URGENT!!! URGENT!!! – CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION Secretly Being Railroaded Through!!!

Yesterday, Ohio tried to become the 33rd state to vote in a Constitutional Convention!!!

This article is a day old, but it IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Here is my personal update to the story:

Due to public concern, the vote on Ohio House Joint Resolution 8 ( HJR 8 ) was TEMPORARILY halted, but it WILL come up again! – there are rumors it could be today or tomorrow!

Even the PETA-like Libtards are fighting against this!!!


Only 34 states are needed to CHANGE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!!

And, once a “Con Con” is approved — only two more states to go!  — Congress (think Nancy Pelosi – Harry Reid) can select who will be on the committee to CHANGE the Constitution.

The states have NO CONTROL over what the committee decides to change in OUR CONSTITUTION!!!

They can change ANYTHING.  And, it’s ALL LEGAL and binding!!

A list of the states that have secretly slipped this by the public can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my state of Missouri on that list!!!



H/T – az_conservative

U.S. Two States Away from Constitutional Convention

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This is the most urgent, most important action alert the American Policy Center has ever issued! The Ohio state legislature is expected to vote today, Wednesday, Dec. 10th, to call for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). If Ohio calls for a Con Con only one more state need do so and Congress will have no choice but to convene a Convention, throwing our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights up for grabs. Ohio’s vote today poses a grave threat to the U.S. Constitution. Please immediately call the Ohio lawmakers listed below. ACT FAST – time is of the essence!

I apologize! This malignancy most foul remained undetected by our radar until a good friend brought it to our attention yesterday. The hour is late, but WE MUST TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!

It does not matter where you live. Ohio’s vote today endangers everyone in every state in the Union, so we must pressure Ohio lawmakers to discard this disastrous legislative effort.

Thirty-two (32) other states have already called for a Con Con (allegedly to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution). 34 states are all that is required, and then Congress MUST convene a Convention.

The U.S. Constitution places no restriction on the purposes for which the states can call for a Convention. If Ohio votes to call a Con Con, for whatever purpose, the United States will be only one state away from total destruction. And it’s a safe bet that those who hate this nation, and all She stands for, are waiting to pounce upon this opportunity to re-write our Constitution. We dare slumber no longer; we must take immediate action to preserve this nation!

Certainly all loyal Americans want government constrained by a balanced budget. But calling a Con Con risks a revolutionary change in our form of government. The ultimate outcome will likely be a new constitution; one that would possibly eliminate the Article 1 restriction to the coinage of real money or even eliminate gun or property rights. So what may look like a good idea to the legislators driving this effort – all Republicans – will certainly make them prey to the law of unintended consequences – at the very least insuring the U.S. will never have a balanced budget – while destroying what vestiges of liberty the government still allows.

You may have heard that some of those 32 states have voted to rescind their calls. This is true. However, under Article V of the Constitution, Congress must call a Constitutional Convention whenever 2/3 (or 34) of the states apply. The Constitution makes no provision for rescission. We’ve been told advocates of the convention are waiting to capture just two more states – Ohio, and one other. They can then challenge the other states’ rescissions in the courts while going ahead with the Convention. Congress alone then decides whether state legislatures or state conventions ratify proposed amendments.

You may have heard the states can control the subject of any convention. In truth no restrictive language from any state can legally limit the scope or outcome of a Convention! Once a Convention is called Congress determines how the delegates to the Convention are chosen. Once chosen, those Convention delegates possess more power than the U.S. Congress itself; if it were not so they would not be able to change the U.S. Constitution!

We have not had a Constitutional Convention since 1787. That Convention was called to make small changes in the Articles of Confederation. As a point of fact, several states first passed resolutions requiring their delegates discuss amendments to the Articles ONLY, forbidding even discussion of foundational changes. However, following the delegates’ first agreement that their meetings be in secret, their second act was to agree to debate those state restrictions and to declare the Articles of Confederation NULL AND VOID! They also changed the ratification process, reducing the required states’ approval from 100% to 75%. There is no reason to believe a contemporary Con Con wouldn’t further “modify” Article V restrictions to suit its purpose.

As former Chief Justice Warren Burger said in a letter written to Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum:
“…there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. Congress might try to limit the convention to one amendment or to one issue, but there is no way to assure that the convention would obey. After a convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the convention if we don’t like its agenda. The meeting in 1787 ignored the limit placed by the confederation Congress…” (emphasis mine)

We were blessed in 1787; the Con Con delegates were the leaders of a freedom movement that had just cleansed this land of tyranny.

Today’s corrupt politicians and judges would like nothing better than the ability to legally ignore the Constitution – to modify its “problematic” provisions to reflect the philosophical and socials mores of our contemporary society.

The majority of U.S. voters just elected a dedicated leftist as President. Republicans are at their weakest right now! This is a horrible time to try such a crazy scheme. We cannot control the debate right now! Don’t for one second doubt that delegates to a Con Con wouldn’t revise the 1st Amendment into a government-controlled privilege, replace the 2nd Amendment with a “collective” right to self-defense, and abolish the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments, and the rest of the Bill of Rights. Additions could include the non-existent Separation of Church and State, the “right” to abortion and euthanasia, and much, much more.

Our uniquely and purely American concept of individual rights, endowed by our Creator, would be quickly set aside as an anachronistic relic of a bygone era; replaced by new “collective” rights, awarded and enforced by government for the “common good”.

The problems our nation faces are not a result of deficiencies in our Constitution; rather, they are the direct result of our disregard for that divinely-inspired document of liberty.

There is no challenge faced by this nation that cannot be solved either by enforcing existing law, or in limited cases, by writing new law. We do not need, AND MUST NOT RISK THE LIBERTY OF THE UNITED STATES with, a Constitutional Convention!

Ohio must not vote for a Con Con! We cannot control the debate! And state #34 is likely sitting silently in the wings, ready to act with lightning speed, sealing the fate of our once great nation before we can prevent it.

Stop the Ohio bill and we can stop the Constitutional Convention.


We need only stop the House bill, HJR8, sponsored by Representative Louis Blessing, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (there is a Senate bill too).

1. Call Chairman Blessing’s office and tell his staff you oppose a Constitutional Convention and you want this process stopped.

Tell them this is the most dangerous time ever to call for such a convention.

Tell them no one can control the debate or outcome of a Con Con.

Representative Louis Blessing
Phone: (614) 466-9091
Fax: (614) 719-3583
Email: district29@ohr.state.oh.us

2. Call Representative Bill Batchelder. He is a very good man. I’ve known him for years. But he has been misled on this issue. The word is he is wavering. Your calls can convince him to withdraw his support. That can kill this bill.

Representative Bill Batchelder
Phone: (614) 466-8140
Fax: (614) 719-3969
Email: district69@ohr.state.oh.us

3. It is URGENT that you make your calls right now. The bill could be voted on as early as this afternoon (Wednesday).

I’m so sorry for this late notice. We just found out about this last night.

Please get this message out far and wide. This task requires our very best effort! E-mail and call your friends, family and neighbors. Network anywhere and everywhere possible. If you know someone who never takes action, encourage them to break that habit this one time. Our Constitution is under assault!

Visit the American Policy Center website

SEND THIS MESSAGE TO AT LEAST TEN MORE PEOPLE! APC is now offering you a quick and easy way to multiply your efforts and help win more battles! Simply click here to send this APC Action Alert to up to TEN of your friends! It’s fast, it’s easy and most of all, it’s extremely effective in KILLING OPPRESSIVE POLICIES!

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41 Comments on “URGENT!!! URGENT!!! – CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION Secretly Being Railroaded Through!!!”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The nation is being run by criminals so this is no surprise. Besides, leftists are projectionists and this is what they have been projecting on President Bush for eight years now. We should have received the message long ago. Send this on to every radio station host you listen to, spread the word. Your state on the list, secretly passed thru, hold them accountable. We saw what went on this election and many of these people should be in prison not making law.

  2. The Constitution in the hands of those who hate America. Yikes!!!

    They could do soooo much damage.

    There is a lot at stake here.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  3. grey Says:

    Show me links to 32 bills in 32 states and I will believe you and act!
    The words ‘constitutional convention’ scare the living shit out of me, but I need some proof beyond just ohio.

  4. 1987 presentation:


    This has been in the works for decades. It seems that the proponents are using “stale” calls for a Constitutional Convention for a Balanced Budget Amendment going back to the first ones in 1975.

    I know that Missouri voters rejected a ballot measure for a Constitutional Convention in 2002. I am still researching the government websites here in Missouri and will let you know what I find.

    As it is difficult to obtain information on these pre-Internet age “stale” calls for a Con-Con, I think we are looking in the wrong place!

    Perhaps we need to look at legislation in Congress to find out how much of a time limit Congress has given to these stale Con-Con calls for a Balanced Budget.

    If Congress has indeed expired them, then this is all much ado about nothing—well, actually it still is very important as Ohio is trying to pass this— but if Congress has slipped something by WE THE PEOPLE, then WE THE PEOPLE are in SERIOUS TROUBLE!!!

    If someone could research the Congressional records for us, I would appreciate that. Currently, I am tied up searching Missouri’s documents.


  5. I just found a filing with the Supreme Court from 2001. In the filing, the plaintiff claims that there is NO expiration of a call for a Constitutional Convention!

    The Supreme Court rejected the filing because the plaintiff did not have legal standing to file.

    So, its argument that there is NO expiration for a state’s call for a Con-Con was NOT decided by the Supreme Court.

    Ergo, it is VERY likely that the proponents of this Con-Con are using that line of reasoning…

    The SCOTUS ruling is here:

    Click to access Evidence%20Appendix,%2004-1977,%20Oct.%2020,%202004.pdf


  6. Alright, here is all the pre-Internet Age dates. If there is no expiration date, as argued in the above SCOTUS filing, all of the calls for a Con-Con regarding a Balanced Budget that were initiated in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s are still valid.

    This is why the majority of us were blindsided when we discovered that Ohio is proposing a Con-Con regarding a Balanced Budget.

    The guy who is trying to railroad this through Ohio is none other than Chairman Louis Blessing – he as been working on this for over 20 years!!!

    The following information was gathered from a CRS Report for Congress:


    The thirty-two states that have submitted applications to Congress to call a constitutional convention that would propose amendments providing for a balanced federal budget are as follows:

    Alabama, applications enacted on August 14, 1975 and September 18, 1976, [the 1976 application was rescinded on April 28, 1988, and the 1975 application was rescinded on September 22, 1988];

    Alaska, application enacted on Feb. 3, 1982;

    Arizona, applications enacted on May 19, 1977 and March 9, 1979;

    Arkansas, application enacted on Jan. 22, 1979;

    Colorado, application enacted on March 29, 1978;

    Delaware, application enacted on June 11, 1975;

    Florida, applications enacted on May 13, 1976 and June 10, 1976 [both applications rescinded on May 5, 1988];

    Georgia, application enacted on Jan. 19, 1976;

    Idaho, application enacted on Feb. 21, 1979;

    Indiana, applications enacted on March 7, 1957 and March 28, 1979;

    Iowa, application enacted on Feb. 22, 1979;

    Kansas, application enacted on April 26, 1978;

    Louisiana, applications enacted on July 12, 1975, June 29, 1978, and July 9, 1979;

    Maryland, application enacted on April 3, 1975;

    Mississippi, application enacted on March 20, 1975;

    Missouri, application enacted on May 26, 1983;

    Nebraska, application enacted on Feb. 23, 1976;

    Nevada, application enacted on March 12, 1979;

    New Hampshire, application enacted on April 26, 1979;

    New Mexico, application enacted on Feb. 16, 1978;

    North Carolina, application enacted on Jan. 26, 1979;

    North Dakota, application enacted on March 12, 1975;

    Oklahoma, application enacted on April 15, 1976;

    Oregon, application enacted on July 11, 1977;

    Pennsylvania, application enacted on Nov. 9,1978;

    South Carolina, applications enacted on Feb. 12, 1976, Feb. 25, 1976 and May 16, 1978;

    South Dakota, application enacted on Jan. 31, 1979;

    Tennessee, application enacted on March 30, 1977;

    Texas, application enacted May 31, 1977;

    Utah, application enacted Feb. 1, 1979;

    Virginia, application enacted on March 10, 1976; and

    Wyoming, application enacted on Feb. 17, 1977.

    Note that the States of Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana, have rescinded their applications.

    See generally, D. Huckabee, D380062 supra at 5.

    See also, James V. Saturn, A Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment: Background and Congressional Options, supra, CRS Rept No. 95-48 GOV, p. 22.

  7. Well goodbye American it was a good run…

    I know it sounds bad but even if they can try for a convention that doesn’t mean they will be able to change anything. Plus if there are to many changes or they try to change the bill of rights I don’t think it will be able to win when it goes for ratification. I hope. I do like the balanced budget part though.

  8. Letters,

    The deceptive part of this is that a Balanced Budget should be an Amendment, NOT a Constitutional re-write!

    There is evil afoot!

  9. Yeah I forgot about that part.

    Well off to the gun store to stock up I guess…

  10. Ronin Says:

    If this ever turns into a Greece like counter I feel sorry for our police and anyone working in or near government buildings. Imagine the LA Riots in every city. These idiots will keep pushing until the American people crush them.

  11. I know a couple cops on our side. What I mean by that is they are getting ready for the same things we are.

  12. Ronin Says:

    I know a few also but they will still be at risk because they will try and protect the ones who will cause the melt down in the first place.

  13. Ronin Says:

    The handwriting is on the wall, housing bubble burst, economic meltdown of the banks, stock market crash, assault on free speech, politicians working against the will of the people to distract us while attempting to destroy us from within.

    Just keep notes of who voted and for what, it helps to know your enemy, especially since they will be up front asking you to both trust them and follow them.

  14. Leatherneck Says:

    Wow, this is wild.

    I agree with Ronin. The handwriting is on the wall.

    Perhaps, one of the enemy targets should be the CFR. Get rid of them, and that is half the battle. They stink up everything with their secular humanist agenda, and placing individuals in power positions. I do not think they are Nationalists.

  15. Trust? That’s a good one. You can’t even trust a guy when you have a gun to his head since he will just tell you what you want to hear. A politician however you can’t even trust when he’s dead.

    Eh it will be fun I guess.

  16. Bob Says:

    “Like a thief in the night” becomes scripturally prophetic….

  17. az_conservative Says:

    I’m told AZ rescinded its request in 1999, but I haven’t found the relevant legislation. I’ll let you know what I find.

  18. Ogre Says:

    Go CONVENTION! We don’t use the Constitution anyway, we might as well make it official!


    Alright… I’m going to post an update with this information tomorrow, but I thought I would let you all know what I have discovered:

    Article V of the Constitution covers Amendments and Constitutional Conferences (Con-Cons).

    According to a Supreme Court ruling (Coleman v. Miller (1939)), it would appear that the length of time elapsing between proposal and ratification is irrelevant to the validity of an amendment.

    For example, the Twenty-seventh Amendment was proposed in 1789 and ratified more than 200 years later in 1992. On May 20, 1992, both houses of Congress adopted concurrent resolutions accepting the 27th Amendment’s unorthodox ratification process as having been successful and valid.

    Because Article V of the Constitution also deals with Con-Cons, it is argued that a state call for a Con-Con never expires unless Congress decides to kill it.

    Now, keep that in mind as we go down the rabbit hole and back in time to 1964:

    In 1964 the Ford Foundation funded and orchestrated – via the CSDI (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions – the drafting of a new constitution for America. This model constitution, drawing upon the efforts of more than 100 people, took ten years to write.

    The 40th draft was published in a book titled The Emerging Constitution, by Rexford G. Tugwell (Harper & Row, 1974).

    The project cost $2.5 million per year and produced the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America.

    In case you would be inclined to dismiss the relevance of the proposed new constitution, bear in mind that it is the product of a socialist, globalist minded, tax-exempt think-tank which took ten years, $25,000,000, and the collaboration of over one-hundred like-minded individuals.

    After the completion of the proposed Newstates Constitution (1974), Nelson Rockefeller, then president of the U.S. Senate, engineered the introduction of bill in Congress (HCR 28) on 14 January 1975 by Mr. Pettis, Republican legislator from California, calling for an unlimited Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) in 1976.

    Public opposition defeated this effort so the convention backers then went to the states promoting a “limited convention” for the ostensible purpose of adding a BALANCED BUDGET amendment.

    Please note, the Balanced Budget is what links ALL of these state calls for a U.S. Constitutional Conference.

    Also note, there is absolutely NO reason to have a Con-Con to add a Balanced Budget Article in the U.S. Constitution!!! That is why we have Amendments!!! But, the Socialists want to re-write the Constitution!

    There are other states that have calls for various unrelated Con-Cons out there, but they are few and unorganized. However, the Balanced Budget Con-Con has been organized by those 100+ people who spent over 10 years of their lives and over 25 Million dollars to re-write the Constitution! That is why it has legs!

    Since 1976 the advocates of a Con-Con, led by ALEC-financed lawyer / lobbyist, John Armor (who was joined by master strategist Doug Kelly in 1983), has been falsely assuring the states that the “null and void clause” in the resolution would protect against a run-away convention.

    He managed to convinced 32 of the required 34 states to pass resolutions calling for a convention. The last state to apply was Missouri in 1983 and since then, legislators in three states (Alabama, Florida and Louisiana), having realized the dangers of this action rescinded their call.

    However, it is argued that the rescinded calls are not valid as the Constitution does NOT allow for rescinding a Con-Con call. So, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana are STILL considered to be in play…

    This all happened in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

    The public slowly woke up to what was happening, and the Socialists were unable to get those last two states…

    Around that same time frame, Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger also weighed in on this issue; saying that once a Con-Con was initiated, there would be NO controlling what happens to the U.S. Constitution.

    Link here:

    The effort stalled.

    The public went on with their lives and forgot all about it – but NOT the Socialists who are behind this!

    Now, it should be noted that Ross Perot, in 1994, was also part of this scheme to change the Constitution and implement the “Constitution for the Newstates of America” via a Con-Con.

    (Had I known this, I NEVER would have voted for him!!!)

    You will also be surprised to know that MANY Conservative groups have been suckered into supporting this Balanced Budget Con-Con. But, I will save their names for my post tomorrow…

    Anyway, Ross Perot lost the election, people forgot about his Con-Con plans, we moved on; but, again, not the Socialists…

    2008: Ohio has an individual who has been moving up through the state government for the past 20 years with a secret agenda: BS enough State legislators into passing a call for a U.S. Con-Con to add a Balanced Budget Article. His name is the dis-Honorable Louis Blessing!!!

    He is the one who tried to sneak this past the Ohio voters and the American Public!!!

    Hopefully, some of the brain-washed Ohio legislators had true wake-up call when confronted by the John Birch Society and others at the meeting on the 10th of Dec. 2008.

    Hopefully, enough of them awoke to the nightmare and will vote against this call for a Con-Con. Because if they don’t, California is waiting in the wings to be the 34th state…


    Here are some links to fill in the gaps for you:




  20. yonason Says:

    Doc, my last post appears to have gone into the span bin, probably because I posted a lot of links. It’s the sites I posted this article on, so people will be aware of that, and they can avoid duplication or follow up if the want.

  21. az_conservative Says:

    I’ve emailed all of my state reps and senators, plus the entire leadership for the AZ House and Senate (though I’m not in their districts). Now to start on the US Congress. My own Rep is a waste of time (Grijalva), but there are some good people in the House and Senate.

    Still posting on every blog, emailing all media I can find, and praying we can get the word out fast enough to stop it.

  22. az_conservative Says:

    lettersto a dying dream:
    “Well goodbye American it was a good run…

    I know it sounds bad but even if they can try for a convention that doesn’t mean they will be able to change anything. Plus if there are to many changes or they try to change the bill of rights I don’t think it will be able to win when it goes for ratification. I hope. I do like the balanced budget part though.”

    If they re-write the Constitution, they re-write the ratification process, for example, making it federal by Congressional majority vote. There is no limit to what a Convention could do.

  23. Crap… can you people stop trying to destroy every little shred of hope I had left? Is that too much to ask for? Really just lie to me and tell me everything will be OK!!!

    I did read through the “Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America” I was not impressed, it looked like every clause in it was null and void in an emergency with no word on what would constitute an emergency. That’s just a little bit bothersome.

    It also talks a lot about 6 and 12 year plans. Because I guess they didn’t want to use the good old Communist method of 5 and 10 year plans that worked so well.

    It also doesn’t help that t would toss the Right to Bear arms out the window making sure we are all going to be slaves to our new enlightened masters.

    Well stock up on guns and ammo now just to be on the safe side.

  24. az_conservative Says:

    Everything will be OK. Really.

    Feel better?

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