Top Leader of Islamic Courts Union (ICU) Declares Jihad on Ethiopia

Gee, according to all those Muslim apologists we get on this website, Ethiopia has nothing to fear.  After all, jihad is just a personal inner-struggle, right?

Somalia: Islamist Leader in Hiran Region Declares ‘Jihad On Ethiopia’

The top leader of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) militia in central Somalia’s Hiran region has declared ‘jihad’ on Ethiopian troops amassing along border towns, Radio Garowe reported Tuesday.

Sheikh Abdirahman Ibrahim Ma’ow, the ICU chief in Hiran, told reporters via a telephone press conference that Ethiopia does not support the interests of the Somali people.

“I urge the Muslim people of Hiran [region] to join the jihad against Ethiopia, because the enemy of Islam has returned to our land,” Sheikh Ma’ ow said, while speaking from the frontlines in the northern outskirts of Beletwein, the capital of Hiran.

Witnesses and local officials have confirmed that Ethiopian troops have taken positions in parts of Hiran, but there was no indication as to where the Ethiopian contingent is headed.

Some reports suggested the Ethiopian troops are destined for Galgadud region in a bid to block a possible retreat of Al Shabaab fighters, who seized Galgadud’ s provincial capital last week.

Other reports said the Ethiopian troops were heading for Beletwein, where Addis Ababa maintained the third-largest contingent of troops in Somalia since late 2006.

ICU militia in Hiran have been positioned at defensive positions in the northern outskirts of Beletwein, where they are preparing for a possible Ethiopian incursion.

Ethiopia’s military movements in parts of central Somalia comes at a time Addis Ababa has announced plans to withdraw within weeks.

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