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Orange County CA Bows to Islam; Muzzie-mahs in Custody Not Required to Remove Headscarves

14 February, 2013

Gee, Muzzie-mahs would never think of sneaking contraband into prison by using their headscarves…

Yup.  More insanity and creeping sharia brought to you via ludicrous judges, a perfidious ACLU, and, the ever present, imperious Muzzies:

OC Muslim woman settles head scarf lawsuit

Modesto Bee

SANTA ANA, Calif. — An Orange County Muslim woman who was forced to remove her head scarf by jailers has settled a civil rights lawsuit.

City News Service says the settlement was announced Wednesday.

Souhair Khatib of Anaheim and her husband pleaded guilty in 2006 to a misdemeanor welfare fraud violation and were given community service.

When Khatib went to ask for an extension to complete the service, a judge ordered her jailed. She claimed jailers in a courthouse holding cell forced her to remove the religious scarf.

She sued in 2007 for religious discrimination.

The ACLU of Southern California says under the settlement, county officials will no longer require Muslim women in custody to remove their headscarves.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department says it’s given its officers new training about the scarves.

Michiganistan: Gun Shop Stops Selling Turban Headed Skeleton Target After CAIR Complains

11 February, 2013

You will bow to Islam, infidel!  Else, I keeeeel you!!!

Skeleton target

Islamic group praises Royal Oak gun shop for ending sale of targets in Muslim attire
Detroit Free Press

A local chapter of a national Islamic civil liberties group is praising the decision of a Royal Oak gun shop to discontinue selling targets of a skeleton wearing traditional Muslim attire.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) welcomed the decision by Target Sports.

CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid met Wednesday with the owner of Target Sports to voice concern that a gun range target that depicts a skeleton with a long beard dressed in a turban and robe may provoke gun owners to view local Muslims who wear such garb as enemies.

Uh, yeah.  Just the other day, I saw a skeleton walking down the street in a turban and carrying an AK-47; acting all suspicious, and stuff.  Happens all the time around here. /sarcasm

The owner agreed.

Walid said he had received a complaint about the targets Wednesday morning, and walked into the gun store and bought two of the targets before introducing himself and expressing his concerns.

“He gave us a verbal promise to stop selling the targets,” Walid said. “It was an extremely non-hostile meeting.”

The targets, manufactured by Thompson Targets in Canton, Ohio, are shipped throughout the country, and Walid was checking with other gun shops in metro Detroit to see whether they are carrying them.

“Our concern isn’t primarily being offended,” he said. “It’s a safety issue. In metro Detroit, there are law-abiding, peaceful Muslims walking the streets of Hamtramck and Detroit who are dressed like this in the target. It is problematic. There seems to be a dehumanization of Muslims.”


Yeah, it’s a “safety” issue.  R-i-i-i-g-h-t.  

You know, there seems to be a dehumanization of redneck farmer zombies, too!  

Better get those pulled off the market, also.  Don’t want any law-abiding, peaceful farmers getting shot at!:

Redneck farmer zombie


 Of course, CAIR didn’t see fit to mention that they, themselves support terrorists…

Islamic Sharia Law in the UK

15 November, 2012

Yup, America is headed down this road, too:

AZ: Tucson Unified School District Accepts Grant Money From Islamic Group Associated with Terrorist Organizations

6 June, 2012

“AMZombie 0” emailed me today with this interesting article of Islamic intrusion into America’s public schools.

You may remember the elementary school in New York which is now requiring their students to learn Arabic.  Well, the Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is one of the groups financing that little endeavor.  In fact QFI even gloats about it all over the main page of their website: as this snapshot from earlier today shows:


In an article on the Muslim Brotherhood, Family Security Matters notes the following concerning the Qatar Foundation International (highlighting and underscoring are mine):

The IDB Prize Selection Committee, chaired by Professor Hatem Karanshawy, dean of the faculty of Islamic studies at Qatar Foundation and composed of eminent scholars and experts from outside and inside the [Islamic Development Bank (IDB)], met at the IDB headquarters on May 15 and decided unanimously to award the IDB Prize in Islamic Economics for the year 1432H to the Islamic Foundation, UK by issuing the following statement: The IDB Prize Selection Committee unanimously decides to award the IDB Prize in Islamic Economics for the year 1432H to The Islamic Foundation, UK.


The Islamic Foundation is close to both the Pakistani Islamist group known as the Jama’at-e-Islami as well as to the Global Muslim Brotherhood .

With Islamofascist friends like that, don’t you think the schools would serve their communities better if they put the children first, before terrorist tainted filthy lucre?:

H/T – AMZombie 0

TUSD accepts grant from group with ties to Muslim Brotherhood (updated)
By ADI News Services

On May 5, the Qatar Foundation International (QFI), a group associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, announced the awardees of QFI’s Curriculum Grants, which include Tucson Unified School District, according to Tucson radio show host Garret Lewis on KNST AM 790/97.1 FM. QFI’s Curriculum Grants are awarded to schools to develop “innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom.”

The award will be used in TUSD’s Safford Magnet School. According to the district, “the purpose of this project is for the Arabic teachers with the help of an International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator to develop, teach, and evaluate four IB Arabic units.”

The district’s grant was brought to the attention of Lewis by a concerned Tucsonan, Pat Sexton. “It is unacceptable to a majority of Tucson citizens that Safford K-8 Magnet School, whose school children are predominantly Hispanic, would agree to receive any funding from a group such as QFI,” said Sexton. “This is an Arabic/Islamist group that seeks to promote Sharia culture and has undeniable ties to two terrorist organizations whose mission is to destroy America, Western ideology and anyone who does not agree with their extremisms.”

QFI is a nonprofit group financed by the government of Qatar. The Washington D.C. based organization is the U.S. branch of the Qatar Foundation, which was founded in 1995 by Qatar’s ruling emir, Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, according to various news reports. Thani is also the founder of Al Jazeera.

The Qatar foundation launched the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics in January. The Center’s director Tariq Ramadan. Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was banned from the U.S. until 2010 when the Obama administration issued him a visa to give a lecture at a New York school, according to various news reports cited by Lewis.

The Qatar Foundation has also named several institutions after a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Al-Qaradawi has proclaimed himself “Mufti of martyrdom operations.”

While Al-Qaradawi’s claims to promote moderation, “he has openly permitted the killing of American troops in Iraq and praised the “heroic deeds” from “Hamas, Jihad, Al-Aqsa Brigades, and others,” according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).

The London newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, reported Israeli claims that Al-Qaradawi was funding “the heart of Hamas,” the Al-Islam Charity, through his Welfare Coalition. He has also pledged to fight the United States if it attacked Iran, stating: “When America threatened it [Iran], I said I am against America. Iran has the right to possess peaceful nuclear power, and if America fights it, we would stand up against it [America],” according to IPT. IPT also claims that “Al-Qaradawi is known for advocating the overthrow of Western capitalism.”

Al-Qaradawi is reported to have said, “We have our own economic philosophy and system which others do not have. The collapse of the capitalist system, which is based on usury and securities rather than commodities in markets, shows us that it is undergoing a crisis and that our integrated Islamic philosophy, if properly understood and applied, can replace Western capitalism.”


CLICK HERE to read it all.  It’s an eye opener!

74% Increase in U.S. Mosques Since 2000

29 February, 2012

Gee, some Muzzies fly planes into buildings and suddenly everyone in America starts bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims everywhere just to prove that we have no hard feelings.  Just insane.

Anyway, this is what your Saudi oil money is buying:

Number of U.S. mosques up 74% since 2000
The number of Islamic places of worship in the United States soared 74% in the past decade.
USA Today

While protests against new mosques in New York, Tennessee and California made headlines, the overall number of mosques quietly rose from 1,209 in 2000 to 2,106 in 2010.


They’re also very engaged: The study finds “98% of mosque leaders say Muslims should be involved in American institutions and 91% agree that Muslims should be involved in politics.”

The study, “The American Mosque 2011,” was sponsored by The Hartford Institute for Religion Research (Hartford Seminary), the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, as well as the nation’s largest Islamic civic and religious groups, including the Islamic Society of North America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Some findings:

• States with the most mosques are New York (257), California (246) and Texas (166).

• Most mosques are in cities, but suburban sites rose from 16% in 2000 to 28% in 2010.


The study breaks with all other major surveys of religion in one controversial finding.

Although the study does not claim to say how many Muslims are in the USA, Bagby estimates there are 2.6 million “mosque participants” — people who have attended prayers for Eid (a major holy day) or Friday prayers or were considered participants by the mosque leader survey.

Bagby says he reached the number by taking mosque attendance reported by the leadership and multiplying the average number of attendees by the number of mosques.

Bagby’s report concludes “if there are 2.6 million Muslims who pray the Eid prayer, then the total Muslim population should be closer to estimates (by Bagby) of up to 7 million.”

However, no other survey projects even 3 million Muslims in the USA.


The numbers matter because higher numbers mean enhanced social and political clout in the public square for minority faiths. Significantly large groups can attract candidates seeking votes or convince school boards and employers to recognize their holy days, for example.

Higher numbers mean you are not marginalized,” Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations has said.

Yeah, spoken like a true un-indicted co-conspirator…  But, I digress.  His statement is not necessarily true, however.  Consider the overwhelming Christian population in the U.S. –  Thanks to the ACLU and other Lefturd organizations with lots of money, they have been marginalized for years now.  Muslims beware…

Muslim Judge in Pennsylvania Dismisses Case Against Muzzy Who Attacked Athiest Exercising Free Speech; Tells Athiest He Would Be Killed in a Muslim Country

23 February, 2012

This is why Sharia Law has no place in a Free society and, why Muslim judges are a bad idea.  Of course, I’m thinking the atheist is wishing he had had a Christian judge right about now.

Not to worry though, he’ll get his Christian “Judge” in the end:

Muslim Admits to Attacking Atheist; Muslim Judge Dismisses Case

By Al Stefanelli – Opposing Views

The Pennsylvania State Director of American Atheists, Inc., Mr. Ernest Perce V., was assaulted by a Muslim while participating in a Halloween parade. Along with a Zombie Pope, Ernest was costumed as Zombie Muhammad. The assault was caught on video, the Muslim man admitted to his crime and charges were filed in what should have been an open-and-shut case. That’s not what happened, though.

The defendant is an immigrant and claims he did not know his actions were illegal, or that it was legal in this country to represent Muhammad in any form. To add insult to injury, he also testified that his 9 year old son was present, and the man said he felt he needed to show his young son that he was willing to fight for his Prophet.

The case went to trial, and as circumstances would dictate, Judge Mark Martin is also a Muslim. What transpired next was surreal. The Judge not only ruled in favor of the defendant, but called Mr. Perce a name and told him that if he were in a Muslim country, he’d be put to death. Judge Martin’s comments included,

“Having had the benefit of having spent over 2 and a half years in predominantly Muslim countries I think I know a little bit about the faith of Islam. In fact I have a copy of the Koran here and I challenge you sir to show me where it says in the Koran that Mohammad arose and walked among the dead. I think you misinterpreted things. Before you start mocking someone else’s religion you may want to find out a little bit more about it it makes you look like a dufus and Mr. (Defendant) is correct. In many Arabic speaking countries something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society in fact it can be punishable by death and it frequently is in their society. 

Judge Martin then offered a lesson in Islam, stating,

“Islam is not just a religion, it’s their culture, their culture. It’s their very essence their very being. They pray five times a day towards Mecca to be a good Muslim, before you die you have to make a pilgrimage to Mecca unless you are otherwise told you can not because you are too ill too elderly, whatever but you must make the attempt. Their greetings wa-laikum as-Salâm (is answered by voice) may god be with you. Whenever, it’s very common when speaking to each other it’s very common for them to say uh this will happen it’s it they are so immersed in it. 

Judge Martin further complicates the issue by not only abrogating the First Amendment, but completely misunderstanding it when he said,

“Then what you have done is you have completely trashed their essence, their being. They find it very very very offensive. I’m a Muslim, I find it offensive. But you have that right, but you’re way outside your boundaries or first amendment rights. This is what, and I said I spent about 7 and a half years living in other countries. when we go to other countries it’s not uncommon for people to refer to us as ugly Americans this is why we are referred to as ugly Americans, because we are so concerned about our own rights we don’t care about other people’s rights as long as we get our say but we don’t care about the other people’s say”

But wait, it gets worse….


Colorado: High School Student Forced to Sing Praises to “Allah” Quits Choir; Receives Death Threats for Doing So

17 February, 2012

I figure you all have probably heard about this story, but I was interested in hearing your views on it:

Colo. Student Quits Choir Over Islamic Song Praising Allah
By Marti Lotman – NewsMax

A Colorado high school senior felt compelled to quit his school’s choir after seeing that they would be singing a song espousing that “there is no truth except Allah,” reports Fox News.

James Harper, a student at Grand Junction High School, sent an email to Mesa County School District 51 officials, detailing his opposition to singing the song titled “Zikr,” composed by A.R. Rahman.

Yup, that’s the same guy who wrote the music for “Slumdog Millionaire”;  Another piece of Islamaganda garbage, if you ask me.

The school district defended choir director Marcia Wieland’s choice to include the song, so Harper quit the choir.

“I don’t want to come across as a bigot or a racist, but I really don’t feel it is appropriate for students in a public high school to be singing an Islamic worship song,” Harper told KREX-TV. “This is worshipping another God, and even worshipping another prophet . . . I think there would be a lot of outrage if we made a Muslim choir say Jesus Christ is the only truth.”

District spokesman Jeff Kirtland defended the choice, saying that choral music often centers around religious themes and that the school was not promoting or endorsing any specific belief system.

“The song was chosen because its rhythms and other qualities would provide an opportunity to exhibit the musical talent and skills of the group in competition, not because of its religious message or lyrics,” Kirtland told in an email.

NY: Muzzies Plan to File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Rye Playland Park

25 January, 2012

Yup, you just knew it was coming:

This updates our previous coverage HERE.

P.S. – Obviously, the following article is biased towards the Muzzies.  I just wanted to give you all fair warning.

Muslims Arrested At Rye Playland Melee To File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

Westchester County prosecutors have agreed to drop charges against 15 Muslims who were arrested at Rye Playland last summer after women visiting the park were told they could not go on certain ride while wearing their hijabs. The chaotic melee started after some Muslim women demanded a refund, and text messages were sent amongst some of the 3,000 Muslims visiting the amusement park with the Muslim American Society of New York. As growing numbers gathered near the park police station, local police rushed to the scene, and the situation quickly escalated, with a park ranger allegedly yelling, “I don’t give a f*** about your culture.”

15 people, all Muslims, were arrested. Most were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration, but a handful were charged with second-degree assault. Yesterday, they accepted an offer to have the charges dismissed provided they aren’t arrested in the coming months. An attorney representing the group, Lamis Deek, says her clients would have won had the case gone to trial, but most of them live in NYC, and she tells the Associated Press, “It’s unfortunately more convenient to accept this offer, not have to enter a plea of guilty, move on with their lives and pursue this matter in a civil courtroom.”

Deek tells her clients plan to file federal civil rights lawsuits against Westchester County, claiming that the arrests were “abusive” and that the headgear ban violates the civil rights of the Muslim patrons. Rye Playland is located in a public park operated by the county, at a loss of $5 million a year. Rye Playand’s rules are stricter than other amusement parks’. Six Flags in New Jersey, for instance, permits hijabs on rides as long as they are securely wrapped around the head. On the other hand, Six Flags hasn’t had a fatal accident since the ’80s, and it may be that Rye Playland has tighter safety regulations because of a 2005 incident in which a 7-year-old boy who was killed on a boat ride at the park.

Here’s video of the chaotic scene last summer; it shows police pushing at least one Muslim woman to the ground, and over 100 officers responded to the melee, which was sparked by one 17-year-old girl from Brooklyn who refused to comply with the head scarf ban.

Nigerian Muslims Murder 30 Christians

7 January, 2012

No doubt, the minions will claim this is not islamic and demand that no one judge islam. That would be more believable if imams offered to attend Church services and serve as human shields. What a show of support and tolerance that would be. Keep reading and you will see the imams and political powers in Nigeria blame only the “southerners.” Something tells me the imams are behind it all.

It is interesting that the minions always refer to Christians only as “southerners” the implication being that all the violence would end if they just left. Surrender has never worked to calm islamic supremacy, it actually does the opposite and encourages and emboldens muslims.

Unlike some, I have no problem with the concept of take the fight to the enemy and using the right to self-defense. I would gladly send my hard-earned money to arm the Christians if it were possible and legal. Christians everywhere need to wake up and look past Nigeria. Why not just randomly pick any country with sizable Christian and muslim populations and just see if islamic attacks against the Christian faith are an anomaly in Nigeria or part of a global pattern. You should also stop supporting charities in islamic countries, many of you are providing passive support to those attacking your faith and passive support is still support. While you are at it, use sites like islamicfinder to find islamic owned businesses near you and then avoid them. Spend your hard-earned money only on societies compatible with your own.

Emma Amaize and Umar Yusuf in Yola, 7 January 2012, AllAfrika

The Boko Haram Islamic sect has made good its threat to attack Southerners living in the North as no fewer than 20 people from both the Igbo and Yoruba extractions were murdered in Mubi, Adamawa State between Thursday night and yesterday.

-Hopefully, the Christian counter attack will include enough brutality that the muslim community will ask boko haram to back off and let things settle down.

Eight other people, including six Christian worshippers, were killed and several others wounded in a Deeper Life Church in Gombe State just as an 80 year- old father, Musa Darkuwa and his son, Usman were killed in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State on Thursday night, bringing the number of those killed by suspected members of the sect in the two states within the period to about 30.

-Time to arm the Christians and beat the minions at their own game. Christians in the Philippines have proven that fighting back works. Churches should be offering to help fund a few trainers and advisers to help set up defenses and to train the Nigerian Christians in basic combat skills.

Wife of the Pastor Johnson Jauro of the Deeper Life Church was among those killed in the attack, even as two other victims in the state were killed in a hotel in the metropolis.Governor Ibrahaim Hassan Dankwambo of Gombe has always expressed shock over the mayhem unleashed on the Deeper Life Church.

The governor who visited the church yesterday in company of the State CAN Chairman, Reverend Abare Kalla, and many other state dignitaries, directed security agents to fish out the perpetrators of the crime, noting that the development was alien to Gombe.

-Notice that the governer stopped short of ordering protection for Churches and placing the police and military on alert to help combat boko haram. He has already chosen his side and it is not the same one as the Christians are on.

In Delta State, the police also confirmed that five people, including two policemen; an Assistant Superintendent and Inspector were killed by armed robbers in military camouflage. The others were a couple and their salesgirl in a jewellery shop in Warri.
Also, in what looked like a reprisal attack over the killings of Southerners by Boko Haram, enraged youths numbering about 2000 and armed with axes, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons yesterday went on rampage in Sapele, sacking and inflicting injuries on about 50 Muslims at the Hausa Quarters in the local government.

-The “enraged youths” did not go far enough, an eye for an eye. (more…)

School Bows to Islamic Holiday

8 November, 2011

I wonder if they celebrate the Christmas holiday, or do they simply call it the Winter Holiday?  Oh, wait a moment…  Never mind, I just checked and sure enough, they call it the “Winter Holiday Break.”

What a bunch of freakin’ Lefturds:
School District Cancels Classes For Islamic Holiday
Cambridge Students Observe Muslim Religious Holy Day


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Public school students in Cambridge have the day off Monday as the schools are closed in observance of a Muslim religious holiday. Cambridge is the first district in the state to observe an Islamic holy day.

The Cambridge School Committee voted last year to close on one Muslim holiday every school year. Students are getting the day off for Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice.

The decision came after a group of Muslim students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School reached out to school staff, administrators and their fellow students to raise awareness of their religion.

“There are a lot of misconceptions, like, wearing a scarf is oppression. Well, how is it oppression if I choose to?” said Dunia Kassay.

Hey, Dunia, no one with a modicum of intelligence ever said that if you wanted to wear a scarf that it was somehow a sign of oppression; that’s your choice, your right.  What we are saying is that if you DON’T want to wear a headscarf, then the followers of your cultish, oppressive “religion” should accept your decision and not go around throwing acid on your face for not covering up.

School committee members said those meetings and the significant number of Muslim students in Cambridge schools were factors in their decision. There are only a few other cities in the U.S. that recognize Muslim holidays.

“People recognize three major religions in this country — Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It didn’t seem right that we would close for two of those religions, but not the third,” said school committee member Marc McGovern.

I’ve got a few questions for you, Marc:  Who are these “people” and what exactly is your definition of “recognize?”   More importantly, what the heck do you consider a “major” religion?  After all, Buddhism is a major religion in America, too.  Are we to start pandering to all those holidays as well?  Maybe you can show us how inclusive you are and start celebrating Vesākha in May.  Then, since I see that you already celebrate the Wiccan Winter Holidays, why not throw in a few Hindu and Scientology holidays as well.  Heck, after a while, you can eliminate an entire calendar year of school days.  That would be just fine with me since it would also mean that you would be out of a job.

Muslims pray five times a day and observe two high holy days: Eid-al-Adha and Eid-al-Fatr. Every year, the city will close schools for one of the two holidays, depending on which falls in the calendar school year.

“It’s kind of just like a way to put ourselves on a map in a way that people understand who we actually are,” said Kassay.

Aha!  So, what you are saying, in essence, is that it’s really not about religious observances as much as it is about sticking your nose in the tent and drawing attention to yourself.

If both fall in the calendar school year, the district will only close for only one of those days.

“The Cambridge School Committee cannot change world politics, but within our district, within our jurisdiction, we can stand up and say, ‘We are going to show respect. We are going to honor a very vibrant and large community,'” said McGovern.


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