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The abused women of islam; a shocking story heard every day

20 August, 2010

Except for the lie about the pedophile mohammed respecting women; this article does a fair job of explaining the plight of Afghan women. This is also not just an “afghan problem” islam is abuse.

21 August 2010, the National
Manizha Naderi, as told to Hamida Ghafour
Ten months ago I received a phone call from an Afghan-American translator working with the provincial reconstruction team in Uruzgan province, saying that the American soldiers there had a young girl on their base who needed help.

He would not tell me what her story was.

After I accepted her to our shelter, I was told her husband had cut her ears and nose off.

A few days later I went to Kabul airport to pick Bibi Aisha up. I don’t know how to describe it. It was too much. The first thing I saw was a hole in the middle of her face.

She was very quiet and trying to cover her face. It was sort of an instinct where if anyone sat in front of her she covered her nose.

When she came to the shelter she told us her story. She was given away in a “baad” transaction at the age of 12. This is a tribal tradition. If a family commits a crime, they give a girl to the victim’s family so the dispute is settled.
-A lie; this “tribal tradition” is found in many islamic countries, even ones that do not have “tribes”. (more…)

Nigeria: Court to hear child-bride case

5 June, 2010

No one really believes the Nigerian government has any interest in protecting children but this show trial will be one to watch. Since most muslim males see pedophilia as just following the example of the pedophile mohammed this child can also forget help from the islamic community.

As with most cults, islam uses sexual torture as a control mechanism. The senator’s high social status will protect him from scorn. Females are little more than slaves and no matter what the status of the islamic minion in question, a child cannot consent to sex. He is both a pedophile and a rapist. He can justify his actions under islamic laws as his current victim is 13, that is 4 years older than the child the pedophile mohammed raped.

By BASHIR ADIGUN, 5 June, 2010
A Nigerian federal court will hear a case over whether the West African nation’s religious freedom and privacy laws allow a Muslim senator to marry a 13-year-old girl, the latest rift in a country split between Christians and Muslims.
-In any contest of morality between Christianity and islam, islam loses by a wide margin. It is actually an apple vs oranges comparison and not the real issue here. The issue is not competing ideologies, it is the protection of children. The fact that the Christians seek to protect children is already universally accepted, islams record speaks for itself. In any islamic country you can grow old attempting to find an imam without a child bride or a boy toy.

The lawsuit filed by the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria on behalf of Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima challenges the country’s child protection laws that ban women from marrying before age 18. The suit, obtained Friday by The Associated Press, claims that Yerima’s constitutional rights are being trampled over the controversy surrounding his alleged marriage to a 13-year-old Egyptian girl.
-More proof of islamic shame, the nations highest sharia council supports pedophilia. (more…)

Muzzie Pedophile Says, “I Consider [Allah’s] Law and That of His Prophet Above Any Other Law”

1 May, 2010

Yup, as much as Muzzie Apologists wish to distance Islam from pedophilia, the fact remains that Muhammad married a 7-year-old girl and consummated the marriage with her when she was still just a 9-year-old prepubescent child.

H/T – Islams Not For Me

Alleged child-bride marriage stuns Nigeria, home to uneasy population split between faiths

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP- via FoxNews) — The marriage took place at one of the Nigerian capital’s most recognizable landmarks, under the golden dome of the National Mosque in front of an audience of the elite.

But the recent wedding of one of the Muslim leaders who brought Shariah law to Africa’s most populous nation is under scrutiny as human rights groups say he married a 13-year-old Egyptian girl.

As authorities investigate Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima, the marriage is drawing fresh questions about the role of religion in a country of 150 million people split between Christians and Muslims.

Yerima, 49, arranged the marriage with the girl after paying her family a $100,000 dowry, according to a complaint filed by the Nigerian Human Rights Commission in April. Initially, Yerima couldn’t arrange a visa for the girl to travel from Egypt to Nigeria, so he instead brought the girl through neighboring Niger, said Chidi Odinkalu, a lawyer for works for the open Society Justice Initiative.

That leaves Yerima open to human trafficking charges, as well as possible child-sex and endangerment charges, the lawyer said.

“You don’t need the Quran or the Bible to get this,” Odinkalu said. “I think most people, irrespective of the cleavage between the two faiths, wouldn’t marry off their 13 year old.”

[Why throw Christianity into the breast of the matter mix?  Could it be because Mr. Odinkalu is trying to somehow legitimize Islam, or could he not find enough Muslims who would actually have the moral fiber to refuse marrying off their 13-year-old daughters if presented with a large enough dowry?]

Yet 30 members of the girl’s family attended the ceremony at the National Mosque, the human rights commission said. It’s unclear who else attended the wedding. Ustaz Musa Mohammed, the chief imam of the National Mosque, could not be reached for comment.

[Well, there’s 30 Muzzies (I’m assuming) right there who approve of marrying off one of their 13-year-old relatives—plus Senator Yerima and chief imam Ustaz Musa Mohammed.   So, Mr. Odinkalu,  it sounds more and more like an Islamic problem to me…]


Yemen: Child Bride Who Bled To Death Was Tied Up and Raped By Her Husband

10 April, 2010

“Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like . . . ”   (Qur’an 2:223 – MAS Translation)

Sick bastards.

This updates our previous post HERE.

H/T – “Islams Not For Me.”

Dead Yemeni child bride tied up, raped, says mom
By AHMAD AL-HAJ – AP  – Sat Apr 10, 2010
via Yahoo News

SHUEBA, Yemen – A 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death shortly after marriage was tied down and forced to have sex by her husband, according to interviews with the child’s mother, police and medical reports.

The girl’s mother, Nijma Ahmed, 50, told the Associated Press that before her daughter lost consciousness, she said that her husband had tied her up and forced himself on her. “She looked like she was butchered,” she said about her daughter’s injuries.

Elham Assi, 13, bled to death hours after she spoke to her mother and just days after she was married to a 23-year-old man. She died on April 2 in the deeply poor Yemeni village of Shueba, some 200 kilometers northwest of the capital. Her husband, Abed al-Hikmi, is in police custody.

The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen where a quarter of all females marry before the age of 15, according to a 2009 report by the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs. Traditional families prefer young brides because they are seen as more obedient and are expected to have more children.

Legislation to ban child brides has been stalled by opposition from religious leaders. There has been no government comment over the case.

The girl — one of eight siblings — was pushed into marriage after an agreement between her brother and her future-husband to marry each other’s sisters to avoid having to pay expensive bride-prices — a common arrangement in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East.

According to police notes from the interrogation of the husband, he was upset because he could not consummate their relationship and felt under pressure to prove his manhood.

Assi’s mother said she also tried to persuade her daughter to have sex with her husband so as not to shame the family.

Al-Hikmi took his young bride to a nearby medical clinic, asking a doctor there to administer her tranquilizers so she would not resist his advances. The clinic said it refused.

Al-Hikmi then obtained performance enhancing pills, according to the police interrogation, and that night completed the act while she screamed.

The next day, he returned to the same medical clinic carrying Assi because she could not walk.

“I told him not to go near her for at least ten days,” said Dr. Fathiya Haidar. She said Assi’s vaginal canal was ripped.

A forensic report obtained by the AP showed that Assi’s injuries were much more extensive, including extensive tearing around the vagina and rectum, suggesting that there might have been additional intercourse after the clinic visit.

Her mother said she visited Assi later that day, where she found her daughter fading in and out of consciousness.

“She whispered in my ear that he had tied her up and had sex with her violently,” she said. “I said to her husband, what have you done, you criminal?”

She said al-Hikmi told her that the young bride was just possessed by spirits and said he would take her to a folk healer to cast them out. Hours later, Assi was dead.


Muslim child brides on rise in the west.

13 March, 2010

Thanks to Islam’s not for me for this little jewel. One of the reasons I always refer to the pedophile mohammed as a “pedophile” is because it is a far more accurate honorific for him than the often seen “prophet”. Mohammed made no predictions; by his own claim all his knowledge of islam was “given” to him. OTOH is was guilty of forcible child rape and liked both male and female children. The term pedophile is accurate. Additionally as the great islamic role model mohammed inspired many modern islamic pedophiles. Pedophiles are common in islamic circles and many muslims encourage others to commit the same crimes. No child is capable of giving consent for an adult to marry them, the marriage is a sham and the act of sex is rape. Westerners with more modern and much stronger values should be both sickened by these crimes and working harder to end the practice, at least in modern western societies.

By TOM GODFREY, 13 March, 2010, Toronto Sun
Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who wed them in arranged marriages abroad.
-Just a thought, arrest them, try them and jail them. Bet that would slow them down.

Top immigration officials in Canada and Pakistan say all they can do is reject the sponsorships of husbands trying to bring their child-brides to Canada. The men have to reapply when the bride turns 16. The marriages are permitted under Sharia Law.
-But not under Canadian law, once inside your borders they can and should be punished.

Muslim men, who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents return to their homeland to wed a “child bride” in an arranged marriage in which a dowry is given to the girl’s parents. Officials said some of the brides can be 14 years old or younger and are “forced” to marry. The practice occurs in a host of countries including: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon.
-I’m not sure the point of that last paragraph as the list is far to short. Simply put all major islamic societies practice and encourage others to practice pedophilia. (more…)

Saudi Arabia: 12-Yr-Old Bride Mysteriously Drops Petition for Divorce to 80-Something Pedophile Cousin

2 February, 2010

Under threat of violence, perhaps?

12-year-old bride drops petition for divorce
Walaa Hawari | Arab News

RIYADH: A 12-year-old girl who was married off to an 80-year-old man in Buraidah has dropped her request for a divorce just one day before a court hearing to annul the marriage.

[BTW – If I recall correctly, she was married to her 80-year old cousin when she was only 10.  Obviously, the Arab News doesn’t want to reveal that little tid-bit.]

A source at the Human Rights Commission (HRC) said the girl, her mother and legal representative came to court and withdrew the request.

The girl failed to appear in court on Monday when the hearing was originally supposed to be heard. Her legal representative did not provide a valid reason for her absence.

The HRC, which had formed a committee to investigate the marriage, was stunned that the girl had dropped her request. “No one really knows the real reason behind the change of heart,” said the source, adding that although the HRC cannot interfere in people’s personal lives, it would continue lobbying for a minimum marriage age.

The case has attracted a lot of interest. The girl’s father married her off to his 80-year-old cousin in exchange of SR85,000 in dowry money. However, the girl’s mother, who is separated from her father, accused the man of raping her daughter.

The girl had also told a local journalist over the phone that she “doesn’t want him, save me.” When the mother’s lawyer failed to get the marriage annulled, she brought the case to the attention of the Kingdom’s media.

Saudi Arabia has signed and ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which defines a child as any person under the age of 18. Article 16.2 of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which Saudi Arabia is a signatory of, states that “the marriage of a child shall have no legal effect, and all necessary action, including legislation, shall be taken to specify a minimum age for marriage and to make the registration of marriages in an official registry compulsory.”

The Kingdom, which ratified the convention in September 2000, did so with the stated reservation that “in case of contradiction between any term of the Convention and the norms of Islamic law, the Kingdom is not under obligation to observe the contradictory terms of the Convention.”

[Therein lies the lie;   Obviously,  because Muhammad married 7-year-old Aisha and consummated the marriage when she was just 9-years-old and, because the Qur’an allows for marriage to children, the Saudi government knew full well that by putting an Islamic “get out of jail free” clause in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, they were signing a worthless document.]

The girl’s father and the registrar who conducted the marriage said they went ahead with the marriage, as there is no law prohibiting it. The father also claimed he based his judgment on the child’s physical development and not her age.

[Which means she finally had her first period…]

On his part, the groom said he had not done anything wrong and that “the contract is valid and meets all marriage conditions.”

115 Teenagers Pregnant at High School in Chicago

16 October, 2009

If you want to see what your Libtarded-Commie Kids are going to be doing with their lives, look no further than Obama’s stomping grounds of Chicago:

Why Did 1 Of 8 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High?
Officials Say A Mix Of Factors Are To Blame, As They Try To Help The Young Women

CHICAGO (CBS) ― It is a Chicago public school full of energy and spirit. It has about 800 girls, and 115 of them have something in common – something you might find disturbing.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

All those young ladies are moms or moms-to-be at Paul Robeson High School. It’s not a school for young mothers, it’s a neighborhood school. And all of the pregnancies have happened, despite prevention talk.

[Uhm, you guys all do know that Paul Robeson was a Commie and friend of Frank Marshall Davis who was Obama’s Father figure in Hawaii, don’t you?  Isn’t it interesting how one doesn’t even need to play out the full 6 degrees of separation (with Kevin Bacon) to link Obama with major Communist figures…  The alarm bells should be going off right about now.]

If you want to know why, the people closest to the situation say there’s no simple explanation.

Chicago Public Schools says it does not track the overall number of teen moms in the district. But Robeson Principal Gerald Morrow knows the count at his school in Englewood: 115 young ladies who are either expecting or already have had children.

To put it in perspective, their school pictures would fill roughly six pages of their high school year book.

Why is it happening at Robeson?

“It can be a lot of things that are happening in the home or not happening in the home, if you will,” Morrow said. Absentee fathers are another factor, he said.

[Morrow thinking to himself:  Must not blame the children…. Must…not…mention…the Libtarded Sex Ed class at school….Must….blame….fathers….]

LaDonna Denson and two other Robeson students say parents not talking to teens and, in some cases, the pursuit of public assistance also factor into the pregnancies. None of them thought they’d be moms at such a young age.

[LaDonna Denson thinking to herself: Must…not…take responsibility for myself…  Must…not…mention…the Libtarded Sex Ed class at school….Must….blame….my parents….and, OMG!  I better think of something else!  Well, Sharika says she got pregnant by a guy who works at the Welfare office while pursuing public assistance… Uhm, OMG!  I can’t say that!  I better blame it on greed for free money from Obama…  OMG!  I can’t believe I chipped a nail…  Squirrel! ].

They said they have support at home. But not all girls do, they said. In fact, some girls get thrown out of the home.

Not on Morrow’s turf. “We’re not looking at them like ‘Ooh you made a mistake,'” he said. “We’re looking at how we can get them to the next phase, how can we still get them thinking about graduation?”

[Libtarded  teenage virgin thinking to herself:  Gee, my parents tell me that they’ll throw me out of the house if I have sex and get pregnant, but if it’s not a mistake, what’s so wrong about it?  Well, at least I know I can always count on my best-est buddy and personal confidant, Principal Morrow, to support me if I “choose” to get pregnant.  My parent’s are MEAN.  They suck!  I love Principal Morrow, he’s soooo coool!  He, like, really gets me, man…  I wonder what he’s doing tomorrow night…]

So there’s help in a teen parent program. And coming soon, right across from Robeson, developers are turning a one-time crack house into a day care for student use. “We have to provide some type of environment for them and some form of support for them,” Van Vincent, CEO of VLV Development, said.

[Libtarded teenager thinking to herself:  Yippeee!!!   Free day care for my crack baby!!!  This is cool!  Maybe I’ll have another!]

It’s all made an impression.

“Just cause you have a baby, that doesn’t mean your life is over,” one student said.

One thing they might not know about their principal: His mom had him when she was 15. That’s why accepting the problem — and working through it — is so important to him.

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