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The Liberal Hatred of Guns is Really a Hatred of Individualism

13 February, 2013

Well, it’s kind of a slow news day.  That is, unless you buy into the Lame Stream Media’s spin and think a guy drinking water while giving a rebuttal to the SOTU address is somehow a major news item.  

News Flash!  Airplane lands safely at airport!  


Anyway, while I was catching up on the news and blog posts, I came across the following article by Neal Boortz and enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d share it with you all.



Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns?

By Neal Boortz
2/13/2013 –

You’re snug in your cabin in the mountains outside of Big Bear, California. Snug, but fearful. They’re searching for a killer near you. A terrifying, heavily armed former cop from Los Angeles who has gone on a killing rampage.

Suddenly you hear gunshots. You part the curtains to look outside … and there’s the man whose picture you’ve seen countless times on TV over the past few days running toward your house as he returns fire to police officers in pursuit.

Just a few weeks ago you had been considering buying an AR-15 just in case it might be needed to defend your home from predators of the two and the four-legged variety. They don’t call the place Big Bear for nothing. You couldn’t buy one, though, because private ownership of these weapons had been outlawed. That didn’t stop the killer. He was carrying one … that along with several pistols. The law didn’t seem to deter him at all. The murderer was still far enough away that you could stop him with one shot through your window, but that option had been taken away by anti-gun zealots.

Somehow you don’t feel comfortable with only your handgun and it’s seven-shot magazine to protect you from this approaching danger. You know the killer, who is rapidly nearing your door, is much more heavily armed than you. Things aren’t looking all that rosy for you and your family right now.

Why did this have to happen? Why were these liberals — these Democrats — so hell-bent on reducing your capacity to act in your own self-defense in a situation just such as this?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Setting statistics aside — the statistics on the number of people shot by lunatics on killing sprees versus the statistics on the number of times a civilian uses a privately-owned firearm to defend themselves every year, usually without ever having to pull the trigger – leaving those statistics aside, just what is it about the liberal Democrat mind that brings forth this primal fear, this hatred of the idea that a private individual would own a gun and use that gun in self defense?

I think I have some ideas here. Let’s share:

The liberal penchant for gun control starts with their obsession with controlling the lives and actions of those considered to be their inferiors … and anyone not liberal is inferior. To amplify the point; progs believe that their innate intellectual superiority gives them a right to control the lives of the not-so-bright. You can only buy a 12 ounce soft drink, you ignorant fool. Stop putting all that salt on your food. You can’t negotiate your own contract with an employer. We’ll tell you how much you’re allowed to work for. Union membership is not a decision for you to make. We’ll make that decision for you. We know best. Do as we say and you’ll be just fine.


Ronin Rambles on Gun Control

18 January, 2013

By Ronin, 18 January 2013.

First let me start by admitting that I own no firearms (on paper).  The last weapon that I bought that had a paper work trail was over twenty years ago.  Personally I think any list that shows the types of weapons you own is inviting a confrontation between you and a thief.  Anyone working in any office with any database could sell, lose the data or it could be hacked, bottom line, make no list. 

You see guns I trust, its people that I have a problem with.  If I owned an impressive list of weapons and registered them with the government, local authorities or just the local gun club, that list would lead anyone that thinks they can own those same weapons for free right back to me.  For the protection of a potential thief I personally will never register another weapon.   I have already seen what happens to thieves, I am ok with keeping the rest far enough away that they can safely pass on by.  It doesn’t matter to me what laws are passed or not passed, I will never register another weapon or vote for anyone that even suggests that gun registration is a good idea, end of story.

I suggest that you all consider helping a thief live out their miserable lives by not listing your firearms on anyone’s list for any reason.  Some of you dependent on where you live might find that idea impractical or illegal, I got it.  You do what you have to do.  Just make me a promise that you consider anyone entering your home to remove a weapon to be a thief and we all know what thieves deserve. 

Every weapon that I have ever bought traded for or owned has been sold, swapped, traded for non-guns or went through so many friends and family members that even I could not track them back down.  Good luck to anyone tracking them.   As a matter of policy and because most of my friends tend to distrust those in authority, all of us will swear on a stack of holy books to anyone that asked about any weapon that we have never owned it, seen it or held it.  Then we will be very helpful pointing those same authorities to someone several states away.  Being civic minded like we are we love to help folks out. (more…)

Drinking With Bob Weighs in on Mandatory Arabic Classes in NY Elementary School

29 May, 2012

I just know Bob’s head is going to go all Scanners on us one these days!  LOL:

Retire Obama or Retire the Constitution

6 January, 2012

An interesting editorial that I thought you all might enjoy:

Will We Retire Obama—- or the Constitution?
Arnold Ahlert – Friday, January 6, 2012 – Canada Free Press

“When Congress refuses to act and as a result hurts our economy and puts people at risk, I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them.” — President Barack Obama

While I always identify the speaker of a quote, it is especially necessary this time. Why? Because if you remove the president’s name from the statement, it becomes really easy to imagine any number of other people making it. For example, plug in Chinese president Hu Jintao, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, or Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Is there any doubt that any of these men would we more than willing to act, if they saw an “obligation” to do so, without the messy necessity of dealing with their respective legislative bodies?

Remember when, right after the 2010 election, a lot of the media were wondering if Barack Obama was going to “move to the center” or practice the politics of “triangulation” that got Bill Clinton re-elected? Such musings are a testament to the self-inflicted blindness that affects far too many people who get paid to see through such nonsense.

When this man was running in 2008, I implored Americans to understand that this country was divided by many issues, but first and foremost among those issues was a simple reality: there are those Americans who add up the plusses and minuses of the American experience and come to the conclusion that this country, warts and all, is still the best nation of earth — and the last, best hope of mankind. Then there are those Americans who engage in the same calculations and conclude that we are at best, just another country, and at worst, the nexus of all that is wrong in the world.

Bewitched by the monumental load known as hope and change, Americans put the latter group in charge of running the nation.


Remember Shop?

3 July, 2011

By Ronin,

Yesterday as I was running around the greater Tampa Florida area, visiting friends and wasting time, I noticed it was trash day. Lots of cans, placed neatly next to curbs. One caught my eye; someone had tossed out a ladder.

Who throws away a ladder? I resisted the urge to pull over and grab the ladder for myself (my friends would have questioned my dumpster diving). This waste really bothered me, I have three ladders, I do not need another one but I see it as a sign of the times.

When I was a child we had, shop class, you could learn basic skills in schools. We had electrical, mechanical, automotive, welding, carpentry, woodworking, metalworking, drafting, general business, home economic and on it went. You could pick the elective of your choice and see if you had talents in that area or you could try several others. In our school, we made lamps, sold stock in our “company”, sold our lamps and earned a profit. Every year, that lesson was reinforced, we made, sold and earned.

I would have repaired that ladder, there are no special ladder repair skills needed, just a few bolts and maybe a scrap piece of metal. To show my disgust with that ladder tossing dirtbag, I went home and used my ladder to clean gutters and repair a roof. I like my ladder it is a favorite toy.

I watch people, they fascinate me, overhear complaints of young people, they have no money in their account, everything costs more money, they are getting less hours, horror story after horror story. (more…)

Suicidal Muslims Show the True Evil of islam

1 August, 2010

Suicidal Muslims Show the True Evil of islam

By Ronin, 1 Aug 2010. JPOST ran this earlier today: “Islamic Jihad said on Sunday that it had decided to resume suicide attacks against Israel from the West Bank.

The threat came in response to attacks launched by IAF planes on the Gaza Strip after rockets were fired at Israel in the past few days”.

My first thoughts were how stupid. Muslims are their own worst enemies. Suicidal terrorism is idiotic even by minion standards. In honor bound socities great lengths are used to hide even a perception of a problem.

Generally speaking, muslims hide their dirt instead of addressing or attempting to solve the problem. Problem with a hormonal teenager? Honor murder her and the community will praise you for it. A wife silly enough to demand respect? Scream, “I divorce you” three times and tell her not to let the door hit her large hairy bottom on the way out.

Back to suicidal morons. At what point does a muslim get so depressed that he or she feels that murdering innocents will be the highest achievement possible for their entire life? Even crazier are the millions of brain dead morons that will praise him or her for it.

You cannot hide stupidity, not the bomber we know they are stupid. I am talking about the idiots that praise them. Is life so bad for them that they will seek out, praise murderers, and ignore those that seek to make a real contribution to society and humanity?

The minions are quick to excuse away a wasted life. “We don’t have planes or tanks” they will say in a stupid attempt at moral comparisons. It seems Israel protecting itself with 21st century technology somehow excuses murder and lost youth.

Muslims, you know that I consider you and your cult as primitive savages. Despite all the benefits that could have worked in your advantages, oil wealth, large work forces and tight communities you have failed your faith and yourselves.

Millions of muslims went to sleep hungry today, many more will repeat it again tomorrow. Ignore them but be ready to dance in the streets when another young idiot murders an innocent.

Look in the mirror, oh worshiper of pedophile. The smiling idiot that you will see deserves the life it lives. I am amazed that any of you has the nerve to show themselves in public.

Ronin’s New Year Resolutions

31 December, 2009

By Ronin, 31 Dec 09
It is that time of year to reflect on the past but plan for the future. This year I decided to make my personal New Year resolutions public so all of you could help me track my progress or chew me out for being a slacker. Many people make promises to lose weight, be nicer to others, give more to charity, use less and just plain improve themselves. Except for that last one, I am not looking toward any of those things. Here are my 2010 resolutions:

FIGHT BACK: This past year we have seen blatant abuse of government authority, this year (2010) we fight back. Voting out a third of our incumbent politicians is possible this year. If that effort is successful, we can replace them all in as little as 6 years. Expect to see more calls to Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians (GRIP). Both parties need a lesson in Democracy, all the incumbents need to go, no quarter no mercy. My goal and hopefully yours is to let as many incumbent politicians hunt work in an economy they helped breakdown. Before I get tons of hate emails let me explain. Any incumbent on his or her first term in office should be measured on their voting record. Any of politicians on two or more consecutive terms in office needs to go, most owe too many political favors to be useful, trustworthy or capable of upholding the honor of their office. Incumbents have sold us out or proved incapable of protecting the will of the people. Incumbents need to go, new blood and ideas tried and faith restored in government. If the politicians refuse to consider term limits then we will force it on them. This is an election year and you will soon be asked to give your support, refuse to help any incumbent as a matter of principle. Before giving a single dime (or vote) to any Politicians, ask these simple questions:

Will you swear to uphold the values and principles granted by our founding fathers?
Will you swear to roll back government spending?
Will you fight for states rights over the central government?
Will you investigate political action groups like Acorn, CAIR and others?
Will you hold other politicians personally responsible for their voting records and if necessary prosecute them if improprieties found?

More on this list later, I do not want to get off topic.

INCREASE PRESSURE: You could also call that blog more. Based on the higher than normal numbers of leftists, islamic apologists, phishing emails and death threats we received this year I think it is safe to say the blog has gotten noticed by those that hate freedom. I promise to do more, take some pressure off Doctor Bulldog and write more, post more and generally fight more. If you think I was a pest this year, just watch.

INCREASE SELF-SUFFICIENCY: This is another increase, I have always been more or less self-sufficient but I’m planning to step it up a notch. I already collected tools, supplies, seeds and yes, plenty of firearms and ammunition. The goal is barter, build or repair anything around the place that breaks and do it with as little cash outflow as possible. The difference of this resolution from Networking is the singular effort. My first goal is do as much without help as possible, it saves me money, keeps me healthy and busy. This year I practiced what I preached. I have collected supplies, practiced caching techniques; not easy in Florida the soil is sandy and the water table high; humidity is horrible and isolated places rare. I’m not turning into a survivalist, end timer or militia member but preparing for a complete meltdown of society; which will happen if our government continues down it present course. Practice makes perfect and unless you have actually built and maintained caches, stored food and supplies you may find that you do not have the skills you should have.

NETWORK: This one I have already started, I plan to increase it. I am building a network of like minded concerned American’s willing to barter their services or at least discount them. Lists are being complied of artisans, craftsmen, professionals and even hobbyist’s willing to do a majority of their business with each other before seeking outside services. This does a few things, it helps lesson the impact of our governments failed economic policies. It quarantines work goes first to legal citizens, area businesses, improves the local economic base and because some of the work is bartered less taxes for our beloved politicians. I wish I could have shown you a picture of old Ronin in a suit and tie talking to civic groups and area churches but the real beauty of this plan is it is another ground up movement. None of the organizations I have talked to so far have any connection with each other. Each of them will focus inwards to protect the own economic base of their own members and in doing so help protect their own first. We the people need to show our political masters that we really do not require them to hold our hands. I plan on a series of how to articles once this effort has grown enough to prove itself. In simple terms, it is a series of networks built using social, economic and religious groups to help themselves. Think Amish; need a barn? It is a community effort, networking has worked before and it will work now. What groups can you help?

Ok, so those are my 2010 resolutions. Hold me accountable.

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