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5 November, 2012

Man!  I’m amped up this morning!  I woke up at 4:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep.

For four long years, we’ve been trying to tell a tone-deaf Obama exactly what we think of his communist policies.  And, in just one more day, he’s finally going to hear Our message, loud and clear!  I’m VERY excited.  Can’t wait ’till tomorrow!

Anyway, as I was skimming through FreeRepublic, I came across the following music video which was put together by Freeper “icwhatudo” (Mark Gos).   It has an infectious techno beat to it.  And, even though the European who sang it has a terrible accent—thank goodness it’s subtitled!—the lyrics from the refrain will stick in your head like glue on a shoe!

Enjoy and be sure to CRANK IT UP!:

Tech-NoBama/You Shouldn’t Vote…(For Obama)

Mitt Romney Steals the Show at Al Smith Dinner

19 October, 2012

If you haven’t already seen this video, it’s a must watch!  Romney gets some awesome jabs at Obama:

Axelrod Can’t Say We Are Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago ‘Cause He Knows We Aren’t!

2 September, 2012

I had a major chuckle moment this morning while watching Fox News Sunday.  So, I thought I’d share it with you:

Look, Obama has had almost four years to fix the problem.  It’s obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that he hasn’t fixed a darn thing; truth be told, he’s made it worse!  In a business environment, if his CEO contract were up for renewal, there’s no way a sane Board of Directors would renew it!  

Although my trust in the American public was severely shaken November, 2008, I’m confident that they have seen the light and will not be renewing Obama’s contract.

Drinking With Bob: The Ron Paul Delegate Debacle

26 August, 2012

Look, I’m not particularly enamored with Ron Paul, either, but what the GOP is doing to him, along with the voters who voted for him, is outright criminal!!!

More proof that your vote doesn’t matter to the Washington elites; they’re going to do what they’re going to do:

Joe Biden Just Can’t Help Himself

15 August, 2012

Another day, another Biden gaffe!

Today, Biden regressed back to the 20th century:

“Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th century in making automobiles?”  – Joe Biden (Virginia – 8/15/12)

Joe, put down that crack pipe!

If I Was Your President

22 May, 2012

This morning, one of my daughter’s friends was driving me crazy with Justin Bieber’s song, Boyfriend.  To avoid the noise, I hopped onto my twitter account, @DoctorBulldog, to check the tweets.  Well, imagine my surprise when, at that very second, @Bailey tweeted a link to her new video, If I Was Your President (Boyfriend Spoof)!

Maybe it’s my loathing of Bieber’s teenybop-pop music combined with my coffee buzz, but I really got a kick out of Bailey’s video and figured I’d share it with you all:

Stoopid Monkey Award: Another Workplace Accident in Afghanistan?

4 May, 2012

Not quite exactly sure, but it looks to me like the guy in white tripped and accidentally hit the detonate button:

Update:  After viewing it a few times, the explosion appears to come from underneath, so it could be that he tripped over an IED which was probably hidden the night before by one of his buddies.    Either way you look at it, it’s a workplace accident.  Stoopid monkeys!

‘Veterans For A Strong America’: Heroes Don’t Seek Credit

2 May, 2012

Unlike glory hound Obama…

Good stuff:

Students at Carthage College Asked to Sign Petition Redistributing GPA’s

26 April, 2012

An excellent idea for motivating students to consider the  flaws inherent in the redistribution of wealth mantra.  However, I wish the audio quality was a little bit better on the video, but the lesson learned is golden:

Students Sign Petition To ‘Redistribute’ GPAs, But Some Are Too ‘Greedy’ To Lower Their Grades For Others
By Ron Meyer – CNSNews

Apparently, many students don’t like the idea of redistribution – but, only when it applies to their grades. Redistribution of their GPAs (grade point averages) to poorer students, they say, is unfair. But, those with lower grades don’t seem to mind benefiting from the hard work of their “greedy” high-achieving classmates.

Young America’s Foundation’s fourth annual GPA Redistribution Petition and Video Contest has produced yet another stellar student entry, this time from Carthage College. This year, the national public policy debate has focused on “fairness” through taxing the wealthy in an attempt to redistribute wealth. Many young people support this socialistic policy.

Yet, when students at Carthage where asked if they would be willing to sign a petition to redistribute GPA points from the top 10% to the rest of the college, most of them said NO. One student said, “No, because I worked hard for my grades!”

Another said, “At Carthage, each student has an equal opportunity to get the GPA they desire.” And another, “I don’t want my GPA being taken away from me if I had an ‘A’.”

When the petitioners told students that oftentimes outside factors leave students at an unfair disadvantage, a student said, “No. I’m low-income and a minority, and I have a fairly decent GPA, so…”

Fittingly, some of those who are not in the upper 10% welcomed the free points. “Why not? I’m down,” said one student with a low GPA  (eagerly signing the petition), but then the student’s friend standing next to him said, “It takes away from people working hard… and obviously it’s paid off with their higher GPA.” Later in the conversation, when the first student told his friend to sign the petition, the friend responded, “How about trying harder for a semester?”


Drinking with Bob Gives Advice on How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket in New Jersey

25 April, 2012

I was cracking up while watching this one! 

One of Bob’s best rants yet:

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