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Malaysian Hindus celebrate colourful Thaipusam festival

30 January, 2010

I know highlighting a religious festival is a little different from our regular fair but this one is celebrated by Hindus all over and always involves extreme acts of devotion. If that is not enough of a reason it also shows the islamic communities that other faiths can also perform extreme festivals and do it without cutting, burning or murdering anyone else. The Hindus limit the blood lust to their own.

In Malaysia the Hindus are oppressed by the muslims and although both muslims and Hindus oppress the Christians the Hindus do not use special occasions as an excuse for even more violence.

January 31, 10, AFP
Malaysian Indians pierced themselves with hooks and skewers Saturday as they celebrated a Hindu festival hailed as a show of religious freedom after a spate of attacks on places of worship.
-Just in case you have not figured it out, it was not the Christians burning their temples.

Huge crowds of devotees converged on the Batu Caves temple, a spectacular limestone cavern on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur that is expected to draw some 1.5 million people over the annual three-day Thaipusam festival.

Some devotees carried heavy ornate structures called kavadis as they walked up 272 steps to the temple, while hundreds of others had their tongues, cheeks, chests and backs pierced with hooks and skewers.
-I once hooked myself with a fishhook but I did not see it as a religious experience.
While some worshippers walked quietly and recited prayers, others went into a religious trance, chanting and whirling as supporters held them back by ropes tied onto the hooks placed in long rows down their backs.

“We are here to fulfil our vows and to pray for peace for our country,” K. Thana, a female devotee who carried a milk-pot offering, told AFP as she walked barefoot up to the temple with her mother.

“I have been doing this for more than five years and for this year, I don’t think we are disturbed by the incidents that happened recently,” said the 38-year-old bank officer, clad in a yellow costume symbolising purification.

Places of worship in Malaysia have been pelted with Molotov cocktails, stones, paint and severed pig heads since a December court ruling that allowed non-Muslims to use the word “Allah” as a translation for “God”.
-Most of our readership already know that the deity “allah” is not the same as the Christian “God” maybe someone should clue in the Hindus. (more…)

Holy Elephant’s punish Hindus for anti-Christian violence

21 December, 2009

I do not really think this was divine retribution but I liked the story enough to share it. It does trump “grandma got run over by a reindeer”.

21 Dec 09, Catholic World News
In July 2008 a severe persecution of Christians broke out in the Indian state of Orissa. A 22 year old nun was burnt to death when angry mobs burnt down an orphanage in Khuntpali village in Barhgarh district, another nun was gang raped in Kandhamal, mobs attacked churches, torched vehicles, houses of Christians destroyed, and Fr. Thomas Chellen, director of the pastoral center that was destroyed with a bomb, had a narrow escape after a Hindu mob nearly set him on fire. The end result saw more than 500 Christians murdered, and thousands of others injured and homeless after their houses were reduced to ashes. Recently a strange and dramatic event took place in Orissa, which has many people talking and wondering.
-Let this be a warning to all you Christian murdering heathens.

In recent months, herds of wild elephants have begun to storm villages that are home to some of the worst persecutors of Christians during the troubles. In one village, where in August a year ago the Christians had to run for their lives while their homes were being destroyed by rioters, a herd of elephants emerged from the surrounding jungle exactly one year later, in July 2009, at the same time of the day of the attack.

These elephants first attacked a rock crusher machine owned by a key leader of the persecution movement. They then went on to destroy his house and farms.
-Lol, go Dumbo!

Hundreds of villagers have been forced to take shelter in camps in the Indian state of Orissa after repeated attacks by a herd of elephants.

Seven people have been killed and several others injured in attacks by a herd of 12-13 elephants over the past few weeks in Kandhamal district.

Over 2,500 people living in 45 villages have been affected by the attacks, district chief Krishen Kumar said.
-This is just getting better and better. Smite down the wicked. (more…)

Australian PM urges calm after ‘racial’ attacks

10 June, 2009

Thanks to Chris for sending this in.

Spurred on by the example set in Mumbai; Australia’s minions also want to target Hindus. Time to organize yourselves and prepare to take the fight to them if the government continues to fail to protect you. Your first step should be to demand protection followed by an aggressive campaign to vote out the incumbents. Worthless politicians should be unemployed no matter what country they F up.

10 June 2009, (CNN) — Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called for calm Wednesday, assuring the Indian community that his country was still one of the safest study destinations in the world despite a series of attacks on Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne.
-Any guess what group would attack Hindus with no provocation?

Australia insists the attacks are not racial, but rather “a regrettable part of urban life,” as Rudd put it in a radio interview on Wednesday.
-Technically he is correct it is not racial it is ideology that encourages allahs minions to murder innocents.

Authorities say the Indian students are victims of opportunistic criminal gangs.
-Lol the coward is scared admit the truth.

“Quite often, they are catching trains home from work late in the evening as many do not have access to cars,” said Simon Overland, chief commissioner for the Victoria state police. “They are often traveling alone and this is leaving them vulnerable to crime.”
The Indian community, however, alleges gangs are specifically targeting Indians.
-Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, do not say that-you will embarrass Prime Minister Rudd, he already has a major problem with illegal muslim immigration.

Activists say there have been about 1,500 attacks a year for the last three years — but lately, they have picked up.
-Burn a few mosque and see if that helps. Ok, do not really do that but protesting in front of a few mosques should scare the minions back into a dark corner. They only attack when they have numbers; a show of force scares them more than Hillary without makeup. (more…)

Two More Christians Murdered and mutilated in India

22 September, 2008

It is starting to look like the Hindu’s are taking a page from old mohammeds book of death. The Christians should be natural allies with Hindus against islam. Despite the murder by jihadi of 80 million Hindus at least some Hindus fear Christianity more than the fends of mohammed. So far, the Christians are still turning the other cheek.

By Nirmala Carvalho, 22, September, 2008, Asia News
The bodies of the two victims were cut into pieces and thrown into a pond. Churches attacked, Sisters and Priests are now forced to conceal their identity to escape violent persecution and forced ‘conversion’ to Hinduism.

MUMBAI (AsiaNews) – No end is in sight to the attacks and violence against Christians. In Orissa, where for more than three weeks a pogrom against Catholics and Protestants has been underway, two more killings have been recorded. Iswar Digal and Purinder Pradhan were murdered and cut to pieces. Iswar Digal, was from the the village of Gatringia in the district of Kandhamal; he was stopped on September 20 by a group of Hindu extremists while he and his wife were trying to escape to a refugee camp. Their home was burned. The other victim was from Nilungia. His body was cut to pieces, put into a jute sack, and thrown into a pond.

The new wave of violence began last August 23, in the district of Kandhamal, after the killing of Swami Laxamananda Saraswati, a radical Hindu leader. Hindu fundamentalist organizations accuse the Christians of killing him, although the police of Orissa suspect that the authors of the assassination were Maoist militants. The pogrom to “kill all Christians and destroy their institutions” is motivated in part by the accusations according to which Christians are coercing tribals and Dalits to convert through force or bribery. (more…)

Christians protest against church attack in India

20 September, 2008

I ran this article not because attacks against Christians are rare in India but because the way the press responded is rare. The press identified the violence is religiously motivated and which religions are involved.

After years of watching our mainstream media write articles about attacks on Christians and go to extreme lengths to ignore a mention of islam or quickly point out that muslims are also victimized, this article appeared an anomaly to me. Granted it was not written or posted in our mainstream media but I thought some of you would appreciate that a few real journalists remain. Or it could be a s simple as the press doesn’t have a fear of a backlash from Hindus. You decide.

Jabalpur, Sept 20 (ANI) : Christians in Japabalpur took out a protest march against the attack on a 150-year-old cathedral.

The incident in Madhya Pradesh comes on the heels of a series of attacks against churches in Orissa and Karnataka.

Christian devotees formed human chain, offered prayers and marched through the streets of the city and urged shopkeepers to down shutters.
-I should note that they did not immediately arm themselves and go on a counter rampage.

They demanded immediate action against the culprits.
-Legal action (more…)

India: Hindus Attack Two Christian Pastors and Parade them Around, “Half-Naked”

15 August, 2008

Yup, those “peaceful” Hindus certainly have learned a lot from the Muzzies:

Pastors Attacked, Tied to a Car and Paraded Half Naked in Karnataka, India
By James Varghese – Via
Special to ASSIST News Service

KARNATAKA, INDIA (ANS) – Two pastors were tortured and arrested by Hindu radicals.

The incident occurred on Aug. 11 in Davangere, Karnataka State, India.

According to a story on,  Pastors Rajendra Gowda and Kumaran were praying in a village called Emmanabettur, and more than 20 Hindu radicals from the Shivasainya (Army of Shiva) Youth Association burst into the meeting and attacked the pastors.

It was reported in the story that the radicals stripped the pastors, tied them to a car and drove them half naked from Emmanabettur village to the Anagi Police Outpost. That is a distance of about seven kilometers.

The report said the pastors were then later taken in the same car to Davangere Rural Polic Station. That is about another 20 kilometers from Anagi Outpost. There the pastors were viciously assaulted.

Then the Hindu radicals filed a complaint with the police against the pastors, alleging they were engaging in forced conversion activities. As a result, the police arrested the pastors.

[Sound familiar???]

The website reported after appearing before a magistrate later that evening, the pastors were freed the next day.


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