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Expensive USDA “Cultural Sensitivity” Training Teaches That The Pilgrims Were Illegal Immigrants

15 February, 2013

Pilgrims were “Illegal Aliens?”  

Uh…  No, they weren’t.  Technically, for that to be true, the Americas would have had to have had some form of government that specifically made it illegal to enter into the Americas without authorization.

However, that being said, IF the Pilgrims WERE illegal aliens, wouldn’t that just bolster the sentiment that we need to secure our borders?

By the way, the guy shown conducting these “Cultural Sensitivity” workshops is Samuel Betances.  He claims to be an associate of ex-Chicago Mayor, Richard Daily.  However, I’m dubious of that claim, since Mr. Betances is quoted as saying that ex-Mayor Daily tapped him when he “needed people “to talk across racial lines” in 1960s riots.”  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember Richard Daily even being in politics until 1969.  Just my two-bits:

JW Releases Confidential USDA Videos Revealing “Cultural Sensitivity Training” Program

Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released previously unseen USDA videos revealing a compulsory “Cultural Sensitivity Training” program requiring USDA employees to bang on tables, chanting in unison “The pilgrims were illegal aliens” while being instructed to no longer use the word “minorities,” but to replace it with “emerging majorities.” Judicial Watch received the videos pursuant to a May 18, 2012, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The sensitivity training sessions, described as “a huge expense” by diversity awareness trainer and self-described “citizen of the world” Samuel Betances, were held on USDA premises. The diversity event is apparently part of what USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack described in a memo sent to all agency employees as a “new era of Civil Rights” and “a broader effort towards cultural transformation at USDA.” In 2011 and 2012, the USDA paid Betances and his firm nearly $200,000 for their part in the “cultural transformation” program.

USDA Sensitivity Training Video Excerpt 1“If you take a look at all of you here and you think about your salaries and your benefits and what you have left undone – plus my fee – plus the expense of the team that putting the video together, this is a huge expense”:

USDA Sensitivity Training Video Excerpt 2“I want you to say that American was founded by outsiders – say that – who are today’s insiders, who are very nervous about today’s outsiders. I want you to say, ‘The pilgrims were illegal aliens.’ Say, ‘The pilgrims never gave their passports to the Indians.’” Betances also asked the audience, “Give me a bam,” after these statements, to which the audience replied in unison:

USDA Sensitivity Training Video Excerpt 3“By the way, I don’t like the word ‘minorities.’ How about ‘emerging majorities?’”

“This USDA diversity training video depicts out-of-control political correctness,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “Can someone please explain how any of this helps USDA employees to better serve the American taxpayer? This video further confirms that politically-correct diversity training programs are both offensive and a waste of taxpayer money. No wonder it took over half a year to obtain this video from the Obama administration.”


The Liberal Hatred of Guns is Really a Hatred of Individualism

13 February, 2013

Well, it’s kind of a slow news day.  That is, unless you buy into the Lame Stream Media’s spin and think a guy drinking water while giving a rebuttal to the SOTU address is somehow a major news item.  

News Flash!  Airplane lands safely at airport!  


Anyway, while I was catching up on the news and blog posts, I came across the following article by Neal Boortz and enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d share it with you all.



Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns?

By Neal Boortz
2/13/2013 –

You’re snug in your cabin in the mountains outside of Big Bear, California. Snug, but fearful. They’re searching for a killer near you. A terrifying, heavily armed former cop from Los Angeles who has gone on a killing rampage.

Suddenly you hear gunshots. You part the curtains to look outside … and there’s the man whose picture you’ve seen countless times on TV over the past few days running toward your house as he returns fire to police officers in pursuit.

Just a few weeks ago you had been considering buying an AR-15 just in case it might be needed to defend your home from predators of the two and the four-legged variety. They don’t call the place Big Bear for nothing. You couldn’t buy one, though, because private ownership of these weapons had been outlawed. That didn’t stop the killer. He was carrying one … that along with several pistols. The law didn’t seem to deter him at all. The murderer was still far enough away that you could stop him with one shot through your window, but that option had been taken away by anti-gun zealots.

Somehow you don’t feel comfortable with only your handgun and it’s seven-shot magazine to protect you from this approaching danger. You know the killer, who is rapidly nearing your door, is much more heavily armed than you. Things aren’t looking all that rosy for you and your family right now.

Why did this have to happen? Why were these liberals — these Democrats — so hell-bent on reducing your capacity to act in your own self-defense in a situation just such as this?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Setting statistics aside — the statistics on the number of people shot by lunatics on killing sprees versus the statistics on the number of times a civilian uses a privately-owned firearm to defend themselves every year, usually without ever having to pull the trigger – leaving those statistics aside, just what is it about the liberal Democrat mind that brings forth this primal fear, this hatred of the idea that a private individual would own a gun and use that gun in self defense?

I think I have some ideas here. Let’s share:

The liberal penchant for gun control starts with their obsession with controlling the lives and actions of those considered to be their inferiors … and anyone not liberal is inferior. To amplify the point; progs believe that their innate intellectual superiority gives them a right to control the lives of the not-so-bright. You can only buy a 12 ounce soft drink, you ignorant fool. Stop putting all that salt on your food. You can’t negotiate your own contract with an employer. We’ll tell you how much you’re allowed to work for. Union membership is not a decision for you to make. We’ll make that decision for you. We know best. Do as we say and you’ll be just fine.


Chicago: IL State Senator and Gun Control Advocate Arrested for Carrying a Gun at Airport

6 December, 2012

I think I can pretty much sum up the logic for you:  The commies in government want to take away your guns while keeping themselves armed—because, an unarmed populace is a compliant populace:

sen. Donne Trotter.jpg

Senator and leading gun control advocate tries to bring pistol onto plane
Story by 89 WLS web staff

(CHICAGO) – Illinois State Sen. Donne Trotter was arrested Wednesday for trying to bring a handgun onto a flight from Chicago to Washington.

TSA at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport found a loaded firearm in Trotter’s bag.

Trotter reportedly told investigators he didn’t realize the pistol and ammunition were still in his bag after working a security job Tuesday night.

This comes as a shock to some, as Trotter is a known gun control advocate.


Some more info:

IL State Sen. Donne Trotter to appear in court after trying to bring handgun on aircraft, prosecutors say

Jessica D’Onofrio – WLS-TV Chicago, IL

December 6, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — State Senator Donne Trotter is expected in court Thursday after he was charged with trying to bring a handgun onto an aircraft, prosecutors said.

He was arrested Wednesday at O’Hare International Airport, where security discovered the gun in Trotter’s carry-on bag.

Trotter, 62, told police the gun that was confiscated was the same one he uses for work as a security guard, police said.

Trotter has a valid firearms owner identification card and a permit with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to work as a security guard.

Trotter, a Democrat who has served in the state legislature since 1988, spent Wednesday night in police lockup.


PA Restaurant Forced By Government to Extend Sunday Church Discount to Atheists and Satanists

30 November, 2012

Yup, more government interference into the lives of small business owners.

The real interesting thing is that the judge has just reaffirmed that Atheism IS a religion! Be sure to point this out to your Atheist friends whenever they try to convince you otherwise:

Prudhommes cajun kitchen 2

Gov’t Gives PA Restaurant a Choice: Give 10% Sunday Church Bulletin Discount to Atheists Too or Discontinue it Entirely
The Blaze

Do you recall the furor surrounding Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen, a Pennsylvania-based restaurant, this past summer? The establishment has been offering a 10 percent discount for individuals who bring in a church bulletin on Sundays. Citing this action as discriminatory, John Wolff, a local atheist, filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC). Now, the restaurant will be forced to offer discounts to any individual who brings in a pamphlet involving religious faith — including atheism.

To continue offering its discount, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen must now honor literature that comes from any religious institution, The Christian Post reports. This includes secular bulletins from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist non-profit, and faith-based documents pertaining to Judaism, Islam and other religions on Sundays.

A one-line statement from the state human relations commission summarized these ideals: ”Respondent will continue to give a discount for any bulletin from any group oriented around the subject of religious faith, including publications from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as long as they maintain the Sunday discount program.”

The ruling gave victory to Wolff, who argued that he was being discriminated against since he does not attend church. Shannon Powers, a spokesperson for PHRC, told the York Daily Record that the restaurant merely needs to remove the word “church” from the discount to comply with the new mandate.

“This simple language change was our recommendation from the beginning and was refused by Prudhomme’s,” Powers said.

The government representative made it clear, though, that the restaurant lost its battle and that Wolff’s religious complaint was upheld.


Santa Barbara Architectural Board Blocks Construction of New Chick-fil-A

9 August, 2012

Welcome to Libtopia, where one’s religious morality will not be tolerated (unless you’re a Muzzie):

California Board Blocks Chick-fil-A Opening

The gay marriage controversy may now be standing in the way of a new Chik-fil-A opening in California.

This week, five members of Santa Barbara’s architectural board abstained from approving a landscaping plan for a restaurant. The move essentially halts the project from moving forward.

City Councilman Frank Hotchkiss condemned the board and requested its members resign.

“For a group thats supposed to working on architectural benefits for the city to just stop what they’re doing because of their political views is outrageous,” he said.

Board member Gary Mosel disagreed with Hotchkiss.

“I feel he’s jumping the gun, and not knowing the situation and asking for our resignation is not a fair assessment,” he said.

Mosel admitted he abstained from the vote because he’s a member of two gay and lesbian groups. But he said each board member has their own reasons for not voting.


New Jersey Lower House Passes Senate Bill Legalizing Queer Marriages; Gov. Chris Christie Promises Swift Veto

17 February, 2012

Although I don’t agree with N.J. Governor Chris Christie’s fatuous embrace of Islam, I am more than pleased to see that he hasn’t given in to the gay agenda:

N.J. Assembly passes gay marriage bill

TRENTON— Even as Gov. Chris Christie’s threat of a “swift” veto looms, gay rights activists basked today after the state Assembly took final action on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New Jersey.

The Senate, which failed to pass a gay marriage bill two years ago, easily approved it Monday. The governor’s office last night would not say when Christie would respond.
Today’s 42-33 tally did not include a single Republican vote, and two Democrats from Cape May County — Nelson Albano and Matthew Milam — voted no.

Gay rights activists were joyous after the vote, vowing they’d fight to overturn Christie’s expected veto — and saying it bolsters a gay marriage court challenge in its early stages.


It will be tough, however, to overturn Christie’s expected veto. Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer), a sponsor of the bill (A-1) and one of two openly gay lawmakers, said supporters have until the legislative session ends in January 2014 to garner the nearly dozen more votes needed to override. He said it had won nearly ten Assembly votes in recent weeks.

In today’s debate, several lawmakers, including Oliver, said they initially opposed gay marriage or struggled with the decision because of their religious beliefs.

Assemblyman Charles Mainor (D-Hudson) said he had believed voting yes would emotionally harm children and force them into therapy. “I felt this way because I was ignorant,’’ he said. “And I was ignorant because I didn’t educate myself.”

Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Burlington), a sponsor, said that as a former altar boy at an urban Catholic parish, “this road wasn’t very easy to get to.”

Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex), a deaconness in her church, said she also struggled over her decision.

“In my final hours, I came to the conclusion that the people sent me from my district here to vote for what was right and to protect all the people … regardless of their gender, race, religion or sexual preference,” she said. “This bill today is not a religious issue. It’s a civil rights issue.

Um…  No it isn’t.  It’s a sexual perversion issue.  Gays have the same rights as all Americans; they can marry just about anyone they want to, provided it’s of the opposite sex.  Hey, here in Missouri, I can’t legally marry a cousin or a close blood relative.  Am I being discriminated against, too?  I don’t think so.  Nope.  No civil rights issue there. It’s a moralistic and naturalistic issue. 

Should we now support pedophiles under the auspices of a civil rights issue?  Certainly not!  You either support debauchery or you don’t.  As a Christian, you either support God’s law or you don’t.  Where’s the civil rights angle in that? 

Republicans opposing the bill said the vote on gay marriage belongs to New Jersey residents — as Christie has urged — rather than 120 lawmakers and the governor.

“Who should be the ultimate judge on deciding this issue? Should it be the 121 of us in Trenton? Or should we let the people of New Jersey decide?’’ said Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (R-Union) “I trust the people of New Jersey and believe that they should be allowed to voice their opinion for a vote.”

Hey, in a Libtarded politician’s mind, America is a “Great Democracy” if the majority of Americans agree with him/her.  The moment “We the People” disagree with the politicians, America suddenly reverts to a Republic again and the politicians scramble to ram unpopular legislation down our throats.  Go figure.


Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire are hard at work repealing the queer marriage law enacted during a recent DemonRat controlled legislature.

Oklahoma Senate Passes Personhood Act

16 February, 2012

Just a quick tidbit that I thought was worth mentioning:

Oklahoma’s state senate has passed a “personhood” bill.

OKLAHOMA CITY (February 16, 2012)–The Oklahoma Senate overwhelmingly approved an anti-abortion “personhood” bill Wednesday that declares life begins at conception.

The vote upset doctors who fear the proposed law will jeopardize reproductive medicine.

Where’d they get those doctors, Planned Barrenhood?

The bill now heads to the House, where it is also expected to pass.

Republican Gov. Mary Fallin typically won’t comment on pending legislation, but she has described herself as strongly “pro-life.”

The bill would provide embryos and fetuses with “all the rights privileges, and immunities” of other citizens.

Republican Sen. Brian Crain says it’s modeled after a 1986 Missouri law that was later determined by the U.S. Supreme Court to be constitutional.




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