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Indonesian mob of muslims murder three muslims

6 February, 2011

The victims in this story fell into the oldest trap in the cult of islam. When one group of muslims decide for themselves that they are even more muslim than another group, violence is almost a certainty. Usually, there is also an islamic cleric spurring the violence on.

The pedophile mohammed taught them that real peace only occurs when all your enemies are dead or slaves. Old mohammed was an evil bastard and his words continue to inspire members of the worlds largest and most violent cult today.

It does not matter of members of the Ahmadiyah sect are “true” muslims or not, what matters is so called religious people attacked them because their own clerics told them too do so.

6 Feb, 11, (AP)
JAKARTA, Indonesia—Police say a machete-wielding mob of Muslims attacked the home of a minority sect leader in central Indonesia, killing 3 and wounding six others.

Local police chief Let. Col. Alex Fauzy Rasyad says about 1,500 people—many with machetes, sticks and rocks—attacked about 20 members of the Ahmadiyah Muslim sect who were visiting their leader in his house in Banten province on Indonesia’s main island of Java.
-1500 against twenty, including women and children, just more proof of what I always say, islam has no brave muslim warriors. Unfortunately for the victims, islam does have hundreds of millions of mindless attack drones.

What is really going on in Egypt

2 February, 2011

By Ronin, 2 Feb, 11
Ignore the msm and the theory that the pro and anti mubarak forces are fighting it out. This is what I think is happening, pro democracy (anti mubarak) forces are fighting against the US (obama) backed muslim brotherhood.

The muslim brotherhood forces are the ones carrying the pictures and signs supporting mubarack. War is deceit. The muslim brotherhood knows violence will be needed to control the populace and the scam that they are pro mubarak gives the white house a face saving way to help obamas muslim brothers take control.

Remember a few days ago the ex American ambassador met with the brotherhood. Immediately afterwords, the white house and the msm switched from the protesters being an anti mubarak freedom seeking crowd and magically changed into being the muslim brotherhood anti democracy, pro jihad crowd. Did a million people really switch sides over night? No, this is just another distraction.

Here is how Egypt really works; the police are the muslim brotherhood, they are the ones the crowd is attacking. The military is anti brotherhood and is not defending the police or the mubarak regime. Forget about mubarak, he knows his rule is over.

You are supposed to slowly decide that the uprising is anti US, anti Israel and another militant uprising similar to the 80’s Iran uprising.

Search through the last weeks pictures, using foreign press not ours and you will notice many of the signs from day one on where in English, the Egyptians want the world to know the truth.

You will not see many of the original protesters burning American or Israeli flags, you will see calls for elections. You did see them peacefully protest, protect national museums, which btw the brotherhood later tried to burn.

Search the pictures; you will not see any militant islamic symbolism or crowds centered on mosques or imams giving speeches. You will see all of that now. The real battle for public and world attention started today. (more…)

Muslims here is your chance

28 January, 2011

Now that the old regimes are starting to tumble do not let the old clerics decide your fate. Tunisia and now Egypt. More will follow; the islamic world is full of young able bodied men working for peanuts while rich rulers and clerics lord over you. Drop them and drop the shackles of islam.

For almost 1400 years, you have been slaves to a seventh century pedophile. Your nations are poor and your people enslaved. Break free while you can.

Do not dump corrupt politicians for old imams, set your own course and join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

You are young, able and with a little work, you can be free. .

You do not want to answer to rich, corrupt rulers and we understand our own politicians are just as corrupt; ours just sound better on TV.

Your ruling families have robbed and raped your nations long enough and should go, all of them. Do not replace them just to follow the fools in the muslim brotherhood and other jihadi prone organizations, dump them all and rule your selves, not with fear but with freedom and fairness.

Your choice, decide wisely, Good luck.

Iraqi Immigrant to Be Tried for Daughter’s ‘Honor Killing’ in Arizona

2 January, 2011

If guilty, (remember the old innocent until proven guilty and liberal juries can be stupid), just read and decide for yourselves. Another sad but familiar story. Another youth punished for attempting to get free from the death cult. Remember, never listen to what a muslim says, judge them based what they do

January 02, 2011, AP
PHOENIX — An Iraqi immigrant accused of killing his daughter because he believed she was too Westernized goes on trial this month in Arizona in a case that raised awareness about incidents of so-called “honor killings” in the U.S.
-AP might not like it but that is the term muslims use for murdering a family member. Almost as bad as the act is the approval from the local muslim communities.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 50, faces life in prison if convicted. In October 2009, he slammed his Jeep into his daughter, Noor Almaleki, 20, prosecutors said.

The woman, who longed to live a normal American life, was in a coma for two weeks before succumbing to her injuries, in a case that caused outrage from people nationwide.

Faleh Almaleki moved his family from Iraq to the Phoenix suburb of Glendale in the mid-1990s. He and Noor Almaleki had a tumultuous relationship, according to police and court records, and her close friends.

At 17, she refused to enter into an arranged marriage in Iraq, enraging her father, according to a court document filed by prosecutors.

At 19, Noor Almaleki moved into her own apartment and began working at a fast food restaurant but quit and left her new place after her parents kept showing up at her work, insisting that she return home, the document said.
-The sad thing is Arizona is a right to carry state, she could be alive and dad could be swapping spit in hell with mohammed. (more…)

Germany: “Moderate” Imam Who Calls for Other Muzzies to Reject Violence Arrested for Beating the Crap Out of One of His “Westernized” Wives While Quoting Qur’an

2 December, 2010

Yeah, the fanatically revered profligate Muhammad beat Aisha, too:

“… He struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?”

Naturally, Allah commands Muzzies to follow the “excellent” example set by Muhammad if they don’t want to go to hell, so this guy will probably be a shoe-in for Paradise—right after he kills a few thousand infidels:

Muslim imam who lectures on non-violence in Germany is arrested for beating up his wife
By Allan Hall – 2nd December 2010 –

A Muslim imam who lectures on non-violence and advises the German government on interfaith issues has been arrested in Germany for beating up his wife.

Sheikh Abu Adam, 40, is now on remand in Munich while his wife, 31, is being guarded by police.

She was allegedly assaulted so badly that she suffered a broken nose and shoulder and numerous cuts and bruises

Media reports claimed the woman, who has borne one of his ten children, wanted to live a more ‘western’ lifestyle and was allegedly attacked after telling her husband.

The police said they received a call from a lawyer hired by the victim.

Adam is alleged to have shouted a verse from the Koran at his wife as he beat her.

The line said: ‘Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them.

‘As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.’

The imam is said to have refused to let police officers into his home, but they forced their way past him because they feared the woman’s life was in danger.

Sheikh Adam is the Egyptian imam of the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich.

He is facing charges of causing grievous bodily harm and could face a jail term if convicted.

A week ago, he held a lecture at the city’s Catholic University entitled ‘An Islam which distances itself from violence’.

He also spoke at a recent conference called ‘meeting Islam in Europe’ and met German justice Sabine Leutheusser Schnarrenberger there.

Adam was assigned bodyguards on the outside because of his calls for Muslims to reject radical Islam. He is also being guarded while on remand from racist prisoners.

Women’s Liberation Meets Islam

3 October, 2010

I have said for years that if islam is to change the women will change it. Muslim men have all the rights and zero incentive to change. Almost every muslim woman that stops by here pretends that women under islam are respected and have more rights than western women. Maybe a few of them will read the truth from their sisters overseas.

3 Oct, 10, (AFP) RIYADH – Women in Saudi Arabia are fighting back against tribal traditions that make them hostage to the whims of their fathers and male guardians who alone can decide who their future husbands will be.
-The women have to pretend the issue is tribal and not islamic or they are doomed to fail. Their real problem was mohammed’s abuses towards women. His actions have been used to justify a system wide abuse for generations. I do not think that these women have a snowballs chance in hell of changing things but I have to admire them for trying.

Faced with a lifetime of being forced to remain single, an increasing number of Saudi women, many of them university graduates with good jobs, are going to court to dispute their fathers’ refusal to sign off on their marriages.

In July, a Medina court rejected a 42-year-old doctor’s petition to override her father and brothers’ refusal to allow her marriage to a surgeon she works with, because he did not belong to their tribe.

The court ruled that the father was justified, and that she was not being obedient by trying to marry someone outside the clan.

“Unfortunately we have a strange paradox in society, where young girls only 10 years old can be married, but an adult woman can be prevented from marrying for illogical reasons,” Suhaila Zainal Abidin of the National Society for Human Rights told AFP. University professor Amal Saleh agreed.
-Catch that? They have zero problem with the forced marriages of children (really rape) but want absolute control over older women. At least a few are starting to demand change. (more…)

mohammed’s martyr murderers muslims

5 September, 2010

I get scolded by muslims visitors because I do not support moderate muslims. You know the ones-they follow the koran correctly. Well since I do not want to seem insensitive to faithful practitioners of the religion of perpetual violence, I would like to congratulate the suicide bomber and his family on the glorious martyrdom operation. allhu ackbar, I would also like to remind the shia muslims that their honor demands retribution. I hope this simple act on my part permanently erases the perception that I do not support moderate muslims.

Quetta, (Xinhua): At least 73 people were killed and over 160 others injured when a suicide bomb blast hit Pakistan’s southwest city of Quetta on Friday, local Urdu TV channel Dunnya quoted police sources as saying.
-You have to admire mohammed’s minions, millions in pakistan are homeless and hungry. The resent floods have devastated entire provenances. Do muslims worry about rendering aid or rebuilding? Nah that is for week Christians, the muslims continue to murder each other. It is all about priorities.

Meanwhile, a local organization called Shiite Conference, Balochistan announced a 40-day mourning in the city as most of the victims in the terrorist attack were Shiite Muslims, a minority sect whose population accounts for about five to six percent of the country’s total.
-Before anyone sheds a tear for the dead shia, remember it is the will of allah. Also remember, the shia and sunni’s have been murdering each others for centuries. Allah demands muslim blood. (more…)

Devout muslim murders 20 other devout muslims.

23 August, 2010

Allahu ackbar, the ramadan holiday is in full swing. Every time a radical muslim murders another radical muslim the pedophile mohammed looks up from hell and smiles. Muslims get extra jihadi points for violence during ramadan.

24 Aug, 2010, AFP
A suicide bomber blew himself up at a Pakistani mosque yesterday, killing at least 20 people including a prominent local cleric in the lawless district of South Waziristan, officials said.

It was the first significant suicide attack in Pakistan since August 4 and comes with the country battling to cope with the fallout of devastating floods that have affected up to a fifth of the country and hit 20 million people.
-Pious muslims are not sending much money to help but I bet they would give generously to the 9-11 victory mosque.

The apparent target was cleric Noor Mohammed, a member of radical Sunni Muslim party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, which has been linked to the Taliban, and a former lawmaker.
-What is a little pay back among competitive cult members?

He was greeting members of the congregation in the town of Wana after prayers when the bomber struck, officials told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The mosque was badly damaged in the blast, where local residents were busy trying to recover people from the rubble amid fears that the death toll could rise further.

“The death toll in the suicide attack has risen to 20, with more than 40 people wounded,” said one of the officials.

Syed Noor, a nephew of the cleric, confirmed that his uncle had been killed.

A health official in a paramilitary hospital in Wana said condition of most of the wounded was critical.

“We have received 14 injured but there condition was very critical,” the official told AFP requesting anonymity.

Locals described the cleric as an influential figure who had several times acted as a negotiator between the Taliban and the Pakistani government, but was opposed to the presence of Uzbek militants, providing support to dislodge them.
-I guess they tally-bombed the taliban. (more…)

The abused women of islam; a shocking story heard every day

20 August, 2010

Except for the lie about the pedophile mohammed respecting women; this article does a fair job of explaining the plight of Afghan women. This is also not just an “afghan problem” islam is abuse.

21 August 2010, the National
Manizha Naderi, as told to Hamida Ghafour
Ten months ago I received a phone call from an Afghan-American translator working with the provincial reconstruction team in Uruzgan province, saying that the American soldiers there had a young girl on their base who needed help.

He would not tell me what her story was.

After I accepted her to our shelter, I was told her husband had cut her ears and nose off.

A few days later I went to Kabul airport to pick Bibi Aisha up. I don’t know how to describe it. It was too much. The first thing I saw was a hole in the middle of her face.

She was very quiet and trying to cover her face. It was sort of an instinct where if anyone sat in front of her she covered her nose.

When she came to the shelter she told us her story. She was given away in a “baad” transaction at the age of 12. This is a tribal tradition. If a family commits a crime, they give a girl to the victim’s family so the dispute is settled.
-A lie; this “tribal tradition” is found in many islamic countries, even ones that do not have “tribes”. (more…)

SRI LANKA: moderate muslims practice a moderate form of sharia, injuring a young girl.

16 August, 2010

Considering what the taliban would have done, this young woman got off lightly. Lucky for her the local practitioners of the cult of islam are moderates. Notice, the cult members did nothing to stop the violence and the authorities did nothing to punish the guilty.

16th August, 2010, Lanka web, A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission-AHRC-STM-168-2010

This is a narrative of the husband of the victim, a 17 year old woman with a two month old child, who was subjected to the horrible experience of being beaten about 100 times with the hard centre stem from a coconut frond in the presence of the committee members of the mosque situated in Gokarella in the district of Kurunagalle. This woman had given a birth to a child as a result of an extra marital relationship. She has since married and has been living peacefully.
-Gee muslims also have hormonal teens-who knew?

One day the husband of the woman was asked to come to the mosque with his wife by the committee members. He was forced by them to sign a document consenting to the punishment of his wife. The man did not agree and argued against the punishment. He also pointed out that his wife was sick. Regardless, she was beaten in the presence of other men of the village in front of the mosque.
-But the minions in New York claim their mosque will be a multi culture center and like Sri Lanka, it will only allow moderate muslims. Just like the sick SOBs in this story.

Sri Lanka has been a multi cultural, multi linguistic secular society for a thousand years. Emerging social trends shows the tendencies of more extreme forms of horrible social practices which are threatening the inherent civil political rights and individual liberties. Many societies in Asia and Africa struggle with these most horrible forms of extreme practices of human suffering in the name of religion like the adoption of Sharia law or implementation of the decisions of Jirgas. The following story is an eye opener to what is happen is happening in Sri Lankan society.
-Ummm dude (arabic for worm) muzzies are muzzies everywhere. I am never surprised by how low the cult members will go. Sharia, the perfect legal system of islam, capable of extreme violence even against their own and with zero consideration that torturing a breast feeding mother could also impact the child, yeppers sounds perfect to me. (more…)

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