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Obama’s Dream Debate – Part 1

19 January, 2012

Closer to reality than Romney supporters would lead you to believe:

Nancy “The Wraith” Pelosi Blames Supreme Court for Congressional “Bay of Libs” Slaughter in 2010

17 January, 2012

Yeah, it couldn’t be that the American public finally woke up to Congress’s Progressive Libtard agenda once a full-blown communist took over the White House.  Nope, it had to be the Supreme Court—or pixies…or, something like that:

Pelosi: SCOTUS, superPACs lost Dems our majority
17 JAN 2012 – by Joel Gehrke Commentary Staff Writer – Washington Examiner

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that Democrats lost control of the House in 2010 because of superPACs, and by extension the Supreme Court, which caught Democrats by surprise when they started spending money in the 2010 cycle.

“Once those major special interests knew that they could contribute endlessly, secretly, without anybody knowing where the money came from, then the floodgates opened,” Pelosi said during the Politico Playbook breakfast. “May of last year — Easter, say, Passover of last year — not many people thought we would lose the house. By the time the [DISCLOSE campaign finance legislation] failed in the Senate, it was all over because it was going to be endless, endless money coming up on 9.5 percent unemployment.”

Pelosi explained that superPACs came about through a “miserable decision by the Supreme Court to allow any and all funding — secret, large, special interest contributions into campaign.” She dismissed the Supreme Court decision as “ridiculous.”

“What the court did is something so drastic,” Pelosi [said],  “it rolled back progress for 100 years.” She called for a “new politics, free of the special interest.”


Nancy “The Wraith” Pelosi Defends Funding Planned Barren-hood via Economic Stimulus Package

26 January, 2009

More proof that the Commiecrats are using the stimulus package as a Trojan Horse to fund a laundry list of far-left programs.  It’s a freakin’ feeding frenzy!

Media – Obama’s Lap Dog

17 January, 2009

JMB sent us an email link to a page on The People’s Cube that has a series of cartoons centering on Obama’s lap dog, the Media:


CLICK HERE to check out even more of these at The People’s Cube.

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