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L.A. Residents Live in Fear of LAPD Mistaking Them For Chris Dorner and Shooting Them

12 February, 2013

Again, I would just like to point out that cops are, at a minimum, 11 times more likely to accidentally shoot an innocent person than are “civilian” gun owners (who, by the way, shoot and kill twice as many bad guys as the cops).

Apparently, the citizens of Los Angeles and surrounding areas are slowly coming to that realization and have taken it upon themselves to help the police out, just a little:

please don't shoot not chris dorner1

please dont shoot not chris dorner2

And, since it doesn’t matter to the LAPD what make, model, or color your truck is, if you live near L.A., you might want to consider purchasing the following bumper sticker from eBay:

dont shoot not dorner

So God Made a Liberal

8 February, 2013

Taking his cue from the use of Paul Harvey’s iconic speech, “So God Made a Farmer,”  in Dodge Ram’s recent Super Bowl ad, SooperMexican gives us an instant classic with the following:

Exclusive Photo of Obama Skeet Shooting!

28 January, 2013

Well, today Jay Carney was asked if he had ever seen any photos of Obama skeet shooting.  Of course, after dancing around a bit, he answered that he hadn’t.  In order to help him out, I’ve scoured my extensive computer archives and come up with the following:

Obama Goes Skeet Shooting

Mitt Romney Steals the Show at Al Smith Dinner

19 October, 2012

If you haven’t already seen this video, it’s a must watch!  Romney gets some awesome jabs at Obama:

Hilarious Commencement Speech for the Class of 2012

9 May, 2012

It’s funny because it’s soooo true!:

If Commencements Told The Truth
by Pat Archbold Wednesday, May 09, 2012 – National Catholic Register

Congratulations class of 2012.  It is my great pleasure and privilege to address you on this momentous occasion in your lives.

I know today is all about you, so I want to talk about me for a second.  This is also a momentous occasion in my life. Well, not so much momentous as depressing.  As I look out at all your fresh, young, and eager faces a few things come immediately to mind.  First, and this is the me part, I realize how old I am.  I seems like I was you just a moment ago. It is sobering to think that when you were born, the world had already traded in the awesome musical stylings of Mister Mister for Milli Vanilli.  This was a harbinger of things to come if ever there was one, but I can see from your faces you have no idea what I am talking about.

Anyway, this is your day.  Enough about me, I wish to speak about, well, more me.  Not me in particular, but my whole generation of “me’s.”  A moment ago, I said that when I look out at all your fresh, young, and eager faces a few things come immediately to mind.  One, I am old. Two, I owe you an apology.  Me and all the other “me’s” of my generation.  We were your last chance and we blew it.

Most of you are graduating with mountains of debt with little or no prospect of paying it back anytime soon.  This may not seem like a big deal to you, but that is kinda our fault too.  Among the many things we have taught you is that it is perfectly fine to incur huge amounts of debt with no reasonable way to pay it back.  We taught you that you can borrow other people’s money and that when things get rough you can either just walk away or wait long enough for the government to bail you out.  We taught you that it is perfectly fine to live beyond your means only to hand your bills to somebody else.  It isn’t.  Eventually, somebody has to pay.  Guess what?  That somebody is you.  Now, that might not be so bad if there were lots and lots of you to pay for it, just a little for everyone.  But we kinda killed millions of little “yous” in the process, because we thought they might crimp our style.  Our parent’s religion told us not to behave this way, but we were so sure we knew better. I will be the first to admit that we didn’t think that all the way through.  Our bad.


Sean Hannity B*tch Slaps Occupied Porta Pottier Who Blames NYPD for OWS Rapes and Violence

5 May, 2012

Thought you all might enjoy this awesome smackdown of a pretentious little punk:

Dad ‘Honor Kills’ Rebellious Teen Daughter’s Laptop

10 February, 2012

I’m still recovering from the flu, but this video has me feeling much better now.  So, I figured I’d share it with you all:

WARNING:  Graphic language. 

Note:  If you want to spare yourself the Facebook posted rantings of a foul-mouthed, hormonal teenager as read to us by the father, just scroll to about the end of the video for the good stuff:


Obama’s Dream Debate – Part 1

19 January, 2012

Closer to reality than Romney supporters would lead you to believe:

Obama Christmas Carol

20 December, 2011

A little Christmas humor to start your day:

Best Radio Spots for Guns, Evah!

14 December, 2011

You just gotta’ love the way PRK Arms takes the “puppy mill” commercials and gives them a new twist:


And, for the more adventurous, a “male enhancement” radio ad:


Even more entertaining is that these radio spots are running in California!

Unsurprisingly, these radio spots have caught the attention of the local media:

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