North Korea at Night, as Viewed by a Satellite

Gee, no wonder Kim Jung-il couldn’t afford an atomic bomb that works – he still has to pay the electric bill… By the way, that one dot of light in North Korea is PyongYang, the Capital of North Korea. How much do you want to bet that Kim Jung-il is right in the middle of that one dot?


Northern and Southern Korea as viewed from space at night.

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8 Comments on “North Korea at Night, as Viewed by a Satellite”

  1. Sampling

    Did they or didn’t they. That’s still the question, but air samples taken from the area seem to back up the response that the North Koreans did not detonate a nuclear device over the weekend. The samples don’t show any radiation, but there are still…

  2. Yup, no radiation… But, I think the U.S. government will go with the story that it is a, “possible” nuclear detonation in order to keep U.N. pressure on North Korea. If they do admit that N. Korea faked the test, then they lose support for sanctions…

  3. Maxime Says:

    They’re going through a curfew, they think that South Korea doesn’t have modern technology and so think they won’t know where to bomb =p

  4. […] may have seen satellite photos from space that show North Korea as a great pool of inky blackness – as dark as the ocean around it – […]

  5. yung Says:

    I am sure sky in N.Korea nights is full of stars, it will be very nice place for any likes to see the night sky.

  6. islams not for me Says:

    The only way that North Korea has ‘the bomb’ is that they bought it from the Russian mob or the Chinese.

  7. M Says:

    Maybe they’re just asleep after a day of working hard? Google Pyongyang, and it actually looks pleasant. Sometimes US propaganda gets underneath my skin lol

  8. […] may have seen satellite photos from space that show North Korea as a great pool of inky blackness – as dark as the ocean around it – […]

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