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Jasad magazine casts an unprecedented spotlight on sexuality in the Arab world

30 March, 2009

I know you think I lost my mind posting a story about muslim sexuality but this is bigger than the topic of the articles. This is a story of a muslim woman standing against culturally oppressive and backward thinking muslim men. I have pointed out for years now that if islam can change and enter this century it will be the women that force the change. The men of islam have enforced strict and violent control over muslim women since mohammed justified the abuse of females as his right. I sincerely hope the magazine flourishes if for no other reason than its success will force muslims to finally compare the modern world with the seventh century.

Jocelyne Zablit, 31 March, 2009, AFP
BEIRUT: From explicit articles about masturbation and homosexuality to columns about “My First Time,” Jasad (Body) is out to shine a spotlight on Arab cultural taboos, and the glossy magazine that is already the focus of controversy. The first issue of this quarterly publication, the brainchild of 38-year-old writer and poet Joumana Haddad, hit Lebanese newsstands last December. Tongues have wagged ever since about a daring venture into uncharted territory in the largely conservative and Muslim Middle East.
-I should point out that pornography is available in every muslim country but a magazine that openly addresses sexuality is groundbreaking.

“It’s true that this is a first in the Arab world,” Haddad told AFP. “I put open handcuffs near the word Jasad on the cover of the magazine to illustrate that I wanted to unlock a taboo.
-The handcuff crack almost led me to post one of my favorite pictures but Doctor Bulldog is a square and would have censored it.

“We need to stop treating our bodies, especially we women, as if they’re something to be ashamed of,” she added. “We have so many issues to deal with without having the extra weight of needing to cover our bodies.”
-I have pointed out a few times that muslim women are sexually active. Despite the often seen moral equivalency arguments and attempts to deny it, muslim women troll for men just like any other culture. Granted they do have to be careful. We have seen plenty of examples of young women murdered because muslim families refuse to step out of the past.

The December issue of Jasad, which sold for $10, includes articles on self-mutilation and cannibalism. The cover story of the March issue focuses on the penis.
-I cannot resist reminding the muslims that we have also pointed out numerous times that most of their sexual insecurity seems to be related to their sub sized male organs.

Other articles deal with battered men and women, transsexuals and the “Kama Sutra.” A regular feature is “My First Time,” in which a well-known figure talks about his or her first sexual encounter and subsequent sex life.
-Imagine the possibilities “my first time with an infidel” or “Ronin, my first real man.” (more…)

Israel Retaliates to Rockets Fired From Lebanon

21 February, 2009


Violence flares on Israel-Lebanon border
via Google News

EL-QLAYLEH, Lebanon (AFP) — Israel shelled southern Lebanon on Saturday after a rocket slammed into its territory in a tit-for-tat exchange of fire across their tense border, sources on both sides said.

Israeli rescue services said three people were injured when the rocket struck near the town of Maalot in the western Galilee region, triggering an immediate response from Israel.

“The Israeli army considers this a serious incident and believes it is the responsibility of the Lebanese government and the army to prevent this rocket fire,” an Israeli army spokesman said.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora denounced the violence, which caused panic on both sides of the border, while the militant Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah denied any involvement.

“The Israeli shelling is an unacceptable and unjustified violation of Lebanese sovereignty,” Siniora said in a statement.

“The rockets launched from Lebanon threaten the country’s security and stability and constitute a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.”

He was referring to the resolution that brought an end to the devastating 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel in Lebanon that left more than 1,200 people dead.

Lebanese President Michael Sleiman reiterated his opposition to the country being used as a platform for the launch of rockets, saying he regards it as a challenge to Lebanon’s will.

A spokesman for Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency rescue service said three people were lightly wounded and another two were treated for shock.

Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Mussawi told AFP that the group had “nothing to do” with the attack, which was launched from a region largely controlled by Hezbollah and its Amal party ally.

The head of the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) which patrols the border area urged maximum restraint.


Lebanese Army Arrests Squad of Militants Lauching Rockets into Israel

9 January, 2009

This updates our previous coverage HERE.

Lebanon Arrests Suspects in Katyusha Attack

( The Lebanese Army Friday arrested what it said was a squad numbering seven people who it says are responsible for the Katyusha rocket attack Thursday against Israel’s North.

The suspects admitted that they were members of the Lebanese Hamas movement.

[Not Hezbollah?  This one has me scratching my head…]

The Lebanese Army and a UNIFIL force discovered an additional, ready-to-launch rocket pod.

Hezbollah Entering the Fight?

8 January, 2009

Since both Hamas and Hezbollah get their marching orders from Iran, this is something to keep an eye on:

2nd Front? Rockets land in Israel’s north
Associated Press – via etaiwannews

Residents of this northern Israeli town awoke Thursday to one of their country’s worst nightmares: Rockets from Lebanon, and a possible second front in a battle that has raged for two weeks in the Gaza Strip.

No armed group claimed responsibility for the two Katyusha rockets that landed in Israel, and quiet returned to the border after a brief retaliation by Israeli artillery. But the point had been made: Israel may be tied up in an offensive aimed at halting rocket fire from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but millions more Israelis are vulnerable to rockets from the north.

Israel now faces threats on two of its borders not from rival states but from Arab militant groups that answer to no recognized government.

Hamas rockets threaten about 1 million Israelis out of a population of 7 million, and Israel’s military believes that the rockets in the arsenal of the Lebanese group Hezbollah can hit most of the remaining 6 million.

“We’re all a bit traumatized at the moment,” said Sarit Arieli, 44, who awoke to the sound of the rocket’s impact in Nahariya and was standing outside the nursing home it hit several hours later. But she added, “I think we’re stronger than them.”


Lebanese Authorities Issue Warrant for Muzzie Cleric Omar Bakri

3 January, 2009

It’s about time!  Gee, you know this guy is pissing people off left and right when a Hezbollah infested government wants to lock him up…


Hate preacher Bakri on run after imparting training to al Qaeda

London, Jan 3 : Radical Islamist preacher Omar Bakri, who has been banned from Britain, is on the run after Lebanese authorities issued an arrest warrant against him for giving weapons training to an extremist group called al-Qaeda Lebanon.

Lebanese security forces have issued an arrest warrant over allegations the preacher gave weapons training to an extremist group called al-Qaeda Lebanon, The Telegraph reported.

Bakri said that he had also recently been stopped from using the Internet to preach to followers in the UK.

The 50-year-old, who has been living in northern Lebanon since 2005, said that a military court, which he said had been encouraged to spy on him by British authorities, issued the warrant.

Speaking on a mobile phone from the Lebanon, he said: ‘I’m on the run and I am afraid I could be arrested and tortured, which is why I have gone into hiding. The warrant says that I’m suspected of training people from the al-Qaeda Lebanon group to use weapons but these allegations are completely false. ‘

[Cry me a frickin’ river…]


An Ex-Muslim Embraces Israel

21 November, 2008

Islam is an intolerant religion.  Don’t take my word for it; listen to what an ex-Muslim has to say:

I Reject Islam and Love Israel
by “X-Muslim”
Israel National News

A great burden has been lifted from my heart.

Shalom. As an Arab Muslim I once asked myself: Why do I hate Israel? I really thought about this question. After only a little deliberation, the answer was clear: because I am a Muslim and Islam is extremely intolerant.

It’s intolerance to everything non-Muslim that is the problem. But today I have rejected the teachings of Islam for this very reason. I have left Islam.

As an Arab “Palestinian”, living in an Arab country, coming from a Muslim family, I was brought up with hatred of Christians and all non-Muslims. Now I’m older, I have matured enough to view the world from a different perspective. I reviewed real history and studied the sequence of events before and since the restoration of the State of Israel. I decided to step outside the mindset of a typical Muslim. It didn’t take long to realize that I was on the wrong track and I moved quickly to the other side. In order to be at peace with myself, I have come to reject the hatred of Israel and now love my former enemy. I have not embraced another religion, but I am seeking a new spiritual path.

Why do the Arabs and Muslims have to reject the presence of a Jewish state in a tiny percentage of the land of the Middle East? Why does Islamic intolerance forbid other nations their right to exist in their own land? The whole world should realize that Islam is at war with all nations on the planet. In our Muslim societies it is not “the extremists”, but the whole society infected with this hatred. It is in the mosques, the schools, in the media and in the homes of nearly every Muslim family. It isn’t just Israel they hate, but America and Christians as well. Islam hates all other religions.

In the case of Israel, its only fault is that it’s a Jewish state that wants to live in peace within its borders. It’s not a struggle of so-called “Palestinians” to establish a country and retain some land, which was never theirs – I know, because I studied the real history. The real problem is racism and the intolerance of Muslims, the blind hatred and jealousy when seeing a flourishing, strong and modern country where people from other faiths can live peacefully.

Why are the Jews forbidden to have a country? These people have contributed much to the world’s culture and offered the best scientists, artists, doctors; and they have been victims of intolerance throughout history. Why are they forbidden to live in their national Zionist dream and return to their homeland, which was some desert which they cultivated and transformed into one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth? Why do the Arabs and the Muslim world have to take everything and claim every land they step on as theirs?

Palestine” never existed and should never exist – and this is coming from me, an Arab classified as a “Palestinian.” The creation of a Palestinian state would be the biggest threat to the existence of Israel and would not bring one day of peace to Israel. I know how my people think. Promoting such a state would be the equivalent of supporting the Nazis in their quest to destroy the Jews.


Lebanon Ignores UN Resolution and Approves Weapons for Hezbollah

5 August, 2008

Just plain suicidal:

Lebanese Gov’t Approves Weapons in Hizbullah Hands

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

( Despite a clear UN resolution and a 19-year-old national agreement calling for the disarmament of all non-governmental militias, Lebanon’s cabinet voted Monday to allow the Hizbullah terrorist organization to keep its weapons arsenal. The government decision specifically approves Hizbullah activities aimed at Israel.

Four ministers from Christian-majority parties represented in the government expressed “reservations” over the “resistance against Israel” clause, but Lebanese Information Minister Tareq Mitri said that “the document was approved unanimously.”

According to Mitri, the government approved “the right of Lebanon, its people, its army and the resistance to liberate its land in the Shebaa Farms, Kfarshuba Hill and Ghajar,” which are located on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. In an apparent contradiction with state recognition and approval accorded “the resistance” – a euphemism for Hizbullah – the statement declared that “the unity and the authority of the state would be the guiding principle of all government decisions and actions.”

The Lebanese parliament must now approve the manifesto with a vote of confidence, which will allow the government to officially commence its administration. The new government was formed on July 11, following a violent insurrection in May by Hizbullah and other Shiite militias that forced the majority bloc to accept a Hizbullah veto over government decisions.

Hezbollah Becomes Further Ensconced in Lebanon’s Government

11 July, 2008

Yeah…  Iran now has a say in Lebanese politics…

Hezbollah gains veto power in new Lebanon Cabinet
By HUSSEIN DAKROUB, Associated Press Writer

via Yahoo News

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Hezbollah and its allies solidified their hold on Lebanon’s government Friday with the formation of a national unity Cabinet that gives them veto power over government decisions.

Still, the Western-backed parliamentary majority managed to deny the Hezbollah-led opposition any of the most important Cabinet positions, except for the one it had already held — foreign affairs.

The Cabinet’s formation ends six weeks of wrangling over how to distribute the posts and is another step toward healing the country’s deep political divide.

The unity government is the outcome of a deal brokered by the Arab League in May under which the opposition agreed to rejoin the government after its rivals gave in to demands to have a final say over all government decisions.

That deal came after Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants and allied gunmen fanned out across Lebanon’s capital in May, clashing with government supporters. The violence killed at least 81 people and brought the country to the brink of another civil war.

“We have decided to manage our disputes through democratic institutions and dialogue, and not through force and intimidation,” Prime Minister Fuad Saniora told reporters at the presidential palace in suburban Beirut after names of the new Cabinet ministers were announced. But Lebanon’s problems “will not cease to exist overnight,” he added.


Deadly Blast Rocks Christian Neighborhood in Beirut

25 January, 2008

In every war there are casualties today we lost one of the good guys. Tomorrow the Islamonazis will be back and so will we.

Friday, January 25, 2008 (AP)
BEIRUT, Lebanon —
A car bomb Friday killed one of Lebanon’s top terrorism investigators who was probing assassinations of prominent anti-Syrian figures and a series of other attacks in recent years.

Capt. Wissam Eid, 31, worked for the police intelligence agency, which is closely tied to the Western-backed government and had survived two previous assassination attempts. The attack also killed his bodyguard and three passers-by and wounded 37 people, police said.

A huge plume of black smoke rose from the site of the attack in the Lebanese capital. Television footage showed orange flames shooting up into the sky, as several cars burned and firefighters struggled to put out the flames.

Graphic televised images showed a body slumped behind the wheel of a delivery truck ripped apart by the blast and two other bodies on the ground. The bombing set a dozen vehicles ablaze and ripped a crater in the asphalt 12 feet wide and 6 feet deep. It shattered windows hundreds of feet away and knocked motorcyclists off roads.

Lebanon is deeply and bitterly divided along pro- and anti-Syrian lines. A prolonged crisis has left the country without a president since Nov. 23 because the two camps cannot agree on a candidate or the makeup of a future government.

Since 2005, the country has seen a series of bombings including the assassinations of eight prominent anti-Syrian figures. (more…)

News Bites

8 January, 2008

Joint U.S.-Iraqi Operation Begins

(January 8, 2008)–The U.S. military has begun a joint, nationwide operation with Iraqi forces aimed at wiping out extremist strongholds.

Officials are calling it Operation Phantom Phoenix.

It’s described as a major strike against extremists including the al-Qaeda-in-Iraq terrorist group, known as AQI.

The military says AQI is trying to regain strength and set up new support areas in northern Iraq.

The number-two American general in the country says, quote, “We are determined not to allow these brutal elements to have respite anywhere.”

A military statement says the operation will be using “lethal and non-lethal” means to take advantage of recent security gains in Iraq and “disrupt terrorist support zones and enemy command and control.”

It says the “non-lethal” part of the operation involves improving basic life for Iraqi civilians.

Violence throughout the country has dropped dramatically in recent months.

Credit has been going to the troop surge ordered by President Bush and to cooperation from Sunni groups that had been part of the insurgency.


Bomb wounds two U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon
Ali Ghamloush, Reuters – via National Post

RMAILEH, Lebanon (Reuters) – Two U.N. peacekeeping soldiers were slightly wounded when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in south Lebanon on Tuesday, a spokesman for the United Nations force said.

Ireland’s Minister for Defense Willie O’Dea said the wounded men were Irish.

Milos Struger, a senior official with the peacekeeping force known as UNIFIL, said it was too early to say who was behind the attack but pointed to threats against it.

“As you know there were a number of threats against UNIFIL coming from al Qaeda affiliated organizations and we take all these threats seriously,” Struger told reporters at the scene of the attack.

“We had comprehensive security and protective measures in place and we have to wait for the result of the investigation.”

The blast smashed the windows of a white U.N. four-wheel-drive vehicle near Rmaileh village, 35 km (22 miles) south of Beirut and not far from the sprawling Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, a hotbed for Islamist militant groups.

It was the third attack on the 13,500-strong UNIFIL since it was expanded after a 34-day war between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas ended in August 2006.


Israel Hit By Two Rockets Fired From Lebanon
By Matthew Williams
January 8th 2008 – EfluxMedia

Northern Israel was hit by two Katyusha rockets fired from the Lebanon Monday night, according an Israeli police spokesman.

This attack comes a day before the arrival of U.S. President George W. Bush in Israel in order to support the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

The attack occurred around 2 a.m. and it hit the road which leads in the town of Shlomi, which is located about a few miles from the border with Lebanon, according to Washington Post.

According to police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld, shrapnel hit the wall of a house. No one was injured.


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