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Nigeria: 20 Christians Murdered By Muslims

8 January, 2012

This was not done without the direct support of the islamic community in Nigeria.

It is starting to look like another Nigerian Civil War is imminent. When the pictures of the dead and dying start hitting the global media, do not give to charities serving the muslim north, they will just buy ammunition. Once we identify charities that serve the Christian south we will let you know.

Matthew Onah, John Shiklam and Michael Olugbode, 8 January 2012, allAfrika
At least 20 more people were killed at the weekend in fresh attacks suspected to have been carried out by the terrorist Boko Haram sect in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States.

The terrorists attacked the Christ Apostolic Church, Nasarawo Parish, Jimeta-Yola in Adamwa State, on Friday evening, killing over 12 persons.

They also shot and killed four persons in another raid in Lamurde, about 80 kilometres away from Yola, the Adamawa State capital.

In another attack in Potiskum, the Yobe State capital, Boko Haram members killed two persons and raided four banks.
-See the pattern yet, these are not isolated events by a few muslims. An attack across that much area requires a complex system of attackers and supporters. This was not done without the direct support of the islamic community in Nigeria.

Nigerian Muslims Murder 30 Christians

7 January, 2012

No doubt, the minions will claim this is not islamic and demand that no one judge islam. That would be more believable if imams offered to attend Church services and serve as human shields. What a show of support and tolerance that would be. Keep reading and you will see the imams and political powers in Nigeria blame only the “southerners.” Something tells me the imams are behind it all.

It is interesting that the minions always refer to Christians only as “southerners” the implication being that all the violence would end if they just left. Surrender has never worked to calm islamic supremacy, it actually does the opposite and encourages and emboldens muslims.

Unlike some, I have no problem with the concept of take the fight to the enemy and using the right to self-defense. I would gladly send my hard-earned money to arm the Christians if it were possible and legal. Christians everywhere need to wake up and look past Nigeria. Why not just randomly pick any country with sizable Christian and muslim populations and just see if islamic attacks against the Christian faith are an anomaly in Nigeria or part of a global pattern. You should also stop supporting charities in islamic countries, many of you are providing passive support to those attacking your faith and passive support is still support. While you are at it, use sites like islamicfinder to find islamic owned businesses near you and then avoid them. Spend your hard-earned money only on societies compatible with your own.

Emma Amaize and Umar Yusuf in Yola, 7 January 2012, AllAfrika

The Boko Haram Islamic sect has made good its threat to attack Southerners living in the North as no fewer than 20 people from both the Igbo and Yoruba extractions were murdered in Mubi, Adamawa State between Thursday night and yesterday.

-Hopefully, the Christian counter attack will include enough brutality that the muslim community will ask boko haram to back off and let things settle down.

Eight other people, including six Christian worshippers, were killed and several others wounded in a Deeper Life Church in Gombe State just as an 80 year- old father, Musa Darkuwa and his son, Usman were killed in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State on Thursday night, bringing the number of those killed by suspected members of the sect in the two states within the period to about 30.

-Time to arm the Christians and beat the minions at their own game. Christians in the Philippines have proven that fighting back works. Churches should be offering to help fund a few trainers and advisers to help set up defenses and to train the Nigerian Christians in basic combat skills.

Wife of the Pastor Johnson Jauro of the Deeper Life Church was among those killed in the attack, even as two other victims in the state were killed in a hotel in the metropolis.Governor Ibrahaim Hassan Dankwambo of Gombe has always expressed shock over the mayhem unleashed on the Deeper Life Church.

The governor who visited the church yesterday in company of the State CAN Chairman, Reverend Abare Kalla, and many other state dignitaries, directed security agents to fish out the perpetrators of the crime, noting that the development was alien to Gombe.

-Notice that the governer stopped short of ordering protection for Churches and placing the police and military on alert to help combat boko haram. He has already chosen his side and it is not the same one as the Christians are on.

In Delta State, the police also confirmed that five people, including two policemen; an Assistant Superintendent and Inspector were killed by armed robbers in military camouflage. The others were a couple and their salesgirl in a jewellery shop in Warri.
Also, in what looked like a reprisal attack over the killings of Southerners by Boko Haram, enraged youths numbering about 2000 and armed with axes, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons yesterday went on rampage in Sapele, sacking and inflicting injuries on about 50 Muslims at the Hausa Quarters in the local government.

-The “enraged youths” did not go far enough, an eye for an eye. (more…)

MI6 shares the recipe for jihad cupcakes

3 June, 2011

This article praises the Brits for harassing an AQ affiliate’s online magazine. For those of you that have not seen “inspire” it is designed to look like a normal for purchase magazine not an e-zine. No doubt, this effort is expected to be downloaded and handed out in your local mosque. The articles are just rehashes of old jihadi literature and poorly thought out ideas on making mischief. Anyone”inspired” by that magazine would have to be an idiot but then again these clowns think that the pedophile mohammed was a perfect role model, so anything is possible.

More disturbing than MI6 wasting time to hack old websites and then bragging about it (alerting them) when they could be hunting terrorists, is the CIA protecting the same terrorists. It certainty explains US foreign policy and our refusal as a nation to react to Christians being murdered in the Middle East and North Africa and Buddhists being murdered in Thailand. Sometimes it is what we do not do that speaks the loudest.

By Duncan Gardham, 03 June, 11, the Telegraph

The cyber-warfare operation was launched by MI6 and GCHQ in an attempt to disrupt efforts by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular to recruit “lone-wolf” terrorists with a new English-language magazine, the Daily Telegraph understands.

-This “new magazine” has been out for over a year, there have been four issues.

When followers tried to download the 67-page colour magazine, instead of instructions about how to “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” by “The AQ Chef” they were greeted with garbled computer code.

The code, which had been inserted into the original magazine by the British intelligence hackers, was actually a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show.

Written by Dulcy Israel and produced by Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio, it said “the little cupcake is big again” adding: “Self-contained and satisfying, it summons memories of childhood even as it’s updated for today’s sweet-toothed hipsters.”

It included a recipe for the Mojito Cupcake – “made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream”- and the Rocky Road Cupcake – “warning: sugar rush ahead!”

By contrast, the original magazine featured a recipe showing how to make a lethal pipe bomb using sugar, match heads and a miniature lightbulb, attached to a timer.

The cyber attack also removed articles by Osama bin Laden, his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri and a piece called “What to expect in Jihad.”

-Before you say great job guys, remember this magazine has been out for over a year and there is no way to know how many downloaded the real articles, copied them and handed them out.

British and US intelligence planned separate attacks after learning that the magazine was about to be issued in June last year.

They have both developed a variety of cyber-weapons such as computer viruses, to use against both enemy states and terrorists.

A Pentagon operation, backed by Gen Keith Alexander, the head of US Cyber Command, was blocked by the CIA which argued that it would expose sources and methods and disrupt an important source of intelligence, according to a report in America.

-The CIA supported the jihad of the predecessors of the taliban, looks like they still do. (more…)

12 Canadians Training for Jihad

17 January, 2011

Big shocker, more muslims training to murder in the name of the worlds best-known pedophile. How many more before the idiots in office can see a pattern?

17 Jan, 2011, Indianexpress. A group of 12 Canadians are reported to be undergoing militant training at an al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan’s lawless North Waziristan in apparent plots to carry out terror attacks back home.
-Or in the US.

The Canadians, who may have converted to Islam, were helped to reach the Darpakhel areas of the lawless tribal belt after joining radical Egyptian group Jihad al-Islami, Hong Kong based Asia Times reported.
-The converts are usually idiots. After all they converted into a cult based around the ranting of a madman.

Their presence in the camps in Pakistan’s tribal belt comes close on the heels of intelligence warnings that al-Qaeda is training armed cadres from several European
countries, including Germany, in such camps.
-Another shocker, the idiots in congress want protection for GASP, pakis. It seems only Canadian pakis are dangerous we must have gotten the good one (sarc). (more…)

Britain’s underworld belongs to the Muslims

14 February, 2010

More tolerance, islamic style

14 Feb 2010, the Sun
In traditional Islamic headgear, Asian ex-gang member Amir poses with his sword and issues the stark warning: “Britain’s underworld belongs to the Muslims.”

The 21-year-old, whose organisation turned over thousands of pounds a day from drug-dealing and credit card scams, claims a post-9/11 fear of terrorism has allowed Muslims to develop a stranglehold on our criminal community.

Through Islam, he says, they have numbers which cannot be matched, and rival gangs are being forced out by ruthless Islamic criminals who only deal with each other.

They recruit black and white members in Britain’s jails, tempting them to convert to Islam in exchange for a cushier life inside.
-A cute way of admitting most prison converts are not believers but convert for protection.

Once released, the converted cons have access to an entirely new network of Muslim criminal contacts – and are trusted because they pray to Allah.

Amir claims that Britain’s underworld will soon be completely dominated by Islamic gangs – and he says the West’s paranoia over terrorism is to blame. “People don’t f*** with us because they think we’re all in al-Qaeda,” he explains.

“Our status in the criminal hierarchy changed literally the day the Twin Towers went down.

“From then, Asians have been associated with terrorism. People, including other criminals, think if you’re Asian you’ll blow up a Tube train or bomb an aeroplane.

“In the past 20 years we’ve capitalised on that. If we’re going to be thought of as extremists, why not use that fear?

“The reality is that Asian gangs don’t give much of toss about religion, but with Islam comes fear, and with fear comes power.
-I have no fear of islam but understand the statement. Without fear islam would die.

“Religion is important to us only as a way of defining who we can trust and who we can work with.”

Amir adds: “Young Muslim gangs aren’t worried about what Allah makes of their criminal ways – they don’t believe in it to that extent.

“Through religion we speak the same language, live in the same areas, go to the same schools and can even use mosques as a safe place away from the police or other gangs. If you f*** with a Muslim gang you’d better be able to run fast or hide well, because they will come back at you in numbers.”

You do not have to look far to find an example of this.

In 2007 white schoolboy Henry Webster was beaten with a hammer by a huge gang of Asian pupils calling themselves the Asian Invasion. The 15-year-old pupil at the Ridgeway School in Wroughton, Wilts, was left brain-damaged.

Since then, it has been said in court that the school was the scene of numerous violent incidents involving Asian youths who were “radicalised and hostile” since the 2005 London bombings.

And in March last year, Judge Giles Forrester warned that London’s streets are becoming “increasingly dangerous places” as he jailed an Asian gang for stabbing to death rival black gang member Jevon Henry, 18, in north London.

Jevon Henry and a pal had been trying to extort money from drug dealer Muhid Abdul, 25.

The pair were ambushed on the Lisson Green estate by Abdul and four accomplices. Abdul stabbed Henry, while pal Toufajul Miah, 19, hit him with a hammer.

Amir claims another motive for his own choice of weapon. He says: “We carry swords for protection. I’ve had to use mine more than once.

“Problem is, these days nobody fights on their own. You’ll get attacked by a whole gang, so you have to have something like this to stop people messing.

“Some people do carry guns, but very rarely. The police constantly stop and search young Asians in London and I’d rather get caught with this than a gun because the punishment is less.”

The Sun discovered that most of Britain’s prisons are dominated by Muslim gangs.
-In Britain criminals are imports in the USA they are elected. (more…)

Terror experts wrong again

6 February, 2010

Folks, if this is what passes for experts, we are in deep poo. Btw, if guvment wants to really know what inspires these dirtbags, hire a ronin.

4 Feb 10, 1011now
Battling terrorism at home and abroad will be a difficult and lengthy task, according to two counter-terrorism researchers with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
-Technically correct, crazy muslims have committed acts of terror everywhere they have lived for almost 1400 years. That was not what the author was referring too, but the statement was correct.

“With the internet and the way information flows in a global society it is very difficult to prevent recruitment of anything,” said Mario Scalora, a professor of psychology at UNL. Scalora said the federal government’s adjustment of the terror alert warning is always a delicate balancing act.
-The internet is a tool, not a cause and effect; the koran is the motivation, any discussion of islamic terrorism should start with recognizing the ideology that inspires it.

“The government is in one of those darned if you do, darned if you don’t situations,” Scalora said. “If they don’t raise the awareness and something happens, there will be all kinds of inquiries as to why they didn’t do that. If they do raise the awareness, then people are going is this political, are you crying wolf, then they’re getting hammered on the other side.”
-Our color coded terror warning system accomplishes nothing.  Education and simple comparisons between cults like islam and authentic religious orders would be a better use of the money.   At least that would let people know who and what to lookout for. (more…)

Somali Rebels Unite, Profess Loyalty to al Qaeda

1 February, 2010

Obviously, al qaida has stepped up the propaganda; this could be because they finally realize they cannot pull of another major terror attack and want to remain relevant or because they desperately need recruits. Whichever it is clearly that the mythical allah cannot help them.

by Abdi Sheikh and Abdi Guled, 1 Feb 02
Somalia’s hardline al Shabaab insurgents have agreed to join forces with a smaller southern militia and both groups professed their loyalty to al Qaeda.

The failed Horn of Africa state has not had an effective central government for nearly two decades, leading to the rise of warlords, heavily armed criminal gangs and pirates who have been terrorizing shipping off its long coastline.

Western security agencies say the country has also become a safe haven for Islamist militants, including foreign jihadists, who are using it to plot attacks across the region and beyond.
-Since all the somalis are muslims it really doesn’t matter who is in charge of what, they will oppress and kill their rivals, muslim or not. The biggest killers of muslims have always been other muslims. (more…)

Muslims demand right to rape pillage and burn.

21 December, 2009

This article is garbage; it attempts to justify the barbaric practices of rape and extreme violence by ignoring it. Calls for minions to practice sharia as practiced by a seventh century lunatic are ignoring the truth. There is no proof that mohammed was anything but a liar, a thief and murderous deviant. His justification for his evil acts was supposedly a deviant angel that gave his permission through a series of divine revelation. . Those fools that proclaim sharia as a fair system of simple laws given by a holy deity ignore the violence and intolerance in these laws. They want to convince western leaders there is a sharia light.

Consider a deity so stupid that he made a legal system that allows his minions to attack each other, those around them and naturally un-believers. Why this so-called “allah” did not just make one type of people, one sect of islam and find a better role model than a pedophile is never considered.

By MD ASHAM AHMAD, 22 Dec, 09, the star
These days, Muslims have begun to ask how to overcome problems associated with changes in life and say we have to re-interpret some verses in the Quran. This is due to wrong teaching and misunderstanding, and this can be corrected by re-educating the Muslims properly, not by following the West.
Even a quick search of the koran will find numerous calls for violence, intolerance and give you proof that the Christian God with his love they neighbor message and the islamic god allah with his hate everyone message were polar opposites. Are we really supposed to believe that the same god would change his mind in six hundred years and tell his new religion to oppress the older more established version?

EVERY rightly guided Muslim holds that he is obliged to follow the law of Allah, namely the Syariah. It is the revealed law, the path shown by Allah through His messenger, Muhammad.

To the mind of an unbeliever, perhaps, it is rather strange that the Muslims today still want to maintain and follow the law that was revealed more than one thousand years ago.
-Notice no mention of the extreme punishments or the blatant supremacy messages found in sharia.

The command to follow the law is evident in this Quranic verse: “We made for you a law, so follow it, and not the fancies of those who have no knowledge.”

The Quran, which was revealed to Muhammad, is something very important to every Muslim, not just personal to the Prophet. No Muslim has the authority to add anything to it, or to make alteration, or to omit anything from it. They have the duty and responsibility to preserve the Book for the guidance of all mankind till the end of the day.
-Catch that? All of sharia is to be followed; this message is really a call for support of violent jihad and justification to torture or murder muslims deemed to be apostates.

They are also constantly reminded of what the Jews and the Christians had done to their holy books and warned not to do the same to the Quran — “Have you any hope that they will be true to you when a party of them used to listen to the Word of Allah, then used to change it, after they have understood it knowingly?” (2: 75).
-The koran has been changed many times and has several variants but that doesn’t stop the minions from claiming that it is unchanged. They seem to forget that word usage and meaning change in a single language over time – never mind in translations. If any muslim really believed the koarn should never be changed they would burn all the ones not written in classical arabic. The fact they allow translations proves variants of the koran are common. (more…)

Brother of islamic terror suspect: ‘We are not extremists’

13 November, 2009

Gee another muslim explaining to westerners how wrong we are about the motivations of a terrorist suspect.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A Somali man arrested in the Netherlands and accused of financing Islamic terrorists was not an extremist and was so poor he couldn’t afford to bring his new wife from Somalia to the U.S., according to two of his brothers who live in Minnesota.
-Here is a great idea, the next time a criminal is caught, just ask his family if he is innocent. We could save hundreds of millions of dollars by not prosecuting all these people. Hmm, sounds like a democrat plan doesn’t it?

Mohamud Said Omar, 43, was arrested Sunday at an asylum seeker’s center near Amsterdam and is being held at the request of American authorities.

The arrest is related to the FBI’s investigation into the disappearance of up to 20 young Somali men who left the Twin Cities over the last two years for Somalia, presumed to have joined the terror group al-Shabaab. Dutch authorities said the U.S. has asked for Omar’s extradition, which could take up to a year if he contests it.
-You do have to laugh at American muslims going half way around the world to murder other muslims in the name of islam-madness.

Dutch prosecutors said U.S. investigators suspect him of bankrolling the purchase of weapons for Islamic militants and helping other Somalis travel to Somalia in 2007 and 2008.
-Shocking islamophobia, what proof do you have he did these things? He just gave to charity, it is the duty of all muslims to do so, he did not know where the money went, he had to trust his imam. Just saving some time getting all the islamic apologist BS out of the way.

Abdullahi Said Omar, Mohamud’s younger brother in Minneapolis, and another brother, Mohamed Osman, said Mohamud worked low-paying jobs to make ends meet, and didn’t have enough money to send to terrorists. They believe their brother is innocent.

“He was homeless, he didn’t even have a place to stay,” said Osman, 51, of Rochester, Minn.

Abdullahi said he and Mohamud left Somalia soon after graduating from high school and lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for a time, before moving to the U.S. in 1993, living first in Virginia and moving to Minnesota in 1999.

Omar traveled to Somalia in early 2008 to marry a woman there, Abdullahi said, but had not been able to scrape together enough money to bring her back home with him.

Mohamud returned to the U.S. after the wedding and got a job as a fruit truck driver to earn money to bring his wife to the U.S. He said Mohamud also worked on an assembly line for a time.

Omar left the U.S. in November 2008 to make a hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Abdullahi said, then he went to the Netherlands. Abdullahi said his brother had tried unsuccessfully to get U.S. citizenship and that it was not a surprise he hadn’t returned after his trip to Mecca.

Evan Kohlmann, a senior investigator with the NEFA (Nine Eleven Finding Answers) Foundation, which researches Islamic militants, said it was still possible for someone with limited means to help finance terrorist activities – especially in a place like Somalia, where one can live cheaply. Terror groups like al-Shabaab have learned that, he said.

“What these guys have discovered is, if you pool enough people together, even relatively meager personal resources can be marshalled in a way where you can have a fairly significant impact,” he said.
-True enough, every nickel counts and in Somalia, lives and bullets are cheap. (more…)

Muslim Woman admits terror charges

2 November, 2009

Another islamic mother of the year story.

02 Nov 09, UTV
A woman who accidentally dropped a computer memory stick containing “a mini-encyclopaedia of weapons-making” from beneath her burka while she was being interviewed at an airport admitted two terror charges today when she appeared in court.

Houria Chahed Chentouf, 41, a mother of six from Manchester, entered the guilty pleas at Manchester crown court to charges under the Terrorism Act 2000 of possessing an article which gave rise to suspicions that “the possession was for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism”.

The court heard she accidentally dropped a memory stick containing the documents when she was being questioned at Liverpool John Lennon airport on October 16 last year after arriving on a flight from Amsterdam. The memory stick, which had been concealed in her clothing, contained more than 7,000 files including an explosives manual for “The Brothers of the Mujahadeen”. The device had been tied to an inner sleeve of her burka, but fell out as she reached down to scratch her leg, prosecutor Simon Denison told the court. The following day she was arrested at her home in Longsight.
-Allah wanted this bitch caught so he caused her to itch. He is just plain tired of these terrorist a-holes screwing up his “peaceful religion” (more…)

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