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Day 2: Vets Continue to Defy Obama’s “Shutdown-a-palooza” as they Storm Vietnam Memorial

2 October, 2013


The “Greatest Generation” continues to show the brainwashed Gen-X and Y’rs  who’s really Uncle Sam’s “Daddy!”:

And, just so you know, the Vietnam Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial were left open during the 1995 shutdown because they didn’t require supervision by Federal employees:

Gadsden Times - December 17, 1995

Gadsden Times – December 17, 1995

Women Arrested in Illinois for Refusing Smart Meters

25 January, 2013

Um…  I’m pretty sure the Deeds to both properties have “easement” clauses in them, in which, if you sign them, gives utility companies the legal means to trespass on your land. 

However, that being said, it’s a fascist state which allows utility companies to team up with the police in order to arrests home owners who simply don’t want utility companies to install those new Snoop-o-Meters on their property.  

After all, if a resident doesn’t want a Snoop-o-Meter, the power company can simply shut off the power to that residence.  Then, the homeowner can decide if they want to live on or off the grid. 


But, no.  Police are now going around arresting people just because the utility companies are on a power trip:

Jennifer Stahl, left, and Malia "Kim" Bendis.

Jennifer Stahl, left, and Malia “Kim” Bendis.

2 meter opponents arrested in Naperville: ‘A society of violating one another’
By Melissa Jenco – Chicago Tribune

Two vocal opponents of Naperville’s initiative to install wireless electric meters on homes were arrested after interfering with the installation process, according to city officials.

Police are accompanying crews this week as they install smart meters at homes that previously sent away installers.

“The previous installation attempts were met with some resistance and we wanted to ensure our employees’ safety,” City Manager Doug Krieger said.

Naperville has installed smart meters on 57,000 homes and is about 99 percent through with the process. Officials have said the project will make the electric system more reliable and efficient and reduce costs.

However, the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group has expressed concerns over whether the wireless meters will affect health, security and privacy. The group has a federal lawsuit pending against the city.

The two women arrested Wednesday are leaders of the group.

Yup, the police and the utility companies are making an example out of them for the rest of the group.  That certainly reeks of fascism, if you ask me.

Malia “Kim” Bendis of the 2200 block of Mercer Court was charged with two misdemeanors — attempted eavesdropping and resisting a peace officer.

Jennifer Stahl of the 1400 block of Westglen Drive, received two ordinance violation citations — interfering with a police officer and preventing access to customer premises.

Stahl, who was released from custody about 4:30 p.m., said when she refused the smart meter, installers accompanied by police cut the bicycle lock she had placed on her fence and entered her backyard. She then stood in front of her electric meter and refused to move.

“It was forced on my house today,” she said. “It was really a violation. I violated something, but I’ve been violated too so I guess we’re now in a society of violating one another.”


Krieger defended the city moving forward with installation of the meters despite the objections from some homeowners.

“The city has always had and maintains the right to access our equipment, and today we were simply exercising that right,” he said.

And, the homeowners are simply exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL rights to privacy and protesting.  In a sane world, that would normally trump the city.  But, we aren’t living in a sane world, are we?  We’re now living in an Orwellian police state.  Welcome to the USSA, folks.

Tiananmen Square Dissident, Now An American, Says A Rifle Is An Instrument of Freedom!

24 January, 2013

Great speech from a true patriot! 

Near as I can tell, this video was taken in Boston at the Massachusetts State House on January 19th during one of the many Gun Appreciation Day rallies across the United States of America:

And, channeling my inner Confucius, I’d just like to remind everyone:

Gun Control work amazing wonder for he who control gun:


Proof that Union Dems Staged a Fake Fight at R’omni Rally in Ohio

14 July, 2012

In Sanford D. Horwitt’s  biography of Saul Alinsky, we find this interesting tactic used by Alinsky and his minions:

“…in the spring of 1972, at Tulane University…students asked Alinsky to help plan a protest of a scheduled speech by George H. W. Bush, then U.S. representative to the United Nations – a speech likely to include a defense of the Nixon administration’s Vietnam War policies.  The students told Alinsky they were thinking about picketing or disrupting Bush’s address.  That’s the wrong approach, he rejoined, not very creative – and besides causing a disruption might get them thrown out of school.  He told them, instead, to go to hear the speech dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards reading, ‘The KKK supports Bush.’  And that is what they did, with very successful, attention-getting results.”

So, whenever something unusual happens at a Tea Party or a Republican gathering, one of the first things that needs to be done is an investigation into the identities and ideologies of the perpetrators. Not surprisingly, the biased Lame Stream Media isn’t going to do your footwork for you. Thank heavens we have the internet at our disposal to get the truth out there:


by NICK MASCARI – – Big Government

Last Thursday, there was a rally in Parma, Ohio for the Romney campaign. The event was headlined by speeches from former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.
The event was interrupted by several union and Democrat protestors who began chanting “Pawlenty go home!” during Pawlenty’s speech. These classy folks showed up disguised as supporters, carrying Romney signs and even wearing Romney garb. They deliberately started this interruption in front of media cameras.

What happened next was reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer and instantly went viral among the moonbat left blogosphere. A physical confrontation started as a result of the chanting.

But a physical clash between Romney supporters and protesters overshadowed the Parma campaign stop by the prominent pair, who are often mentioned as possible running mates for Romney.

At one point, Romney supporter Richard Brysac of Parma confronted protester Al Neal of Canton, who attended with a handful of members of a group called Fight for Fair Economy Ohio.

Brysac, 77, attempted to hush Neal by emptying a bottle of water into the 25-year-old union worker’s mouth.

“He seemed thirsty, so I tried to shove the bottle in his mouth,” Brysac said. “I thought it was wrong to interfere with [Pawlenty’s] freedom of speech.

When the bottle didn’t work, Brysac pulled out his handkerchief and gagged Neal.

Neal removed the handkerchief and continued chanting until the group of protesters was escorted from the rally.

Watch the video HERE.

The Plain Dealer reported that Brysac (actual spelling is Brysacz) was a Romney supporter, and apparently didn’t investigate any further. However, local Tea Party leader Jim Woods of Medina County Friends and Neighbors did look into what the two men told the press, and what he found casts serious doubt on the legitimacy of the entire conflict.

First off, Al Neal claimed he was from Canton, but a search of voter records shows that there is no one by that name in Canton or anywhere else in Stark County. In fact, he is aunion organizer from Arizona.

Second, watch the video again. Doesn’t it appear odd how gingerly Brysacz carefully inserts the handkerchief into Neal’s mouth? And doesn’t it appear strange that Neal accepts it and lets him do it? It looks like he knew it was coming and that he wanted it to happen. It looks like it was staged.

And finally, what about Brysacz himself? He told the reporter that he was from Parma. Heis registered to vote where he claims he is, and he appears to be as very active voter indeed. As a Democrat.

All of this leads Woods to a different conclusion than what the Plain Dealer arrived at.

It is our conclusion that both the victim and the aggressor in this confrontation were Democrat actors putting on a sham conflict put on right in front of the TV cameras to distract from Governor Pawlenty’s message and to portray us in a bad light.

I wonder how many votes these protestors won with their childish stunt?

Lefturd Occupiers Arrested for Attempting to Blow Up Bridge

1 May, 2012

Happy commie May Day, everyone!

Now, I’m sure the Occupy bowel Movement is quickly going to dismiss this as having nothing to do with the Occupy mob, but let’s just take a look at some of their targets:

bank signs
Law Enforcement
The Midwest Federal Reserve

Sounds to me like the stuff the Occupied crowd is upset with…

And, if we had smell-o-vision on this website, I’m pretty sure they would smell just like Occupied Porta-Pottiers, too!:

I-Team: Chicago/NATO in crosshairs of Cleveland anarchists
Chuck Goudie

May 1, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — They may be charged with plotting to blow up a major bridge in Cleveland, but five Ohio men under arrest Tuesday morning had their eyes on Chicago later this month, according to federal investigators.

The five were initially planning to use high-powered C-4 explosives to take down the Route 82 Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge which crosses from Brecksville, Ohio, to Sagamore Hills, Ohio, over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, according to a federal complaint.

Douglas L. Wright, 26, Brandon L. Baxter, 20, and Anthony Hayne, 35, were arrested by members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force on Monday night on charges of conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce. Also arrested were Connor C. Stevens, 20, and Joshua S. Stafford, 23.

The men are self-professed anarchists who have formed a small group intent on violent attacks that evolved in a series of plots hatched the past several months, say FBI agents in Cleveland. The bridge attack was timed to coincide with May Day, said federal officers.

Yup.  That has Commie written all over it!!!

After the Ohio attacks, the men would focus on waging similar assaults in Chicago during the upcoming NATO summit, according to FBI Special Agent Ryan Taylor. According to Agent Ryan’s affidavit, the five anarchists wanted body armor, helmets and gas masks to wear in Chicago, which was “the main place they were worried about having the protective gear because there is no telling what they might have to use there.”

Suspect Douglas Wright is quoted by the FBI as saying that “it will be crazy in Cleveland, but crazier in Chicago with people coming from everywhere to Chicago to protest the NATO summit.”

Apparently recorded during a conversation with an undercover FBI informant, Wright predicted “a s–t load” of anarchists will go to Chicago after passing through Cleveland, after leaving the northern Ohio city “a pile of rubble and ashes” as anarchists in every major city in the country will ultimately be “rioting and destroying each city.”


The self-styled anarchists also plotted to topple bank signs atop downtown Cleveland skyscrapers, using smoke grenades to divert law enforcement according to the federal complaint. They also allegedly discussed attacks on various government buildings, law enforcement headquarters and U.S. Federal Reserve facilities in the Midwest. They learned how to concoct the most potent weaponry from the Anarchist’s Cookbook which is widely available.


Well, there’s your problem right there! 

The Anarchist’s Cookbook was written by bunch of whacked out, LSD trippin’, pot smokin’, ’60s huggin’ hippies!  As such, it’s one of the worst (and, most dangerous) books out there for making bombs! 

If you want some real bombs that will actually work, and want to keep with that ’60s theme, might I suggest Kurt Saxon’s “The Poor Man’s James Bond” series of books?  (Now on the web!  Torrent available HERE).

They never failed me when I was a kid! 

…Of course, nowadays, with the Nazi-ish government we have, kids can’t enjoy themselves like they used to when I was young by blowing up a tree or two without getting arrested!  Freakin’ muzzies ruined all of that fun on 9/11…

Russian Police Cracking Down on… Toys!

27 January, 2012

Like I’ve said numerous times before:  Putin is evil!

And, with a commie like O’bommie in office, America isn’t that far behind Russia in shutting down free speech:

- Near as I can loosely translate, it says, "President - Do Not Confuse the Interests of the People with Your Own Interest!!!"

Doll ‘protesters’ present small problem for Russian police
Police in Siberian city ask prosecutors to investigate legality of protest involving display of toy figures holding miniature placards
– Miriam Elder in Moscow –

Russian police don’t take kindly to opposition protesters – even if they’re 5cm high and made of plastic.

Police in the Siberian city of Barnaul have asked prosecutors to investigate the legality of a recent protest that saw dozens of small dolls – teddy bears, Lego men, South Park figurines – arranged to mimic a protest, complete with signs reading: “I’m for clean elections” and “A thief should sit in jail, not in the Kremlin”.

“Political opposition forces are using new technologies to carry out public events – using toys with placards at mini-protests,” Andrei Mulintsev, the city’s deputy police chief, said at a press conference this week, according to local media. “In our opinion, this is still an unsanctioned public event.”

Activists set up the display after authorities repeatedly rejected their request to hold a sanctioned demonstration of the kind held in Moscow to protest disputed parliamentary elections results and Vladimir Putin’s expected return to the presidency in a March vote.

Passersby admired the display with giggles, but police took it more seriously, examining its details and writing down each placard.

“The authorities’ attempt to limit citizens’ rights to express their position has become absurd,” said Lyudmila Alexandrova, a 26-year-old graduate student and protest organiser. “We wanted to hyperbolise this attempt and show the absurdity and farce of officials’ struggle with their own people.”


Things You Will Never See at a Tea Party #1,000,000,1: A Man Taking a Dump on the Sidewalk

15 November, 2011

Warning:  Language:

Retired Marine Shows ‘Occupy’ Agitator the Door

14 November, 2011

Ya’ just gotta’ love it:

Ex-cop boots OWS heckler from congressman’s swearing-in

Meet New York’s newest hero.

Kevin Hiltunen, a former NYPD officer, yesterday grabbed an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator by the collar and dragged him out of a Queens school where he’d been heckling US Rep. Bob Turner at the congressman’s swearing-in ceremony.

“I guess you could say I sorted him out,” said Hiltunen, 48, his jacket and tie barely mussed after dragging the scruffy protester out on his rear end.

“All I was doing was trying to stop this historic occasion from being disrupt-ed. There is a time and place to exercise your First Amendment rights,’’ said Hiltunen, of Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, who was identified by people at the ceremony as an ex-Marine.

As anyone who has served in the military will tell you, there is no such thing as an “ex” Marine!

“This was not the time or the venue,” Hiltunen added.

Adam Weissman, 33, of Astoria, was one of three demonstrators to disrupt Turner’s local swearing-in ceremony at Metropolitan HS in Forest Hills.


Holding a sign that read, “Rep. Turner [heart] the 1%,” Weissman remained seated and quiet until Turner, who was there with his wife, Peggy, took the stage about 1:30 p.m. and began to speak.

“He was close by to where I was standing, and he started yelling something about Bob Turner,” said Hiltunen, who described himself as a Turner supporter and a volunteer for his congressional campaign.

“So I grabbed him by his sweat shirt and escorted him out. I just had to do what was right. I was just here to witness this historic occasion.”

Afterward, Turner blasted the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and praised Hiltunen.

“Protesters are on the wrong track. Socialism has been tried again and again, and it doesn’t work,” said Turner. “He picked the wrong guy to pee off.”


I sure hope someone uploads the video on YouTube!

Occupy St. Louis Protester Calls For Violence Against Police: “…Beat the Cr@p Out of Them!”

11 November, 2011

Just a quick heads up for everyone:

While the thermometer is dropping here in Missouri, the “Occupiers” are heating up over in St. Louis;  The city has demanded that the Occupiers remove their tents and leave the park they’ve hijacked by 10:00 pm tonight.  Unsurprisingly, the protesters have dug their heels in and are saying they will not budge. 

As I type, the police are organizing and planning to move in with riot gear and evict the protesters.

So, there’s probably going to be some action in St. Louis tonight. 

Especially since the radical faction in the movement has been stirring up the crowds with rhetoric like this:

H/T – SharpElbows.Net

What Happens When the 99% Meets the 1%?

27 October, 2011

Answer?  They get schooled!  That’s what happens:

P.S. – I made an executive decision last week not to cover these “Occupy” idiots anymore because they obviously get plenty of coverage in the news and on the blogosphere.  However, from time to time, I will make an exception when I feel it is warranted– such as in the case of the above Peter Schiff video.

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