, which was originally launched in 2007 to stop the growth of home-grown terrorism.
-Yeah bout that, when ya goin ta start?

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Theresa May said: “I think for too long there’s been complacency around universities. I don’t think they have been sufficiently willing to recognise what can be happening on their campuses and the radicalisation that can take place. I think there is more that universities can do.”

The Government has identified 40 English universities where there could be a “particular risk” of radicalisation or recruitment on campus, according to the Daily Mail which said it had seen the updated strategy.
-Hmmmm best ya recount them sckools. You pear a bit low, wasz up wid yor edukation?

Shocker: UK muslims hold extremist views

12 February, 2011

From our: no sh!% department.

13 Feb, 2011, Hebden Bridge Times
Young Muslims are being taught extremist views in British mosques, an undercover investigation has found.
-I guess the brits did not get the message with the systematic rapes, stabbings, bombings, returning jihadi, forced marriages, demands for sharia etc.

Shocking footage of children apparently being hit by their teachers during lessons on the Koran will also be aired on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme on Monday.
-This will be hard to spin for the minions, look for the this is cultural and not islam and my favorite “this is not true islam”. No need to lie, a picture speaks a thousand words.

A hidden camera installed by a reporter at a school in Birmingham recorded a preacher telling pupils “the disbelievers are the worst creatures, they are the worst creatures”.
-He hasn’t met my dog mohammed, he is a dark evil dog.

The 11-year-olds are then told not to trust more liberal Muslims.
-Liberal muslim = backslider.

Their teacher said: “The person who’s got less than a fistful of beard, then you should stay away from him the same way you should stay away from a serpent or a snake.”
-Thank God, I can still hang with my Amish friends.

Another group of pupils are told in an assembly at the school: “The disbelievers, they are the worst of all people. The Hindus do, they drink piss, I’ve told you this. Do they have any intellect? No.”
-I am going to ask a hindu but I think he was lying, I think they do have intellect. (more…)

UK: City Council Tells Cafe Owner to Remove Exhaust Fan Because Smell of Frying Bacon Offends Muzzies

21 October, 2010

Hey, she can move right next door to me here in Missouri because I absolutely just love the smell of bacon in the morning.  And, as an added bonus, it appears to keep Muzzies away:

Cafe owner Beverley Akciecek

Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbour claimed ‘smell of frying bacon offends Muslims’

By Daily Mail Reporter Daily Mail UK – 21st October 2010

A hard-working cafe owner has been ordered to tear down an extractor fan – because the smell of her frying bacon ‘offends’ Muslims.

Planning bosses acted against Beverley Akciecek, 49, after being told her next-door neighbour’s Muslim friends had felt ‘physically sick’ due to the ‘foul odour’.

Councillors at Stockport Council in Greater Manchester say the smell from the fan is ‘unacceptable on the grounds of residential amenity’.

The fan has been in Beverley’s Snack Shack takeaway in the Shaw Heath area of the town for the past three years.

Mrs Akciecek and her husband Cetin, 50, – himself a Turkish Muslim – work more than 50 hours a week buying, preparing and cooking hot and cold sandwiches and hot-pots for their customers.

Today mother-of-seven Mrs Akciecek said she plans to appeal against the decision.

She said: ‘I just think it’s crazy. Cetin’s friends actually visit the shop, they’re regular visitors, they’re Muslim people, they come in a couple of times a week.

‘I have Muslim people come in for cheese toasties. Cetin cooks the food himself, he cooks the bacon.

‘When we go to a cafe my husband wouldn’t be offended by the smell of bacon. His friends are not offended by it, we have three visitors who come here for a sandwich, friends of my husband, and the smell doesn’t offend them at all.


If I were Paranoid

18 September, 2010

By Ronin, 18 Sep, 10
I noticed today that my article on koran burning gained me yet another veiled death threat. This one had a twist as it was from a muslim sorcerer, a fortune teller, one that claims to have been successful in the past. It seems as the author of the article my precious life might be once again in jeopardy.

With as many threats as we get around here and since I met my first members of the cult of the demented pedophile in the 80’s, I should indeed be paranoid.

Now what would a paranoid do in a place like Tampa Florida? I am retired military so I might consider building a network of like-minded patriots.

There is a base nearby. It includes a few major commands, all have plenty of combat veterans, many of which do not believe in their senior leaderships win their hearts and minds approach to answering the march of radical islam. As warriors and not REMF’s they might have a vastly different idea of what needs to be accomplished before Americans can sleep soundly.

Plenty of police have awakened, including public servants, social workers and even delivery people. All could be useful in watching, identifying and monitoring the enemies within.

The fortuneteller did not realize that in the nine years after 9-11 a real paranoid would have built such a network. A network of up and coming people to identity the muslims of note that live around him, the social leadership, religious leadership, even the little islamic darlings that stash their hajib’s once they are in school and show their wares to the boys. Such information gathered slowly over time could be useful. Heck, even sites like islamic finder, might help identify mosques, businesses, holidays and prayer times. Just sayin is all…. (more…)

Inbreeding Muslims ‘putting children at risk of birth defects

21 March, 2010

Thanks to D. Blade for sending this is. The article falls flat on this issue as it does not address the contributing factors, child brides, forced marriages, incest or rape. Child abuse in every islamic society is a problem, their are few voices willing to speak out against it and few of those that do have a sizeable audience.

Want to know what generations of inbreeding will do to a family-just look at Pakistan.

By Rhianna King, 21 mar 10, Daily Mail
A rise in the number of marriages between cousins in Britain has prompted calls for a crackdown on the practice amid warnings it is putting children’s health at risk.

Crossbench peer Baroness Deech has called for a ‘vigorous’ public campaign to deter marriages between family members, which is common in Muslim and immigrant communities.

Her comments come as figures show up to 75 per cent of British Pakistanis in some areas are married to first cousins.

In a speech to be made next week, obtained by The Times, the leading family lawyer will warn that such marriages can be a barrier to the integration of minority communities and increases the risk of birth defects in children.
-You see the problem but not the cost. Imagine what this costs tax payers in education, medical care, therapy etc. Like all things islam the problems only grow as a closer look is taken.

She is also expected to call for testing for genetic defects when marriages between family members are arranged and for a register of people carrying genetic diseases to be set up in order for two carriers not to be introduced.

She said such a scheme could be possible in Bradford, which has the UK’s highest population of Pakistanis.

Up to three-quarters of Pakistanis in Bradford are married to their first cousins.

The trend is also evident in Birmingham, where figures show that one in ten of all children born to first cousins died in childhood or suffered from a serious genetic disorder.
-Believing the BS in the koran could also qualify as a “serious genetic disorder” but why quibble? (more…)

Jury in ‘terror’ trial see ‘pretend beheading’ video

20 February, 2010

Anyone that watches islam already understands the UK is infested with crazed pedophile worshipers that want nothing better than to finish off all non muslims. I am not saying that all UK muslims are violent just that all have one goal, the complete domination and replacement of the traditional UK culture with a bastardized form of islam.

This article tells about the trial and gives a brief look in to the muslim mindset but there is a much bigger problem brewing. As more and more minions infiltrate into a society and into positions of authority the damage done will speed up at an amazing rate.

Will a muslim prosecutor, judge and jury see anything wrong with these men? Will the laws against islamic terrorism change or be deleted from the books? How fast will sharia creep into the mix?

By Neil Docking, 19th February 2010, this is Lancashire
AN ALLEGED terrorist from Blackburn took a boy by the neck and raised a large machete over his head to show how he would behead a ‘non believer’.
-Everyone can relax this is just a case of make believe.

Manchester Crown Court was shown video footage of what the prosecution said was Abbas Iqbal at his family home in Percival Street, off Whalley Range.

He was said to have declared in the film: “This is what I am going to do to somebody, God-willing, when I find Kussar, this I show, I am going to take his head of.”
-Any ‘god” that demands blood sacrifice is not worthy of worship.
Abbas along with his brother Ilyas and Muhammad Ahmad, 26, of Whalley Range, are on trial accused of preparing for acts of terrorism.

The court heard police raided the Iqbal brothers’ homes on August 14 last year.

This came after Abbas, 24, and another alleged extremist were found to be carrying alleged terrorism data as they attempted to board a flight to Northern Europe from Manchester airport, the jury was told.

Edward Brown, prosecuting, said officers discovered a weapons cabinet used by the brothers.

Ahmed’s fingerprints were found on air rifles, knives, five machetes, a sword, crossbows, live ammunition, camouflage paint, tape, clothing and books on weaponry , Holy War and urban combat techniques, the court heard.
-Upside of my weapons cache these guys sound like rookies.

Elsewhere in the house military clothing, including eight black balaclavas the trio had worn were found, along with rope, a catapult, baseball bats and video cassettes, the jury was told.
-Yeppers they are amateurs. That does not mean that they are harmless, islamic minions can and do a lot of damage but islam has no professional military force and has proven incapable of winning force on force confrontations. (more…)

Islamic sect’s plan to build mega-mosque next to Olympics site collapses

18 January, 2010

One to watch; for now this is more about incompetence on the minion’s part than Brits waking up to the threat among them. Simple procedures were ignored by the followers of the world’s most famous pedophile. That arrogance has caused the building of their shrine to terror to grind to a halt. Bureaucracy is a bitch.

I would have much rather written about the Brits waking up and smelling the tea but they are as ignorant as always.

18 Jan, 10, the Times
Controversial plans to build Europe’s biggest mosque close to the London Olympics site have been halted, The Times has learnt.

Tablighi Jamaat, the Islamic sect behind the proposal, is to be evicted this week from the East London site, where it has been operating illegally a temporary mosque and had planned a complex that would accommodate 12,000 worshippers.

The Muslim Council of Britain said that the group had fallen victim to “unfounded hostility and hysteria”.
-The old muslims as victim card, first time we have seen that (sarc)

However, another Muslim organisation last night welcomed the move. Minhaj-ul-Quran, which advises the Government on how to combat youth radicalisation, said that a mosque should be a “community effort” and not the initiative of one group with extremist links.
-Sounds good but it doesn’t work through money, violence and intimidation any group that doesn’t support violent jihad would be pushed out. (more…)

Anti Islam Backlash in London

10 November, 2009

We also had a backlash here in Tampa today. It seems that a Marine reservist thought he spotted a “muslim terrorist” and chased him three blocks while pounding on him with a tire iron. The “victim” was not a terrorist or a Muslim but a visiting Priest from Greece. I want to apologize on behalf of my fellow Florida natives and ask everyone not to chase or beat Priests, Greek or not.

In addition, do not be beating or stabbing muslims, it is not nice and you have no way to tell which ones are secretly converts to a less violent ideology. If they have a beard and wear a dishrag and a fan belt on their heads, it is game on.

J/k that was just to rile up Solkhar. Sometimes I can be a meanie.

By Dipankar De Sarkar, London, Nov 10 : Four people suffered stab wounds after white and black mobs set upon Muslim South Asian students – including at least six of Indian origin – near the prestigious City University in north London, police and student groups said Tuesday.
-This was probably more about gang territory than ideology but there have been a few “Asian” gangs that have used islam to justify their criminal acts but since I did not see a single mention of a smock with a red cross on the front it is doubtful the muslims were attacked by rampaging crusaders.

Three students and a passerby who tried to intervene had to be hospitalised with facial and head injuries when 30-strong mobs armed with knives, metal poles, bricks and sticks attacked South Asian students Thursday, police said.
-Here is a tip for everyone: do not intervene in a gang fight. Pretend to be a democrat politician and avoid crowds.

A spokeswoman for the university, which is ranked among the world’s top 500 and has a large number of international students – including many from India – said the university’s Islamic society was unable to confirm if any of the students involved were Indian nationals.

The university did not give out the names of the students, but a spokesman for a nationwide body of Muslim students told IANS those targeted by the mobs included at least six students of Indian origin.

“We are trying to find out if any of them are Indian nationals,” said Qasim Rafiq of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS).
-It sounds to me like they targeted muslims and not “Indians” no mention anywhere about any anti Hindu rage filled mobs. (more…)

Muslim Woman admits terror charges

2 November, 2009

Another islamic mother of the year story.

02 Nov 09, UTV
A woman who accidentally dropped a computer memory stick containing “a mini-encyclopaedia of weapons-making” from beneath her burka while she was being interviewed at an airport admitted two terror charges today when she appeared in court.

Houria Chahed Chentouf, 41, a mother of six from Manchester, entered the guilty pleas at Manchester crown court to charges under the Terrorism Act 2000 of possessing an article which gave rise to suspicions that “the possession was for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism”.

The court heard she accidentally dropped a memory stick containing the documents when she was being questioned at Liverpool John Lennon airport on October 16 last year after arriving on a flight from Amsterdam. The memory stick, which had been concealed in her clothing, contained more than 7,000 files including an explosives manual for “The Brothers of the Mujahadeen”. The device had been tied to an inner sleeve of her burka, but fell out as she reached down to scratch her leg, prosecutor Simon Denison told the court. The following day she was arrested at her home in Longsight.
-Allah wanted this bitch caught so he caused her to itch. He is just plain tired of these terrorist a-holes screwing up his “peaceful religion” (more…)

British murder shows press double standard

8 September, 2009

The first step to solving any problem is to identify the problem. For years, gang violence in the UK has grown. Uncontrolled immigration has only made the problem worse. Stupidity on the part of the British press adds another level to this story. We see stories about “youths, Asians, immigrants, thugs etc” conducting all sorts of violent acts but never “muslims”, this story has a twist. The victim in this case was muslim. The victims religion and for that matter the aggressors almost never makes the news in the UK, exceptions are limited to muslim victims. It seems the press in the UK is afraid to mention islam when a muslim commit a crime as they are afraid members of the islamic community will riot. Listing a muslim as a victim of a criminal act apparently doesn’t concern the press. That disgusting and unprofessional double standard only encourages criminal acts by not forcing the islamic community leadership to address the problem.

9 September, 2009, the International News
LONDON: A devout Muslim pensioner attacked by a race-hate gang of schoolboys, died late on Monday.
-I have never seen anything close to a devout (insert non muslim religion of choice) pensioner attacked in a UK press report before.

Ekram Haque, 67, lost his fight for life a week after he was battered to the ground in front of his three-year-old granddaughter, Marian.
-I sincerely hope those responsible are captured and punished. No one deserves to go out in such a manner.

According to the Daily Mail, he suffered horrific head injuries in the assault outside a mosque in Tooting, South-West London, where he had offered his prayers a few moments before the attack.
-Violent crimes are increasingly common in the area, this may have been a revenge attack or random.

As he and Marian waited for a lift, the gang ran up behind him and clubbed him around the head. Two other worshippers chased the thugs away but Haque – described by friends as a ‘gentle giant’ – had suffered horrific head injuries.

His granddaughter has been left ‘very shaken and disturbed’, said her father, Haque’s son Irfan. Graphic images of the attack were caught on CCTV.

Scotland Yard formally launched a murder inquiry after Haque passed away at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, where he had been on a life-support machine since the attack.

Police are linking the assault on the retired care worker to a series of other attacks on elderly Asian people near the mosque. (more…)

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