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Ronin’s Common Sense Solutions to Gun Control Measures

14 February, 2013

By Ronin, 14 Feb 13 With all the calls for common sense gun control measures like the recent NY ban on what idiots refer to as “assault” weapons”, “large clips” and sensible solutions like weapon registration, limits to ammo etc.  I thought I would add a little stick to stir the pot. 

The easiest way to fight back is not to play their game.  No living politician wrote the constitution and none of them can change it.  Politicians will attempt to force compliance with a variety of measures from painting those that refuse as criminals, insane, dangerous, outlaws.  They will also offer rewards and pick a few misguided cowards (those that do as they say) and parade them around in the press as heroes (after all they surrendered their guns).

Educate each other, hunters and sportsmen, and legitimate gun owners as the media refer to us are all in this together.  Unfortunately a few will drink the cool-aid, remind them once we are divided we are easily all disarmed.   We are only demanding our rights be respected; we do not all live in a gated community with armed guards.   If we are ever disarmed, immediately start making demands that police are also.  We can win without breaking laws using civil disobedience, outright resistance and refusal and only as a last resort, unlawful methods.  Face it, we or one of our kind, will instantly turn from law abiding citizen to felon overnight at that point you have very little to lose.   

So what to do?  First and foremost do the research.  Identify everyone that voted for any restriction, call them, write them or visit them.  Let them know using any method that you can that you will never again vote for them or any other member of their political party.   Let them know that you will volunteer to help anyone running against them and follow through.  I suggest you publish your list and letters on facebook or similar social media so others can join in the ban the politician party.

It may be a small number but I believe at least some politicians are hoping for a few outraged gun owners to bunker up and fight to the death.  This will add endless proof that gun owners really are a problem.  Politicians would then call for confiscation, extreme criminal penalties for non-compliance and a host of other punishments.  Call their bluff; their worst nightmare is an outraged public asking why they are targeting citizens over criminals.  The closer to an election the better, trust me they do not want drama then.  Watch the blogs and watch and spread our outrage when these idiots actually grow a set and arrest someone for not registering a weapon.  We will expose, the who, what and why, that is what we do.  You can help. 

Because I think fighting first responders is wrong when politicians are the actual problem (and we can just vote those idiots out).  We need a nonviolent solution.  This would be the easy way to defeat this problem.  Monitor the crime stats for your area and call and report someone carrying an evil assault weapon in the most gang active area you can find.  Other options could also be fun, like tossing weapons in neighborhoods near the homes of officers, they leave those shiny cars in the driveway, report them for noncompliance.  If you get caught you were turning the weapon in, as framing an officer is not exactly legal but then again neither is placing limits on our 2nd amendment rights. I do not want to be a criminal, they have no right to make me one. (more…)

Boycott America

24 January, 2013

By Ronin, 24 January 2013

Now that our government has decided what type marriages we support, how our military should run, who should be allowed in our country and what benefits they will receive, how much free medical care that addicts should receive and how to force gun registration on us (among other stupid ideas).   I have decided to show the low life self-serving opportunists in Washington what I think of all these ideas.  Starting today I am officially not buying American.

Buying American provides jobs which means people can earn money and pay taxes.  By not buying American goods and products I am removing taxes from the thieves in Washington.   They cannot enforce policies that they cannot pay for.  So join me, stop buying American! (more…)

A look back and a look forward

11 September, 2011

A look back and a look forward

I wanted to do a piece on the ten-year anniversary of the attacks on 9-11. After several attempts, I erased them all and started over. Not to take away from the significance of the date, I see it as one blow in a long struggle.

What follows below is a series of thoughts, lessons learned and comments. It is a look back and a look forward.

By Ronin, 11 Sept, 2011. Islam is not limited to armed terrorists. The political arm and taqiyya masters have done more damage to the USA and the world than the so-called fighters have. People too weak to look for themselves at the mountains of evidence that islam has been nothing but a blight on humanity, continue to preach that somehow it will change, adapt and modernize. They are wrong.

Despite the thousands of people (many of which have been muslims) that have attempted to prove Doctor Bulldog and myself wrong on islam and the other threats facing this country. We are still here, still committed to this fight and will remain so, Islam has never been the main focus of this site, it has however, taken much needed time for other threats.

Muslims in the USA face increased scrutiny and suspicion. Many are teased daily and at some level realize that they will have a hard time earning the trust of neighbors, friends and co-workers, if they ever can.

Sharia is now a four-letter word, just the mentions of the term is quick to incite a powerful backlash. The guiding form of islam is seen for what it it is, a primitive, sexist, oppressive, racist and violent series of rules governing a massive cult. It has no place in free society.

Americans have learned to distrust all things islam, despite their allies in the left of center and a few misguided religious groups on the right the average American is more islamicaware than ever.

American politicians are seen as corrupt, incompetent and in some cases traitors. They are seen as pro islamic and anti Christian. They deserve the scrutiny, the simple fact that any of them want to limit free speech is proof that they fear the truth. If their records did not show them to be slaves to special interests and committed to bending, breaking or ignoring the principles and protections quarantined by our founding fathers, they would welcome a look at their records. (more…)

I am not forgiving islam

7 September, 2011

By Ronin, 7 Sep, 2011
As we approach the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11, terror attacks on our homeland, you will notice the supporters of the religion of pedophile worshippers are spending an incredible amount of Bull droppings to distance their cult from the attack it inspired.

Even if you have not noticed the pro islam propaganda in the media, you will get a chance to experience it first hand when the president gives a speech at the Washington National Cathedral. Forgetting that Sunday’s 9/11 anniversary memorial ceremony was not opened to Christian evangelicals, somehow the inclusion of a Buddhist nun and an islamic imam went unnoticed by most of what purports to be mainstream media (Fox ran the story).

I have no problem with the Buddhist but a sunni imam speaking at the event is the equivalent of asking a Nazi Party official to speak at a holocaust memorial. Unless the imam is going to kneel and beg forgiveness, his appearance is an insult.

I do not need anyone to remind me that islamic ideology inspired 19 pedophile worshipers to attacks innocent American’s just because we value individual freedoms more than the rants of a seventh century pedophile, thief, warlord, rapist and murderer.

I do not need anyone to remind me that islamic ideology has inspired tens of thousands of additional attacks all over the globe since 9/11.

I do not need anyone to remind me that islamic imams, clerics and supporters have praised the 9/11 terrorists as great heroes for the last ten years. (more…)

Save the Hypocrites

28 August, 2011

By Ronin, 28 Aug, 2011. It occurred to me earlier today, as I was asked to donate to a missions group that responds to natural disasters that they had zero business going.

Keeping in mind, that I live deep in the Bible belt and see Christian organizations doing things for the homeless, the addicted and the less fortunate all the time. I am used to seeing this, good on them, Christians help, that is what they do.

I can understand helping your own; I have no issues with that. I can even (slightly) understand helping the people that got themselves into the situations that required them to seek help.

I know the Christians are out to save the world and they would love to see the people they help clean up their acts and join with them in service to others. All of those things, I have grown up around and I am used to them.

Here is what I do not get. I know that right now dozens of Christian groups are already responding to the latest crisis. Even more of them are out gathering supplies, taking up donations and praying for the victims.

A hurricane in Florida we can handle but them folks up north, well let us just say that they are a little softer than we are. I know they need help and someone should maybe save um but why Christians?

I just wanted to ask the Christians if they realize that some of the people north of the Bible belt hate them. These people demanded winter break replace Christmas vacation and that all Christmas plays stop completely.

Pray in school and Christians are condemned, voice any opinion based on Christian values like gay marriage being immoral or wrong and be condemned, shunned and occasionally worse. Follow the PC line and you are an exceptional human being, one with intelligence and tolerance. In short, only one side gets to have an opinion and it is not the Christians.

The Christians are scoffed at, talked about and face an endless barrage of hate from some of our northern neighbors. Christians are reminded that all religion is bad and that they are guilty of just as many atrocities as the Taliban and al Qaeda. That they have absolutely no right to question anyone ever or even to discuss why such hate is not warranted. Heaven forbid they discuss why our northern hypocritical neighbors need to change and adopt values that are more sensible.

The same folks look down on the rugged individuals headed towards them on an ad hock rescue mission. They see them as backwards and ignorant. You know the type, they bring their own chainsaws, power tools, generators and massive 4×4 trucks that have little problems pushing debris, fording swollen creeks and flooded roads. The same trucks that they wanted to make illegal. All this and more, they will do to help people that think the vast majority of them are a danger to our country.

I wanted to ask the Christians those questions and a few others but they are busy. Busy, preparing to go help people that will welcome them over the next few hours and a few days after.

The same people will taunt their rescuers when their sad pathetic lives are back to normal and those Americans that still have a spirit of community and a desire to help, have returned home, ordered replacements for the supplies they used and sit down to wait for another crisis.

I am glad that this crisis was not as severe as expected and the hordes of under appreciated workers will not have to work very hard to save a bunch of hypocrites.

If you want to know why, I live down south, away from the big lights of the northern cities and the hustle and bustle of the educated and cultured; just compare my neighbors with theirs and I think that you will understand.

America’s next war might be at home

5 August, 2011

By Ronin, 5 Aug, 2011
You will have to look hard to find it in what passes for the media in the US but hundreds of black teens rioted yesterday in Wisconsin. Serous injuries resulted when whites were attacked leaving the state fair. Thugs attacked whites, drug them from vehicles and beat them. The teens continued to beat both white men and women even when they were unconscious and unable to defend themselves.

Some of the injuries are serious and I am guessing that the same media that ignored the story will somehow miss the follow up stories about medical costs and recovery. To be fair, a few local channels and Drudge did carry the story but most large outlets did not.

Search a little harder and you will find out that this type of black violence is not uncommon in American cities, mob attacks by black teens is a new trend. Their targets are usually white.

So far, these attacks seem random, unorganized and unrelated. I say so far, because I am on the fence with this one. Some of the violence can be chalked up to gang members teaching others that mob attacks work, they are easy to do and the chance of getting away without getting arrested is almost 100% and since mob robberies and mob assaults are both taking place. It is hard to say what the motivation is racial violence, robbery or both.

With all the government race-baiting going on in the media, these attacks should surprise no one. Rich whites and Tea Party “terrorists” are supposed to be behind all our economic and social problems. Those news articles are easy to find.

It is strange the black on white violence seems to have snuck right past reporters. I am guessing that the first white non-victim to pull a concealed weapon and drop a few of these thugs will not only be condemned in the media as a violent racist but calls to disarm whites, new rules for carrying concealed firearms and forced firearm registration will be the headlines across America.

The Milwaukee Police Department, West Allis Police Department and Milwaukee County Sheriff Department all responded but there were few arrests. Several officers were injured and some of them were serious. I suspect that they will be out in force over the weekend.

The sad reality is that in a mob situation, the chance of help coming to your aid before you require serous medical help is about the same as striking oil in your flower garden.

I would like to see black civic leadership condemn these attacks, hold fundraisers to help the victims with the medical costs and blacks that know who these criminals are and that can identify them, turn them in. I would like those things but they are about as likely as obama admitting that his stimulus package has failed.

What I will see, is black civic leaders explain that these young black men are just angry, they are the real victims as they need jobs and education. Those things will stop all these attacks. How do I know? Simple, every time we see muslim youth attack in packs, islamic civic leadership pulls the same scam. (more…)

Remember Shop?

3 July, 2011

By Ronin,

Yesterday as I was running around the greater Tampa Florida area, visiting friends and wasting time, I noticed it was trash day. Lots of cans, placed neatly next to curbs. One caught my eye; someone had tossed out a ladder.

Who throws away a ladder? I resisted the urge to pull over and grab the ladder for myself (my friends would have questioned my dumpster diving). This waste really bothered me, I have three ladders, I do not need another one but I see it as a sign of the times.

When I was a child we had, shop class, you could learn basic skills in schools. We had electrical, mechanical, automotive, welding, carpentry, woodworking, metalworking, drafting, general business, home economic and on it went. You could pick the elective of your choice and see if you had talents in that area or you could try several others. In our school, we made lamps, sold stock in our “company”, sold our lamps and earned a profit. Every year, that lesson was reinforced, we made, sold and earned.

I would have repaired that ladder, there are no special ladder repair skills needed, just a few bolts and maybe a scrap piece of metal. To show my disgust with that ladder tossing dirtbag, I went home and used my ladder to clean gutters and repair a roof. I like my ladder it is a favorite toy.

I watch people, they fascinate me, overhear complaints of young people, they have no money in their account, everything costs more money, they are getting less hours, horror story after horror story. (more…)

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