ACLU Says it’s OK for Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Foot Baths for Muslims

Here’s an update to what has been happening with the foot bath debacle in Michigan. 

BTW – I’ve come up with an Ad campaign to help the Muslim students generate some cash flow for those footbaths – just in case the ACLU is wrong:


Muslims won’t fund footbaths
Leaders cite ACLU’s decision not to oppose use of public money for UM-Dearborn project.
Karen Bouffard / The Detroit News
Detroit News

DEARBORN — Muslim leaders in Metro Detroit have decided not to raise private money to pay for two footbaths at a local college campus now that the American Civil Liberties Union has said the plan doesn’t pose constitutional problems.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn’s plan to spend $25,000 on the footbaths was criticized on conservative blogs and radio shows this month. Critics said using public money for the project would violate the First Amendment, which says governments can’t favor or subsidize religions.

Muslims are required to wash body parts, including feet, up to five times daily before prayers.

University officials say the floor-level wash basins are needed because some students at the 8,600-student campus wash their feet in the sinks.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said his group was concerned a public outcry would cause the university to back down from the project.

“If the ACLU had decided to take legal action against the UM-Dearborn, we probably would have called for the university to raise the funds privately, just so that the UM-Dearborn wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of having to defend its position against the ACLU,” Walid said.

Kary Moss, director of the Detroit branch of the ACLU, said its review concluded the plan is a “reasonable accommodation” to resolve “safety and cleanliness issues” that arose when Muslims used public sinks for foot cleaning before prayers, which often spilled water on bathroom floors.

“We view it as an attempt to deal with a problem, not an attempt to make it easier for Muslims to pray,” said Moss, who likened the plan to paying for added police during religious events with huge turnouts.

“There’s no intent to promote religion.”

You can reach Karen Bouffard at (734) 462-2206 or

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21 Comments on “ACLU Says it’s OK for Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Foot Baths for Muslims”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Trying to cut that traffic down Dr.?

  2. Yeah, too much “foot” traffic…

    Somedays, I just can’t help myself…


  3. Ronin Says:

    I think a bucket and a sponge would solve everyone’s problem. If it is good enough for a saudi mosque it is good enough for dearbornistan. Even local musilm’s could raise enough money for a couple of buckets and they can save a few bucks by sharing a sponge.


    The ACLU to the rescue again. They never have met an anti-American group or idea they haven’t liked.

    I’ve decided I’m in favor of these basins. Just fill them with a little acid. The results couldn’t be worse than that hideous picture!

  5. cavmom Says:

    In college, I used to brush my teeth in the sink of the public restroom and people gave me the evil eye.

    Reading this almost made me throw-up in my mouth. I might keep that picture as a screen saver. It is a fantastic diet aid.

    Sorry, I will not be contributting to the MF’Rs fund. They neeed to learn some manners and keep their MF’n feet out of the sinks where I might be brushing my teeth.

  6. […] tell is the fact that these ‘foot-baths’ are for prayer purposes. They’re sure not for hygiene.  Prayer and the sinks that go with it are OK?  A picture is not?  How come I can Google all […]

  7. true man Says:

    a message for “ISLAMSFORLOSERS”

    As a gay man I hate muslims..

  8. islams not for me Says:

    false man

    go back to arabia you sharia loving POS!

  9. tgusa Says:

    The main problem with the Nazis was they loved to force their ideology on everyone else.
    Yeah, just like yours.

    These places can install foot baths but under the constitution they cannot restrict their use to muslims. Everyone is welcome, women, kafirs, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, even atheists! Of course that would foul the water and after that my guess is muslims will stop using them. I don’t know about the rest of you but I always have a problem with mistaking them for urinals.

    Don’t eat that, its not a Baby Ruth!

  10. islams not for me Says:

    TGUSA 🙂


    Besides that many muslims outside of the West use camel pee for medicine anyway… So if thier footbaths got MISTAKEN for a urinal no harm (Or haram) no foul…

  11. Dave Says:

    Wow, you guys all really hate Muslims don’t you?

    Personally, I am more interested in that wonderful photo than this stupid foot bath debate.

    • Nope, we don’t hate Muslims. In fact, many of us have Muslim friends. What we hate is Islam.


    • tgusa Says:

      So you support imperialist islam and islamic law, stonings, an eye for an eye and such, huh Dave? You must, because the proper way to deal with the imperial islamist movement, that is growing, is just the opposite of what we are doing. When II’s show their faces they should get a punch in the nose not sit downs to promote cultural understanding, not mosque/shrine building, not now.

      Muslims are very superstitiously religious, it should be pointed out over and over that their actions are cursing the rest of the muslim world, such as the recent paki floods, the Tsunami, send admonishment, not charity. Only when muslims want to kill bin laden and the imperial islamists more than we do will it be over. Then and only then is the time to sit down, build dialogue and such. You are only extending the misery of imperialist islam. You are an accessory to it. Wake up and stand for something.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      No, but I am pretty sure I hate you puke. Now, STFU, and die.

  12. Ron Burgundy Says:

    I profess there is one god and his name is not allah and mohammed was no prophet. I dare my muslim family to say a word about my public profession that islam is a cult, a death cult. I would rather never see my family again than worship a pedophile like mohammed, piss be upon him.

    Oh muslims join me, leave islam or you are doomed to hell.

    • Ronin Says:

      Congrats on leaving your cult, watch your back. Your family will not be happy. We have seen muslims murdered by family members for leaving the death cult of islam.

      Good luck to you.

  13. we love you Says:

    Islam is a religion of love and the religion of all human beings to accept their differences
    And that you are the owners of a war, we love the owners

    • Gonzo Says:

      ‘we love your’ writes:

      “islam is a religion of love” – yes, it loves itself more than life so much, that it takes fascism to the lowest of possible lows.

      “..and the religion of all human beings” – I nicely worded way to say that it is hellbent on world domination.

      “…to accept their differences” – yes, humans can accept their differences, however, islam is completely intolerant of anything non-islamic. Proof abounds to anyone willing to look hard enough.

      “And that you are the owners of a war, we love the owners”. – an interesting comment, but no less a lie. islam does love to make war/jihad, and in fact are ordered to by their prophet.

      Well, at least you were truthful, if not in a shady deceitful way.

  14. Actually ‘we’…

    We non muslims are;

    Dar al Harb/ Territory of War…

    While you are:

    Dar al Isalm/ Territory of Peace

    So you can save youre breath we already know that islam is not a religion of love or peace. It is a Theocratic mess filled with superstition, deception and foolishness.

  15. Gonzo Says:

    As I recall, the koran allows for the use of dirt if no water is around.
    Might I suggest a large pot of dirt.

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