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Nigeria: In New YouTube Video, Leader of ‘Boko Haram’ Blames Christians for Forcing Him to Murder Them

11 January, 2012

Yeah, it’s always someone else’s fault:

Nigeria: Boko Haram Defends Attack on Christians as Violence Worsens

By Daniel Tovrov – IBT

The leader of Boko Haram, Nigeria’s deadly Islamic rebel group, said that the recent attacks on Christians were revenge for years of Muslim persecution.

Deferring blame away from his organization, Abubakar Shekau said in a video address that the Christmas Day church bombings that killed 49 Christians and other recent attacks were a direct response to the killings of Muslims in cities such as Jos, Kaduna, Zangon Kataf and Tafawa Balewa.

“We are also at war with Christians because the whole world knows what they did to us,” Shekau said in the video.

“They killed our fellows and even ate their flesh in Jos,” he added, referencing an incident in the tumultuous Plateau state where Christians killed and ate rivals after religious clashes.

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is split evenly between Christians and Muslim, with the former living primarily in the south and the latter in the north. Boko Haram, whose name translates roughly to “Western education is a sin,” wants to “abolish the secular system and establish an Islamic state” in Nigeria.

In its quest, Boko Haram has wantonly killed hundreds of people, including civilians, soldiers and politicians, and in recent weeks the group has specifically targeted Christian worshippers.

“Everyone has seen how we were treated, people have seen what has happened between us and armed security agents and their accomplices who give them information about us,” Shekau, who wore a bullet-proof vest and sat between two AK-47 rifles in the video, said.

Shekau also challenged President Goodluck Jonathan and Ayo Oritsejafor, the leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria, saying that anyone who tried to stop Boko Haram would be killed.

Last week, Oritsejafor encouraged all Christians to take up arms and defend themselves against the Boko Haram menace.

“The consensus is that the Christian community nationwide will be left with no other option than to respond appropriately if there are any further attacks on our members, churches and property,” Oritsejafor stated.

“I will not encourage Christians to [exact] revenge, but Christians should protect themselves… anyway you can. Why should anybody come and kill you in your house? Protect your place of worship, protect your property; it is very important.”


After a year of near daily-attacks in parts of Nigeria, and despite the efforts of [President Goodluck] Jonathan’s JTF [Joint Task Force], violence in the country is still escalating.

Boko Haram allegedly shot eight people dead at a bar in in the town of Potiskum in Yobe state on Tuesday night. Five of those killed were policemen.

“The bodies included five policemen, a bartender, a customer and a 10-year-old girl,” a local doctor told Al Jazeera.


Video of Shekau’s comments, in the Hausa language, below:

Nigeria: 20 Christians Murdered By Muslims

8 January, 2012

This was not done without the direct support of the islamic community in Nigeria.

It is starting to look like another Nigerian Civil War is imminent. When the pictures of the dead and dying start hitting the global media, do not give to charities serving the muslim north, they will just buy ammunition. Once we identify charities that serve the Christian south we will let you know.

Matthew Onah, John Shiklam and Michael Olugbode, 8 January 2012, allAfrika
At least 20 more people were killed at the weekend in fresh attacks suspected to have been carried out by the terrorist Boko Haram sect in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States.

The terrorists attacked the Christ Apostolic Church, Nasarawo Parish, Jimeta-Yola in Adamwa State, on Friday evening, killing over 12 persons.

They also shot and killed four persons in another raid in Lamurde, about 80 kilometres away from Yola, the Adamawa State capital.

In another attack in Potiskum, the Yobe State capital, Boko Haram members killed two persons and raided four banks.
-See the pattern yet, these are not isolated events by a few muslims. An attack across that much area requires a complex system of attackers and supporters. This was not done without the direct support of the islamic community in Nigeria.

Nigeria: Court to hear child-bride case

5 June, 2010

No one really believes the Nigerian government has any interest in protecting children but this show trial will be one to watch. Since most muslim males see pedophilia as just following the example of the pedophile mohammed this child can also forget help from the islamic community.

As with most cults, islam uses sexual torture as a control mechanism. The senator’s high social status will protect him from scorn. Females are little more than slaves and no matter what the status of the islamic minion in question, a child cannot consent to sex. He is both a pedophile and a rapist. He can justify his actions under islamic laws as his current victim is 13, that is 4 years older than the child the pedophile mohammed raped.

By BASHIR ADIGUN, 5 June, 2010
A Nigerian federal court will hear a case over whether the West African nation’s religious freedom and privacy laws allow a Muslim senator to marry a 13-year-old girl, the latest rift in a country split between Christians and Muslims.
-In any contest of morality between Christianity and islam, islam loses by a wide margin. It is actually an apple vs oranges comparison and not the real issue here. The issue is not competing ideologies, it is the protection of children. The fact that the Christians seek to protect children is already universally accepted, islams record speaks for itself. In any islamic country you can grow old attempting to find an imam without a child bride or a boy toy.

The lawsuit filed by the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria on behalf of Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima challenges the country’s child protection laws that ban women from marrying before age 18. The suit, obtained Friday by The Associated Press, claims that Yerima’s constitutional rights are being trampled over the controversy surrounding his alleged marriage to a 13-year-old Egyptian girl.
-More proof of islamic shame, the nations highest sharia council supports pedophilia. (more…)

Nigerian Muzzies Continue to Kill Christians

17 March, 2010

I was surprised to see the following story make it to CNN’s website:

11 dead in fresh Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria
By Christian Purefoy, CNN
March 17, 2010

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) — Attackers killed at least 11 people Wednesday in a region of Nigeria that has been convulsed by violence between Muslims and Christians, an official said.

Muslim herdsmen, some dressed in military uniforms, attacked a predominantly Christian village at about 1 a.m. Wednesday near the city of Jos, close to where a machete-wielding Muslim group killed hundreds in a mostly Christian town this month, said Choji Gyang, special adviser on religious affairs to the governor of the Nigerian state of Plateau.

The dead included women and children, he said. The attackers, from the Fulani ethnic group, also injured at least four people and stole 120 cattle from the village of Kyi, he said. Two people are missing.


The attacks Wednesday followed the massacre earlier this month of roughly 200 people near Jos, a city in central Nigeria that lies on a faith-based fault-line between Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria and the mainly Christian south.

A few weeks ago, Muslim attackers with guns, machetes, and knives killed people in several Christian villages near Jos in apparent retaliation for previous attacks against Islamic communities and the theft of cattle from herdsmen, Human Rights Watch said.


Of course, CNN couldn’t help itself and immediately began to spin this as having nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with access to natural resources.  Yeah, r-i-i-i-ght.  And, Muhammad wasn’t a murdering warlord, pedophile, and slaver who advocated sex with slaves, either.

Muslim call to rise up against Christians

16 March, 2010

More of the islamic tolerance we hear so much about.

Jon Gambrell, 16 Mar, 10, (AP)
LAGOS, Nigeria – A video posted on a militant Web site calls for Muslims in Nigeria to use “the sword and the spear” to rise up against Christians in Africa’s most populous nation, according to a translation released Tuesday by a U.S. group that monitors militant sites.
-Not that minions really need another excuse to murder but these calls for combat allow them to justify their role in the violence as orders and an obligation. Simply put it removes personal responsibility.

The video on the Ansar al-Mujahideen forum, a Web site sympathetic to al-Qaida, comes in the wake of a series of religious massacres and riots in central Nigeria. The video shows television news footage and graphic images of those killed as a narrator tells viewers “the solution is jihad in the cause of Allah,” according to a translation provided by the site Intelligence Group.
-Any deity that demands a blood sacrifice is not worth of worship and anyone that follows him is a murderer. (more…)

150 muslim bodies found in wells after Nigerian massacre

23 January, 2010

Muslims always fear a backlash after they attack innocents, this time they got one. It is not that I do not understand the call for revenge or retaliation but come on; murdering muslims and dropping them down wells is just wrong. Protection of groundwater is a serious issue and not to be taken lightly. Store your bodies above ground and away from flowing water. No one should be forced to drink contaminated water.

Jan 24, 10, JOS, Nigeria (AFP) – At least 150 bodies were recovered from wells following deadly Muslim-Christian clashes in central Nigeria, a village headman said Saturday, taking the unofficial death toll past 400.

“So far we have picked 150 bodies from the wells. But 60 more people are still missing”, Umar Baza, head of Kuru Karama village near the city of Jos, told AFP by telephone.

“We took an inventory of the displaced people from this village, sheltering in three camps, and we realise that 60 people can still not be accounted for,” he said.

“We believe there are more bodies in the wells.”

The Head of the Muslim volunteer team for the victims’ burial, Mohammed Shittu, said further searches would be carried out on Saturday.

“Now we have 150 bodies in all, taken from the wells as from Thursday,” he told AFP.

“From the account of survivors, some people fleeing attacks were ambushed and killed in the bush. That is why we are going there to search for more bodies.”

Global rights watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Saturday urged Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to order “an immediate criminal investigation into credible reports of a massacre of at least 150 Muslim residents of a town in central Nigeria.”

A Muslim official who visited Kuru Karama to arrange for the burial of bodies told HRW that 121 corpses had been recovered, including those of 22 young children.
-Muslims routinely claim the victims were children to incite other muslims to commit violence thus keeping the conflict going. (more…)

Voodoo Curses Force Nigerian Girls into Prostitution

4 December, 2009

Huh?  Well, I guess if the UN can claim that AGW causes prostitution, others can jump on the bandwagon and claim voodoo causes it, too:

Voodoo curse: Nigerians held

The Hague – Two Nigerians accused of using voodoo curses to force about 140 Nigerian girls into prostitution in Europe were sentenced to jail terms of four and four-and-a-half years on Thursday.

Four other defendants received terms of one or two years while three were found not guilty by a court in Zwolle in the central Netherlands. Prosecutors had asked for eight years in jail for the two main accused and up to four years for the others.

The trial, on charges of human trafficking and membership of a criminal organisation, opened in March.

Prosecutors said about 140 Nigerian girls brought by the gang into the Netherlands as asylum seekers had disappeared from asylum centres in 2006 and 2007.

About a dozen of the girls were traced, while the rest were thought to have been forced into prostitution in Italy, Spain and France. Most were minors at the time, their ages ranging from 16 to 23.

The Netherlands allegedly served as a transit point for the girls, sent by the suspects from Nigeria with false identity papers and instructions for an asylum application.

“The suspects used voodoo to influence the girls,” said a prosecution statement”. They had to give blood, nails or a piece of clothing and make a promise to a voodoo priest to repay the ‘debts’ incurred for their travel to Europe” – between 30 000 euros and 60 000 euros each.


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