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Turkish Foreign Minister Says Jihad Not Related to Terrorism; Eeeveel Jooos And Neo-Cons Perpetuate The Myth!

18 February, 2013

Naturally, Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu neglects to mention that it is the Jihadists, themselves, who “taint” his rainbow and lollipop theory of jihad.  No one else!

Of course, FM Davutoglu is just practicing the Islamic art of “taqiyya” as he attempts to deceive gullible infidels and lull them into a deep sleep before the slaughter begins in earnest:


Turkish Foriegn Minister

 Jihad not related to terrorism, Turkish FM Davutoglu says
Turkish Weekly

There is no connection between jihad and terrorism, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said yesterday, adding that suggestions to the contrary come from American neo-cons and Israelis.

“Jihad is the name of fighting for our honor if required but firstly it means fighting against our own self’s limits, according to us,” Davutoğlu said yesterday in Istanbul at the headquarters of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD), where he attended the conference “Turkey in the light of international developments, 2013.”

“For us, jihad is a sacred notion; let us not taint this notion by using it like neo-cons and pro-Israelis in America,” Davutoğlu said while condemning an opposition party deputy who asked the Turkish government on its policy regarding the jihadist movement in Syria at a Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission meeting on Feb. 15.


Muslims of America (Islamberg) Seeking $3,000,000 in Damages Against Christian Action Network for Exposing Them

15 February, 2013

Just a heads up, for now.  I’m fairly certain this thing is going to snowball, later on:


Muslims Claim Christian Group Defamed Them
By MARLENE KENNEDY – Courthouse News Service

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (CN) – The Muslims of America asked a federal judge to silence and punish the Christian Action Network and its founder, who allegedly defamed the group as terrorists, and their close-knit communities as Islamic training camps.

The Muslims of America Inc. sued Martin Mawyer and his Christian Action Network in Federal Court. It also sued Patti Pierucci, whom it describes as a ghostwriter and co-author with Mawyer of the book “Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America.”

The group claims that the “provocative and defamatory statements” were made in the book, and “uttered by Mawyer on various media outlets including Fox News (October 2012) and posted on CAN’s website”.

Muslims of America claims the defendants’ libels and defamation “have served to cause fear and hatred to flourish against plaintiff while inciting violence and putting the lives of plaintiff’s members in danger for the purpose of monetary enrichment.”

The Muslims of America demands retractions and a gag order against further defamation. It also wants sales of the book “Twilight in America” enjoined.

The book was published in October 2012.

“Defendants repeatedly refer to plaintiff as a terrorist organization engaging in terrorist acts and running terrorist training camps in the United States,” the complaint states.

“Defendants bolster their claims through the use of intentionally misleading documents and sources in order to deceive and mislead the public about plaintiff. … In committing the acts herein alleged, the defendants acted willfully with malice in conscious disregard of the plaintiff’s rights and with intent to cause injury to plaintiff.”


Michiganistan: Gun Shop Stops Selling Turban Headed Skeleton Target After CAIR Complains

11 February, 2013

You will bow to Islam, infidel!  Else, I keeeeel you!!!

Skeleton target

Islamic group praises Royal Oak gun shop for ending sale of targets in Muslim attire
Detroit Free Press

A local chapter of a national Islamic civil liberties group is praising the decision of a Royal Oak gun shop to discontinue selling targets of a skeleton wearing traditional Muslim attire.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) welcomed the decision by Target Sports.

CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid met Wednesday with the owner of Target Sports to voice concern that a gun range target that depicts a skeleton with a long beard dressed in a turban and robe may provoke gun owners to view local Muslims who wear such garb as enemies.

Uh, yeah.  Just the other day, I saw a skeleton walking down the street in a turban and carrying an AK-47; acting all suspicious, and stuff.  Happens all the time around here. /sarcasm

The owner agreed.

Walid said he had received a complaint about the targets Wednesday morning, and walked into the gun store and bought two of the targets before introducing himself and expressing his concerns.

“He gave us a verbal promise to stop selling the targets,” Walid said. “It was an extremely non-hostile meeting.”

The targets, manufactured by Thompson Targets in Canton, Ohio, are shipped throughout the country, and Walid was checking with other gun shops in metro Detroit to see whether they are carrying them.

“Our concern isn’t primarily being offended,” he said. “It’s a safety issue. In metro Detroit, there are law-abiding, peaceful Muslims walking the streets of Hamtramck and Detroit who are dressed like this in the target. It is problematic. There seems to be a dehumanization of Muslims.”


Yeah, it’s a “safety” issue.  R-i-i-i-g-h-t.  

You know, there seems to be a dehumanization of redneck farmer zombies, too!  

Better get those pulled off the market, also.  Don’t want any law-abiding, peaceful farmers getting shot at!:

Redneck farmer zombie


 Of course, CAIR didn’t see fit to mention that they, themselves support terrorists…

Texas: CAIR Blaming Bare Naked Islam’s Blog For Terrorizing Them

31 January, 2013

Uh, yeah.  Whatever.  What a bunch of whiney milksops.  Ronin and I get death threats all the time from Muzzies.  You don’t see us whining about it, now do you?   Sheesh!  Grow a freakin’ spine, CAIR!

Anyway, be sure to head on over  and support BareNakedIslam’s blog by CLICKING HERE while you still can; after all, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama administration tries to shut him down and throw him in jail like that poor SOB who made that heretofore unknown anti-Islamic video which was scapegoated for the Benghazi massacre:


Threats against Muslims prompt extra security at Capitol
by Jessica Vess and Kenneth Null  – January 31, 2013 – KVUE

AUSTIN — A string of threats is prompting a boost in security at the State Capitol.

The threats are directed at hundreds of Muslims who are in Austin for ‘Muslim Day at the Capitol.’ They represent Islamic organizations and mosques from across the state of Texas.

According to the Texas Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), threats were posted online and also came in over the phone. Law enforcement stepped up protection, making additional Department of Public Safety troopers visible along the south steps of the building.

The Texas Muslims are visiting the Capitol to meet with lawmakers and ignite positive interactions. There have been similar rallies at the start of a new legislative session for a few years now. However this year, threats against the group escalated.

According to CAIR people started posting messages on a blog site called Bare Naked Islam a few weeks ago. Some people threatened gun violence. Others wrote about killing and capturing participants.

“We feel we are in the front lines,” explained President of the San Antonio CAIR chapter Sarwat Husain. “We are not doing anything wrong here. We are doing what anybody else does. So for anybody to feel threatened or not to like it, it is ridiculous. We are protecting our First Amendment [rights].”

Husain says about 300 Texas Muslims registered to attend ‘Muslim Day at the Capitol.’ Some backed out after the threats intensified.

“The fear is on both sides. Our community is afraid of the politicians, of the law enforcement, of the people in common, you know, because of all these threats. We also want to teach the politicians,” said Husain.

The threats are not new to the group. Back in 2011 CAIR says they called on the FBI to investigate similar messages posted on the same website, threatening mosques across the state. The group is asking law enforcement to look into who’s behind the online messages.

90-Year-Old Muzzy Pedophile Upset That His Child-Bride Won’t Consummate Marriage

7 January, 2013

What?  He couldn’t find any 20-plus-years-old women to marry, so he had to go with a 15-year-old girl?  

I don’t think so!

Of course, at least he didn’t marry a little six-year-old child…like Muhammad did! 

Yup, pedophilia is thy name, Islam is thy religion:


Marriage or rape? 90-year-old Saudi weds 15-year-old girl

The recent marriage of a 90-year-old Saudi man to a 15-year-old girl has sparked condemnation from human rights and social media activists in the kingdom.


In an interview, the groom insisted that his marriage was “legal and correct,” and that he paid a $17,500 (SAR 65,000) dowry to marry the girl, who is the daughter of a Yemeni father and Saudi mother.

The 90-year-old told the story of his first night with the bride. He said she entered the bedroom before him, and she locked the door from inside so he could not enter. This, he said, made him “suspicious about some kind of conspiracy” by the girl and her mother.

He vowed to sue his in-laws to give him back the girl or return him the expensive dowry.

Close friends of the bride’s family said she was frightened on the wedding night, and locked herself in the room for two successive days before fleeing back to her parents’ home.


Jamal al-Toueiki, a psychologist, said forced marriage may subject girls to abuse and violence, and this could lead to their suicide if nothing is done to save them.


CAIR Wants Media To Do Away With Use Of The Word “Islamist”

3 January, 2013

Sure, I’ll do away with using the word “Islamist.”—Just as soon as Ibrahim Hooper does away with the word “Islamophobe.” 

(Fat chance of that, buddy):


(WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/3/13) — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today distributed a commentary urging media outlets to drop the term “Islamist” because it is “currently used in an almost exclusively pejorative context.”

By Ibrahim Hooper

As many people make promises to themselves to improve their lives or their societies in the coming year, here is a suggested New Year’s resolution for media outlets in America and worldwide: Drop the term “Islamist.”


Unfortunately, the term “Islamist” has become shorthand for “Muslims we don’t like.” It is currently used in an almost exclusively pejorative context and is often coupled with the term “extremist,” giving it an even more negative slant.

There are few, if any, positive references to “Islamist” in news articles. There are also no — nor should there be — references to “Christianists,” “Judaists” or “Hinduists” for those who would similarly seek governments “in accord with the laws” of their respective faiths.

No journalist would think of referring to the “Judaist government of Israel,” the “Christianist leader Rick Santorum” or “Hinduist Indian politician Narendra Modi,” while use of “Islamist” has become ubiquitous. It might be an interesting exercise to hold a contest, the winner of which would be the first to find a positive mainstream media reference to “Islamist.”

False argument, Ibrahim.  

Besides, even the New York Times has called Israel’s government, “Jewish.”   (CLICK HERE for the link to the NYT’s corrections page and note the usage of the phrase, “the Jewish government,” in its first correction item).  

I’d say that fits quite neatly into your “Judaist government” criteria, Ibrahim.    What are you?  A Jewophobe?

Quite likely, such a contest would end up being similar to a unicorn hunt.

The frequent linkage of the term “Islamist” to violence and denial of religious and human rights is also strongly promoted by Islamophobic groups and individuals who seek to launch rhetorical attacks on Islam and Muslims, without the public censure that would normally accompany such bigoted attacks on any other faith.

Aha!  There it is!  Still using the term Islamophobe, are we, Ibrahim?  Why is it that you want to control our language, but we can’t touch yours?  

What are you?  A hypocrite?  Or, should I say, “Islamocrite?!”


By not dropping or modifying use of the term, the media are making a political and religious value judgment each time it is used.

As are you, Ibrahim,  every time you use that ridiculous word Islamophobe!  See the hypocrisy here, Ibrahim?

That is hardly fair or balanced.

Hey, like I said, if all you Muzzy-headed types would just stop using the word Islamophobe, I’d be more than happy to stop using the word Islamist.

Now, THAT is truly “fair and balanced!”—Unlike Ibrahim Hooper’s one-sided request for the media to stop using the term Islamist.

Stupid muzzy.

Texas: Dead Pig Found on Mosque Doorstep – Called a “Hate Crime” by CAIR

6 December, 2012

Meanwhile, I noticed last night that our local Catholic church’s nativity display had its baby Jesus stolen for about the fourth year in a row without nary a peep from even the local papers.  

I have long suspected that this is the work of a group of local, activist Atheists. However, since the local police department is already overworked (handing out traffic tickets for burnt out license plate lights, no doubt—yeah, I’m talking to YOU, Officer Mahoney! ), they never follow up on the complaints filed by the Catholic church.

Anyway, my point is that if the Muzzies can call a stupid dead pig on their doorsteps a “hate crime,” churches all across the country who have their nativity scenes vandalized should be more than able to call such actions hate crimes.  You would think that, right?


Apparently, hate crime laws don’t favor Christians:

Dead pig found at door of new Texas mosque

December 6, 2012 (HOUSTON) — A disturbing find was made outside of a Houston-area mosque, and Islamic community leaders are calling it a hate crime. A dead pig was left in front of the mosque Tuesday in Cypress, Texas.

Ilyas Choudry says worshippers at the Islamic Outreach Center in Cypress says found mutilated dead pig Tuesday night near the doorstep of their 5-month-old mosque.

“They were totally surprised to see this,” he said.

Leaders at the mosque say the dead pig was placed there sometime after worshipers left following afternoon prayer and arrived back for evening prayer. Muslims don’t eat pork and regard the pigs as an unclean animal. Some in the Muslim community are questioning if this was a gesture of hate.

“I think it borders being a hate crime at least from our prospective, because we’ve seen these before and generally when people put pigs or have dead animals, it’s really something hateful,” said Mustafaa Carroll with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

So saith the advocates of rapists, terrorists, and tyrants…


Maj. Nidal Hasan Playing the Muzzie Card?

19 June, 2012

If Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, then why do so many terrorists play the Muzzie card when they miss their date with 72 virgins and wind up in the court room?:

Judge considers delay in Fort Hood suspect’s trial
AP via

FORT HOOD, Texas — A military judge will hear arguments Tuesday on whether to delay the trial of an Army psychiatrist charged in the fatal 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas.

The judge postponed Maj. Nidal Hasan’s pre-trial hearing earlier this month because the defendant had grown a beard, contrary to Army regulations. The judge, Col. Gregory Gross, has said he will bar Hasan from the courtroom and force him to watch Tuesday’s proceedings through closed-circuit television if he is unshaven. Gross has the power to bar defendants from court for such violations.


Jeff Addicott, a former senior legal adviser to the Army’s Special Forces who isn’t involved in the case, said Hasan may be growing the beard with the hope of making a case that he is being persecuted for his faith.

“He’s going to play the religious card,” said Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law. “And this is his last card to play … because no one believes he’s not going to be found guilty.”


McDonald’s Power Ranger Stomps on Muhammad (dbuh)

29 May, 2012

Yup, Muzzies see Muhammad and Allah’s names in just about everything.  Of course, if Arabic script wasn’t such a scribbly, horrible mess to begin with, this type of stuff wouldn’t happen near as often; and, McDonald’s wouldn’t be running around with their heads cut off trying to withdraw a child’s toy.

First, a little perspective as to what Muhammad’s name commonly looks like in Arabic calligraphy:

If I break it down to the individual characters, it looks something like this:

Of course, if that were the end of the story, we could all just close the book and move on.  However, when writing in Arabic script, Muhammad’s name most often looks like this:

So now, it lends itself to all sorts of hallucinatory imaginations of the Muslim kind.

Even the random wanderings of an insect can be the devil’s playground for a Muslim with an over-active imagination:

And, don’t even get me started on the millions of variants concerning Allah’s name!

But, I digress:

Nope.  Not seeing it.  McDonald’s has been suckered again by the Muzzies:

Saudis Demand Punishment for McDonald’s Toy They Say “Insults Muhammed”
by Raymond Ibrahim – Gatestone Institute

Saudi Arabians are angry at a McDonald’s toy which they say mocks their prophet Muhammad. According to a report appearing today (5/27/12) on the Arabic news website,, the McDonald’s fast food restaurant “abused the Prophet Muhammad by placing his name at the base of a toy that is being distributed as part of the Happy Meal, a toy which steps on the name ‘Muhammad.'”

The toy consists of a blue superhero figurine (apparently a Power Ranger Samurai […]. It stands on one leg, and, when the lever is pressed, it pounds on the base with the other leg. According to the Saudis, the designs that appear all around the base, where the figurine stomps its foot, is really the name “Muhammad” written several times in circles.

The toy had been distributed a few days before Saudi children and their parents began to take note of the name. Soon thereafter, Saudi Muslims launched several campaigns against McDonald’s in “response to the savage attacks on the noble Prophet,” under banners like “Help your Prophet!” and “Together in support of the Prophet.”

Saudis, “demanding the strongest possible punishment for the restaurant” and insisting that “they will not be silent until this is realized,” further complained how such an obvious insult could pass the supervision of the management at McDonalds.

The strongest possible punishment?  That would be death…

In response, “Saudi McDonald’s” has withdrawn the toy from all its restaurants, “in order to safeguard against any accusations or misunderstandings.”

Fatuous suckupism!  They should have kept distributing the toy.  After all, Islam is a religion of peace, right?  What could possibly go wrong?

NY: Muzzies Plan to File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Rye Playland Park

25 January, 2012

Yup, you just knew it was coming:

This updates our previous coverage HERE.

P.S. – Obviously, the following article is biased towards the Muzzies.  I just wanted to give you all fair warning.

Muslims Arrested At Rye Playland Melee To File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

Westchester County prosecutors have agreed to drop charges against 15 Muslims who were arrested at Rye Playland last summer after women visiting the park were told they could not go on certain ride while wearing their hijabs. The chaotic melee started after some Muslim women demanded a refund, and text messages were sent amongst some of the 3,000 Muslims visiting the amusement park with the Muslim American Society of New York. As growing numbers gathered near the park police station, local police rushed to the scene, and the situation quickly escalated, with a park ranger allegedly yelling, “I don’t give a f*** about your culture.”

15 people, all Muslims, were arrested. Most were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration, but a handful were charged with second-degree assault. Yesterday, they accepted an offer to have the charges dismissed provided they aren’t arrested in the coming months. An attorney representing the group, Lamis Deek, says her clients would have won had the case gone to trial, but most of them live in NYC, and she tells the Associated Press, “It’s unfortunately more convenient to accept this offer, not have to enter a plea of guilty, move on with their lives and pursue this matter in a civil courtroom.”

Deek tells her clients plan to file federal civil rights lawsuits against Westchester County, claiming that the arrests were “abusive” and that the headgear ban violates the civil rights of the Muslim patrons. Rye Playland is located in a public park operated by the county, at a loss of $5 million a year. Rye Playand’s rules are stricter than other amusement parks’. Six Flags in New Jersey, for instance, permits hijabs on rides as long as they are securely wrapped around the head. On the other hand, Six Flags hasn’t had a fatal accident since the ’80s, and it may be that Rye Playland has tighter safety regulations because of a 2005 incident in which a 7-year-old boy who was killed on a boat ride at the park.

Here’s video of the chaotic scene last summer; it shows police pushing at least one Muslim woman to the ground, and over 100 officers responded to the melee, which was sparked by one 17-year-old girl from Brooklyn who refused to comply with the head scarf ban.

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