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Orange County CA Bows to Islam; Muzzie-mahs in Custody Not Required to Remove Headscarves

14 February, 2013

Gee, Muzzie-mahs would never think of sneaking contraband into prison by using their headscarves…

Yup.  More insanity and creeping sharia brought to you via ludicrous judges, a perfidious ACLU, and, the ever present, imperious Muzzies:

OC Muslim woman settles head scarf lawsuit

Modesto Bee

SANTA ANA, Calif. — An Orange County Muslim woman who was forced to remove her head scarf by jailers has settled a civil rights lawsuit.

City News Service says the settlement was announced Wednesday.

Souhair Khatib of Anaheim and her husband pleaded guilty in 2006 to a misdemeanor welfare fraud violation and were given community service.

When Khatib went to ask for an extension to complete the service, a judge ordered her jailed. She claimed jailers in a courthouse holding cell forced her to remove the religious scarf.

She sued in 2007 for religious discrimination.

The ACLU of Southern California says under the settlement, county officials will no longer require Muslim women in custody to remove their headscarves.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department says it’s given its officers new training about the scarves.

Michiganistan: Gun Shop Stops Selling Turban Headed Skeleton Target After CAIR Complains

11 February, 2013

You will bow to Islam, infidel!  Else, I keeeeel you!!!

Skeleton target

Islamic group praises Royal Oak gun shop for ending sale of targets in Muslim attire
Detroit Free Press

A local chapter of a national Islamic civil liberties group is praising the decision of a Royal Oak gun shop to discontinue selling targets of a skeleton wearing traditional Muslim attire.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) welcomed the decision by Target Sports.

CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid met Wednesday with the owner of Target Sports to voice concern that a gun range target that depicts a skeleton with a long beard dressed in a turban and robe may provoke gun owners to view local Muslims who wear such garb as enemies.

Uh, yeah.  Just the other day, I saw a skeleton walking down the street in a turban and carrying an AK-47; acting all suspicious, and stuff.  Happens all the time around here. /sarcasm

The owner agreed.

Walid said he had received a complaint about the targets Wednesday morning, and walked into the gun store and bought two of the targets before introducing himself and expressing his concerns.

“He gave us a verbal promise to stop selling the targets,” Walid said. “It was an extremely non-hostile meeting.”

The targets, manufactured by Thompson Targets in Canton, Ohio, are shipped throughout the country, and Walid was checking with other gun shops in metro Detroit to see whether they are carrying them.

“Our concern isn’t primarily being offended,” he said. “It’s a safety issue. In metro Detroit, there are law-abiding, peaceful Muslims walking the streets of Hamtramck and Detroit who are dressed like this in the target. It is problematic. There seems to be a dehumanization of Muslims.”


Yeah, it’s a “safety” issue.  R-i-i-i-g-h-t.  

You know, there seems to be a dehumanization of redneck farmer zombies, too!  

Better get those pulled off the market, also.  Don’t want any law-abiding, peaceful farmers getting shot at!:

Redneck farmer zombie


 Of course, CAIR didn’t see fit to mention that they, themselves support terrorists…

Islamic Sharia Law in the UK

15 November, 2012

Yup, America is headed down this road, too:

Contemporary of Barack Obama at Harvard Wants Britain to Become More Sharia Compliant

16 January, 2012

Can you say, “eruditus stupidus?”:

UK Barrister Wants Shari`ah Tribunals
OnIslam & Newspapers – Monday, 16 January 2012

CAIRO – A leading British barrister at Harvard Law School wants Britain to become more Shari`ah-literate, saying that Islamic teachings are compatible with human rights legislations that can serve the whole community.

“It’s very important that they be acknowledged and allowed to exist,” Sadakat Kadri, a barrister and contemporary of Barack Obama at Harvard Law School, told The Guardian on Monday, January 16.

“So long as they’re voluntary, which is crucial, it’s in everyone’s interests these things be transparent and publicly accessible.

“If you don’t have open tribunals, they’re going to happen anyway, but behind closed doors,” he added.Kadri confirmed that the 1400-year-old Islamic law is compatible with the human rights legislations.

The Harvard professor said that “Shari`ah courts”, such as the Muslim arbitration tribunal, could serve “the community as a whole.”

This aim could be reached by putting Shari`ah laws on a transparent, public footing to be more widely accessible to those who want to use or know about these laws, he said.

Making his point clear, Kadri sets out the history of Shari`ah in a new book, Heaven and Earth, to be published next week.

The book describes the slow development of Shari`ah law, which is derived directly from the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him)’s Sunnah, in the centuries after the Prophet’s death.

“I’m not a theologian,” said Kadri.

“But this is my interpretation of Islamic history. There’s a mistaken belief that Islamic law is a vast unchanging body of rules – 1,400 years of Muslim history shows that little could be further from the truth.

“It’s really important that the Muslim community engage with its actual history, as well as idealized traditions. If that’s to take root, critical engagement with the past among young Muslims will be crucially important.”

In Islam, Shari`ah governs all issues in Muslims’ lives from daily prayers to fasting and from, marriage and inheritance to financial disputes.

The Islamic rulings, however, do not apply on non-Muslims, even if in a dispute with non-Muslims.

Uh…  Yeah, tell that to the numerous Christians who have been put to death under Sharia Law for proselytizing and/or “blasphemy.”


Pedophilic Polygynist Muzzies Exploit Loopholes in Australian Law; Collect Welfare for All Wives and Children

19 July, 2011

I wonder how many immigrant Muzzies are doing the same thing here in the U.S.?

Sharia law at work in Australia

Chris Merritt, Legal affairs editor – The Australian

SHARIA law has become a shadow legal system within Australia, endorsing polygamous and underage marriages that are outlawed under the Marriage Act.

A system of “legal pluralism” based on sharia law “abounds” in Australia, according to new research by legal academics Ann Black and Kerrie Sadiq.

They have found that Australian Muslims have long been complying with the shadow system of religious law as well as mainstream law.

But in family law, not all Muslims were registering their marriages and some were relying on religious ceremonies to validate unions that breached the Marriage Act.

This included “polygynist marriages”, in which a man takes multiple wives, and marriages where one party is under the lawful marriage age.

Their research, which will be published on Monday in the University of NSW Law Journal, says that the wider community has been “oblivious to the legal pluralism that abounds in this country”.

The findings come soon after Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, triggered a backlash inside the Islamic community when he called for Australia to compromise with Islam and embrace legal pluralism.

Mr Patel later said he supported secular law and it had been a mistake to even mention legal pluralism.

The latest research has found that while polygamy is unlawful, mainstream law accommodates men who arrive in Australia with multiple wives and gives some legal standing to multiple partnerships that originate in Australia.

“Valid Muslim polygynist marriages, lawfully entered into overseas, are recognised, with second and third wives and their children able to claim welfare and other benefits,” they write.

Changes to the Family Law Act in 2008 meant that polygamous religious marriages entered into in Australia could also be recognised as de facto marriages. “It means a second wife can be validly married under Islamic law . . . and be a defacto wife under Australian law with the same legal entitlements as any other de facto relationship,” they write.


White washing islam

13 June, 2011

By Ronin, 13 June, 2011
By now, many of you have noticed that the spin masters are out in force. Islam is being white washed on a massive scale. Sharia is explained away as similar to other religious laws and calls to use sharia inside the US as justified when both parties are muslim. What harm can come from that?

American muslims are touted as just like you and me, only a little bit better. Since they are more tolerant, have less domestic problems and are model citizens. Apparently, muslims also raise better children and have happier families.

Islam in the US is being slowly divided into the extreme form found outside the US and the model of tolerance and love found only in the US.

Model islamic citizens are supposedly working and living along side all of us. Just a bunch of fun loving islamic good ol boys out for a good time. They own stuff, vote and watch sports, 100% American, just like you, only better.

Here is the problem with the white wash, when it first hits water it washes away.

Most of the islamic minions resort to the moral equivalency arguments: other religions do bad things, Israel or (name the country) picked on us and my favorite-you have to read what our book says and not comment on what we do. These are the adult equivalent of the child’s retort of “I know you are but what am I” they are really just sad, no adult should have to lower themselves to that level. Here is a hint minions; if you cannot actually defend islam then you should leave islam. (more…)

Christians Flock to South Sudan, Fear Future in North

22 January, 2011

The results are not official yet but it looks like the people have voted and soon Sudan will become two nations: one, Christian and one, muslim.

All of you Christians reading this need to help your fellow believers, discuss this at your own Churches, the worlds newest Christian state will need support, pray, donate and help them. Do not worry about the muslim north, president obama will ensure that they have everything their hearts desire.

Unless you help all the Christians, many of which abandoned everything they own to head south, they will suffer greatly. Their fate and their nation are in your hands, they will be saver but hardly safe. They need your help.

By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, 20 Jan, 11, WFAE
Pronouncements by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his government about creating an Islamic state governed by Shariah law — if the ongoing referendum splits their country in two — has many among the millions of Christians living in north Sudan fearing for their future.

No attacks against Christians have been reported during the referendum period. Nevertheless, Christians and church officials interviewed said they are taking no chances.

Many Christians living in the north are originally from the southern part of Sudan. Thousands have been packing their belongings and returning to their homeland. In Jabarona, a slum on the outskirts of Khartoum where many displaced southerners live, arguments erupted recently over whose belongings were loaded onto the moving trucks first.

Everyone there seemed to fear being left behind.

One resident, Joseph Yel, said that he and other Christians have long felt mistreated by the police. He said the punishment is harsh if they are caught drinking alcohol, which is prohibited under Sudanese law because it’s forbidden in Islam. Yel predicts things will only get worse if Islamic Shariah once again becomes the law of the land, as Bashir has pledged.
-It will be much worse, people will die and the Christians will get zero help from authorities.

“When we drink alcohol, the government comes and take us away,” Yel said. “Police officers beat our kids and take them to prison and say it’s Shariah.”

He adds it’s better to go south to an ancestral homeland, where many of them haven’t lived in decades, than stay in the north.

Saints Peter and Paul Parish, the second-largest Catholic church in greater Khartoum, has already lost about three-quarters of its parishioners, says the Rev. Musa Timothy Kacho. He adds many have moved south for good because they fear that fundamentalists and state security forces will come after them if they stay.

“They may take another step of expelling the priests from the north,” he says, saying he heard this from someone in the government.

But Khartoum officials vehemently deny they are going after Christians, even if they do favor the ongoing exodus of southerners. They argue the southerners can’t have it both ways, so if they secede, they will lose the right to stay in north Sudan.
-Cleaver, the officials will not go after Christians but he knows the muslims will. He just told them that the remaining Christians have no rights. (more…)

Janet “The System Worked” Nappylatino Further Prostrates Herself to Islam

17 November, 2010

That psycho termagant needs to be kicked out on her ass before she kills any more Americans!

Oklahoma Becomes First US State to Ban Sharia Law

3 November, 2010

Get ready for copious whining and cries of “Islamophobia” from the Muzzies in 3…2…1….0

Oklahoma Voters Ban Judges From Using Islamic Law

FOX News

Oklahoma voters have approved a measure that would forbid judges from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases.

Republican Rex Duncan, the sponsor of the measure, called it a “pre-emptive strike” designed to close the door on activist judges “legislating from the bench or using international law or Sharia law.”

Members of the Muslim community called the question an attack on Islam and some of them said they are prepared to file a lawsuit challenging the measure.

LOL!  Yeah, so what these Muzzies are really saying is that they actually do want to force America to submit to Sharia law!   Else, why would they even attempt to challenge the measure?

Yup, they have fallen into a trap and unwittingly betrayed their true intentions.

Guest Post from NoCompromises: What is Halal?

25 October, 2010

No Compromise Media

America is beginning to see the introduction of halal certified food products and certified companies thus the need for this exposition.

Halal is arabic and translates to legal or permitted.  Haram translates to forbidden and mushbooh translates to unknown.   Food has to be prepared a certain way to meet Sharia Law/ Halal standards.

Halal is not necessarily only a food item but it can also define an individual as well as an individual company.  For example,  a tomato is halal, but it may not be processed according to Sharia Law thus making it haram or mushbooh.

In order for a company, which is defined as farms, ranches, fisheries, and food processing plants,  to become Halal Certified,  another process has to take place, which we will discuss that later.

Don’t think that halal only applies to food.  It also applies to all non-food products such as lotions, hair sprays, make-up, etc.

However let’s just focus on food.  Halal foods are foods that have no pork,  blood, or alcohol  within the product.  If the food product is a meat then halal extends to how it is processed. The animal has to be alive at the time the animal is slaughtered.

This answers the question as to why Muslims want certification on fish and poultry products.

Sharia law demands that food processors add other components in order to get the Halal Certification of the product, or the company itself which includes the Halal Certification logo, see below

To get a certification, a company must:

  1. Have Halal employees who are involved in the production which “includes the person in charge, those who order the raw materials,  and those in charge of packaging.”  In other words, the company must hire halal compliant employees.  Does this mean the company can only hire koranic observant muslims or will employees of the company have to submit to Sharia compliant rules including conversion to Islam?
  2. Slaughter the animal according to Sharia Law.  This means that the animal is either hung up, or placed in a position so that the head is pointing towards Mecca, alive,  and then ONLY a muslim can take a sharp knife,  and slice its jugular vein allowing the beast to be drained of its blood while a muslim of “sound mind” screeches “allah akbar” (allah is greatest) over the animal.
  3. Once the animal has been drained of blood then the animal is processed in a plant free from pork, blood, or alcohol processing.

Not only do companies have to comply with the rules above but they will also have to change recipes they may have had for 100 years or more.  The Campbell’s Soup Company, which was established in 1922, or the Cocoa Cola Company which became incorporated in 1892 will have to strip itself of the way they do business. Companies seeking halal standards will have to have an entire wing just to deal with halal standards i.e. hiring, building of plants, food processing, etc.   This begs the question: Will these companies have to submit to Sharia compliant financing as well including giving zakat?


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