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19 June, 2012

My email account, DoctorBulldog_mail(at) was compromised.   If you have received an email from me in the past few days with a link to another website, DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK!!!  It is a malware site!

I have changed my email password and hopefully that will resolve the problem.

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Doctor Bulldog

Chinese Military Show Accidentally Reveals Previously Denied Hacking Endeavors

22 August, 2011

Huang Xueping, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, said back in February 2010:

“Linking Internet hacking activities to the Chinese government and military is totally unfounded and utterly irresponsible […] This is stirring up a fuss for ulterior motives.”

Hm…  Seems Xueping has a “rot of  ezprain’n” to do:

EXPOSED: A picture of the hacking software shown during the Chinese military program. The large writing at the top says "Select Attack Target." The IP Addres was selected from a drop-down list of Falun Gong websites, while the button on the left says "Attack."

Slip-Up in Chinese Military TV Show Reveals More Than Intended
Piece shows cyber warfare against US entities
By Matthew Robertson & Helena Zhu
Epoch Times 

A standard, even boring, piece of Chinese military propaganda screened in mid-July included what must have been an unintended but nevertheless damaging revelation: shots from a computer screen showing a Chinese military university is engaged in cyberwarfare against entities in the United States.

The documentary itself was otherwise meant as praise to the wisdom and judgment of Chinese military strategists, and a typical condemnation of the United States as an implacable aggressor in the cyber-realm. But the fleeting shots of an apparent China-based cyber-attack somehow made their way into the final cut.

The screenshots appear as B-roll footage in the documentary for six seconds—between 11:04 and 11:10 minutes [0:38 to 0:44 on the Youtube video]—showing custom-built Chinese software apparently launching a cyber-attack against the main website of the Falun Gong spiritual practice, by using a compromised IP address belonging to a United States university. As of Aug. 22 at 1:30pm EDT, in addition to Youtube, the whole documentary is available on the CCTV website.

The screenshots show the name of the software and the Chinese university that built it, the Electrical Engineering University of China’s People’s Liberation Army—direct evidence that the PLA is involved in coding cyber-attack software directed against a Chinese dissident group.

The software window says “Choose Attack Target.” The computer operator selects an IP address from a list—it happens to be—and then selects a target. Encoded in the software are the words “Falun Gong website list,” showing that attacking Falun Gong websites was built into the software.

A drop-down list of dozens of Falun Gong websites appears. The computer operator chooses, the main website of the Falun Gong spiritual practice.

The IP address belongs to the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), according to an online trace.

The shots then show a big “Attack” button on the bottom left being pushed, before the camera cuts away.

“The CCP has leaked its top secret here,” says Jason Ma, a commentator for New Tang Dynasty Television. “This is the first time we see clearly that one of the top Chinese military universities is doing this research and developing software for cyber-attacks. There’s solid proof of it in this video,” he said.

The Chinese Communist Party has consistently denied that it is involved in cyber-attacks, but experts have long suspected that the Chinese military engages in them.


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