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  1. Che Says:

    Actually I gave this link with no intention to speculate on who is supplying the insurgents. Just thought it would be interesting for you.

    BTW, Lenta itself is doing no research and makes no accusations. They are giving references to the original document and to the AFP agency opinion.

    And as for me. Of course that fact does not exclude any possible third country involvment. It’s just that you guys can not trust local iraqui gov. It can be either corrupt, incapable or cooperationg with insurgents.

  2. Che Says:

    Ugly faces of zombyfied russians supporting the defense industry of Putins regime…

  3. Yeah. Too bad all the guys with those HOT MAKS chicks are total LOSERS…

    – Just teasing.




    Looks like Surf Control has become a jihadist owned company. On Monday I found them blocking Jihad Watch (they list it as a hate site). This morning, this site was blocked ( classified as a blog site). Foehammer’s Anvil has long been blocked by these idiots (classified as a game site). I consider these sites news sites since they report on the doings of the peaceful ones- my guess is that this bunch isn’t happy about that so they try getting them classified as anything but. Luckily, I can get all these sites at home (until the peaceful ones do something more sinister) but anyone trying to access these sites where Surf Control is used will most likely be blocked. Just thought you’d like to know this.


    Looks like Surf Control’s being nice to you again-you’ve been made accessible again!

  6. Thanks for the update.


  7. Ronin Says:

    Great pictures Che. What did you do with the donkey when you got up the hill? J/K.

  8. Che Says:

    No, no, no Ron!!! You got it all wrong. When we got up the hill I kicked the soldrier and made him run faster!

  9. Ronin Says:

    We think alike on many levels Che, its a little scary.


    I see Ronin has been elevated to co-equal status-first the picture, now the title. He’s reached the big time!

  11. Ronin Says:

    Islamsforlosers, you get credit for being the first to notice. We are hopeful the duel pictures and new banner will help the readership realize that Doc and I are not the same person (he gets tired of me getting him in trouble).

    It just goes to show if you eat right, get plenty of sleep and insult enough Islamonazis you can move up in this world.


    I thought I was seeing things for a minute there. At least now it’s official-there is not a Naseem type situation going on here!

  13. Che Says:

    2 Bulldog

    Here I found an article concerning some issues we discuss or that are brought up in your blog. It is in russian, sorry. So you it’s up to you how much time to spend reading it. It’s just an inetersting point of view…

  14. Che,

    Thanks for the link. I’ll read it tomorrow, after my morning coffee as I’m too tired to translate tonight, but a quick scan and I’ve got the gist of the article – ACLU released documents to support their claim: Americanism bad, Islamonazism good… Anyway, I’ll give it a more serious effort tomorrow.


  15. changedforever Says:

    Dr. Bulldog and Ronin,

    Just started posting on the site after reading the articles and comments since last year. This is a great site. If I make a mistake like I did yesterday with my screen name is there any way to fix it myself?

    Keep up the great work you guys are doing. If I happen to find an article that you guys might like how do I get it to you?

    Have a great day.

  16. Hi Bulldog and Ronin,I need your assistances in a particular issue.Can you email me with your phone number?This is not a scam and fraud request but a sincere and a genuine one.Been referred by Lee Kaplan,Becky Johnson from Dafka and Serbian Unity Congress Director.I sincere look forward to hearing from you soon because i tried emailing you on the indicated email addresses listed above but there was no respond ,hence i decided to post on the comment section.Please do understand i do ungently need to speak to you’ll.Pastor Edward

  17. Pastor Edward,

    Check your email.


  18. Jeff Brueningsen Says:

    Hi, It’s Jeff from Utah about the illegal Mosque at SLC Airport. Thanks for the work you’re Doing. I’m short on time today so I’d like to suggest and maybe you can post these articles on your site, maybe in a collected group. You can Google my name and probably find them all. !. “Walsh:Religious respect has gone too far” by Rebecca Walsh of Salt Lake Tribune( I brought her to the Mosque to get anindependeni opinion and was the driver commenting but feared retribution). 2. KSL-TV in Salt Lake did 3 stories in the last month They have photos of the Mosque interior which Iknow you know how dangerous that was for me to do) after I was attacked by 6 to 8 Islamists (Unlawful Detention say the SLC Police). If you Google me you’ll see the KSL links a lot. If you get 1 they’ll get you to the other two. 3. This one is the hatchet job on me (“Fallout over airport “quiet room” exposes deep-rooted tensions”) by Jessica Ravitz who when googled is OK with fake nuns desecrating Christianity at Easter in San Fran and signed a petition “Vehemently “against HB HR4437 “Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism and Illgal Immigration Control Act” at the JFREJ site a few years ago. The Atty. who says I’m a “Troublemaker” was representing a childe molester, drug addict balloon pilot who sexually molested his step daughter for 7 years. I gave a wittness statement against him to protect children around here. Ravitz implies I’m bad for protecting children. 4. The newest is SL Tribune2/24/08, columnist Rebecca Walsh “Prayer room flap leads to not-s-genteel end. Even though she cheap-shots me in the beginning she says I was right all along. You’ll see that KSL and Walsh were pretty fair and accurate compared to Ravits. After you read/see these in chronological order and maybe post them that way get back to me with questions and I can fill in the blanks. I’ll leave a teaser…. Taxi drivers and HAZMAT licenses.

  19. Ronin Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Doc and I will post articles written by others but they are normally emailed to us and we decide what to run and comment on it as we see fit. Personal attacks (without proof) bad language ends it before we post and old topics are not used if we have something current. It is a simple policy but it works for us.

    Our comment posting policy is also simple, off topic, obvious propaganda, rude, crude or personal attacks normally get your posts erased or rewritten, that depends strictly on our time and mood.

    I’d be glad to run updates on your story as long as it falls into those simple boundaries. I wish you the best.

    PS: Doc has his own rules, those were mine.

  20. masterh1 Says:

    OMFG, This is the best site ever, I am a gay Jewish woman of mixed heritage. My mother was a performer, she gave donkey shows in Mexico (for free as she really and I mean really enjoyed them) and my father was an Israeli soldier. He was a Palestian killing MF. I was never good enough for dad. He used to pimp me out and I had to turn tricks to get lunch money. I didn’t mind much as it was the only animal contact I got. I still love small furry animals.

  21. Ronin Says:


    Master-h, tmi

  22. Gee… ‘masterh1’ is one messed up dame…. It’s really sad, in a way…. I’ll be sure to keep my ferret away from her…


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